In today's digital age, abundant user-generated content is available online, ranging from social media posts, articles, and blogs to images and videos. While this content provides us with a wealth of information and entertainment, it can also present significant challenges regarding moderation and control.

Inappropriate or offensive content can cause irreparable damage to a brand's reputation and can even have legal repercussions.

This is where AI content detectors come in – advanced tools using machine learning algorithms to identify and flag potentially problematic content automatically.

These detectors can help businesses and individuals manage their online presence, ensuring they maintain a safe and positive reputation.

In this context, we will discuss the top AI content detectors leading the way in providing enhanced content management solutions.


To start off my list, stands out as a top tool for accurately detecting whether content is original or AI-generated. What makes this tool particularly impressive is its ability to detect AI-generated text from all major models, including GPT-3, GPT-2, GPT-NEO, and even GPT 3.5 (DaVinci-003) model-generated text, as stated on their website.


  • The tool supports all NLP models.
  • It functions as both an AI content detector and plagiarism checker.
  • Multiple team members can utilize the tool.
  • A full site scan feature is currently being developed.
  • APIs and integrations are available.
  • The tool is cost-effective.


  • Buy per credit for $0.01

2. Writer AI Content Detector

The platform, Writer, offers enterprises and agencies a suite of tools to craft attention-grabbing content. Alongside these features, it boasts a robust AI text detector that assists users in ensuring the authenticity of their content. Writer has gained notoriety for its user-friendly integrations and compatibility with a wide range of third-party platforms, including Chrome, Figma, and Contentful.


  • The platform features a dedicated AI detector.
  • Reporting tools provide users with writing insights.
  • A style guide is available to implement editorial rules.
  • Content Strategy Automation is a key component.
  • CoWrite tool allows users to train AI for content generation based on specific requirements.


  • Team – $18.00 per user per month
  • Enterprise – contact sales

3. Kazan SEO

For those seeking an AI text detection tool with a particular emphasis on SEO, Kazan SEO is a viable option. In addition to AI content detection, this interactive tool provides multiple other features, including a content optimizer, SERP overlap, text extractor, and keyword clustering tool. Simply put, if you require a comprehensive suite of SEO tools with exceptional AI content detection capabilities, Kazan SEO is certainly worth considering.


  • The platform features a GPT3 content detector.
  • It offers multi-URL scanning capabilities.
  • Intuitive SEO tools are integrated within the platform.


  • Textron AI – $99.00 per 50k word

4. Crossplag

Crossplag is a new player in the AI text detector market. This intuitive online tool is capable of detecting AI-generated text with a reasonable degree of accuracy. Crossplag utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms and natural language processing to identify the distinctive patterns of AI-generated content. Results are displayed on a severity scale, ranging from green to red, with green indicating human-generated content and red indicating AI-generated content.


  • The tool is straightforward to use.
  • It provides a reasonable degree of accuracy.
  • The tool's functionality is based on machine learning and natural language processing.
  • It is designed for multiple use cases, such as education and SEO.
  • The tool offers integrity insights.
  • LTI integrations are available.
  • It supports up to 100 languages.


  • Free – $0.00
  • Pay-as-you-go – $9.99 per month
  • Bundle – $149.99 per month
  • Custom pricing

5. Copyleaks

Copyleaks is an AI-powered plagiarism detector tool that also functions as an AI content detector, providing accurate results. The platform boasts the capability to detect text generated by nearly every NLP model, including the latest ChatGPT3, according to its website. With an impressive claimed accuracy rate of approximately 92%, which was verified in our tests, the tool effectively identifies AI-generated content.


  • The platform is powered by AI technology.
  • It covers all NLP models, including GPT3.5.
  • APIs are available for large-scale AI content detection.
  • A Chrome Extension is provided.
  • The platform features a robust plagiarism checker.
  • It includes a source code checker.
  • LMS integration is supported.


  • Starts at $9.16 per month for 1,200 pages


In conclusion, AI content detectors are becoming increasingly vital in light of the growing use of AI writing tools. This is especially true considering that Google appears to be at a stalemate with AI-generated content. While AI writing tools can simplify the writing process significantly, it's crucial to maintain a human touch, emotion, ingenuity, and creativity to avoid having the content flagged as low-quality by Google. Interestingly, most AI text detectors are available for free, albeit with varying degrees of accuracy. It's worth trying out these detectors to evaluate your content and ensure it doesn't come across as AI-written.

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