To stay current with market trends such as technology, pricing, strategies, and customer behavior, businesses utilize tools like BuiltWith. These tools help them adopt the most effective approach to engage their customers and prospects.

BuiltWith is a smart web profiling tool that enables businesses to extract data from websites and leverage it to their advantage. With BuiltWith, you can uncover the technologies and strategies your competitors are using to maintain their competitive edge.

This tool provides valuable insights into their tech stack, including their website frameworks, WordPress themes, backend services, and frontend technology.

BuiltWith provides essential data to enhance your lead generation, market research, analysis, and intelligence. Its vast database includes over two million active eCommerce stores, 5,000 web technologies, and more than 250 websites.

Nonetheless, the tool can be expensive, making it unaffordable for individuals, startups, and small businesses. Additionally, there's a risk of receiving inaccurate data that may jeopardize your business's operations.

Moreover, BuiltWith only provides a general website or technology profiling, lacking specific information on pricing, social media, and content marketing.

If BuiltWith does not meet your business's particular requirements, we have curated a list of the top BuiltWith alternatives for you to consider in your profiling efforts.

1. Hunter TechLookup

Hunter TechLookup is a software that assists in identifying the domains that access particular software. This free tool allows businesses to convert their domain lists into leads by revealing their competitors' strategies and client base.

This tool is ideal for forging new and valuable connections. Its clean interface presents several technologies for tracking websites, enabling users to download the desired data. Hunter TechLookup is the perfect solution for businesses seeking to enhance their lead-generation efforts.


  • Helps identify prospects' emails and verify email lists.
  • Easy-to-use sleek and minimalist user interface
  • Custom list creation for profiling different sites
  • Popularity metric to include popular sites
  • Free technology search and valuable insights
  • Custom list of 5,000 websites, with up to 50,000 websites available in the premium plan
  • Part of the Hunter ecosystem, scraping the web for email addresses with excellent accuracy
  • Categories of technology to choose from for checking websites based on language and category
  • Ability to tweak website languages and categories or narrow down searches to a granular level
  • Provides a column of websites using a specific technology, website language(s), and the number of available email addresses for that site


  • Free – $0.00
  • Starter – $49.00 per month
  • Growth – $99.00 per month
  • Pro – $199.00 per month
  • Business – $399.00 per month

2. Wappalyzer

The Wappalyzer Technology Lookup is a highly developed profiling tool that can track thousands of technologies and websites, providing up-to-date information to help businesses build accurate lists.

With a powerful feature set, Wappalyzer provides technographic insights that enhance lead generation strategies. In addition to technology lookup, the tool allows businesses to create custom lead lists, website alerts, conduct keyword research, and track changes, all in one convenient platform.


  • Wappalyzer offers scalable app integrations and mobile apps for convenience
  • Wappalyzer provides tools for market research, lead generation, and business intelligence
  • The tool helps to enrich data with technical information and even track and monitor the technology stacks of competitors
  • Wappalyzer's simple and intuitive user interface allows for quick website searches for tech stacks and business details, as well as monitoring for any changes
  • Consistent customer feedback makes Wappalyzer one of the most accurate technology profilers, with daily data updates that focus on quality
  • Wappalyzer re-verifies each website tracked by the tool every month, providing more up-to-date reporting than BuiltWith's quarterly verification
  • Wappalyzer's crowdsourced technology fingerprints are constantly reviewed and updated, with new technologies added daily
  • Using Wappalyzer, businesses can identify the technologies powering specific sites, create contact and website lists using certain technologies, and uncover technology trends and their market shares
  • Allowing for a larger sample size to track live websites and measure traffic, including sections behind logins, checkouts, and shopping carts


  • Starter – $149.00 per month
  • Team – $249.00 per month
  • Business – $449.00 per month
  • Enterprise – $849.00 per month

3. Competera

Competera is an innovative pricing tool that utilizes deep learning algorithms to help businesses with established and automated pricing frameworks. It serves a diverse array of businesses, such as those in the pet supplies, toys and hobbies, automotive supplies, sporting goods, apparel footwear, and health & beauty industries. These businesses can benefit from acquiring quality data and machine learning-powered pricing strategies to enhance their pricing strategies.

Competera is known to offer up to 9% tangible uplifts for businesses. Its data product is based on advanced real-time scraping technology that delivers large amounts of valuable data. With this data, eCommerce stores can gain insights into the state of the market and competitor pricing. This can help them optimize their pricing strategies and achieve a competitive edge in their respective markets.


  • A user-friendly store dashboard
  • Monitoring of product availability
  • Automatic email notifications
  • Price monitoring and automation
  • Uses AI-based algorithms to scrape data with 98% SLA accuracy
  • Offers customizable data acquisition schedules with plenty of unique tools


Get detailed pricing through requesting in Competera's site.

4. Netcraft

Netcraft is a well-established name in the security industry that has developed high-quality security tools such as the “what's the site running?” website profiler. Using data mining techniques, the tool can identify a website's security protocols and backend infrastructure.

Netcraft provides unique statistics that can help inform marketing, sales, investment, and expansion decisions in the technology marketplace. You can interact with data and filter your results by popularity, country, or TLD, then integrate it into your data analysis workflow for a more detailed view.


  • The tool focuses on security and compliance and has powerful features like detailed security reporting and IP geolocation
  • Netcraft shares IP geolocation so you can track servers, Netblock owner and the website’s hosting records
  • The tool offers corporate information such as executive contact details, email addresses, and LinkedIn profiles
  • Netcraft has a ‘report fraud' button and other security features to combat phishing and cybercrime
  • The unique statistics provided by Netcraft enable users to make informed decisions on marketing, sales, investment, and technology marketplace expansion
  • Users can interact with data, filter results by popularity, country, or TLD, and integrate them into their data analysis workflow
  • Unlike BuiltWith, Netcraft comes with various security features


Netcraft does not provide pricing plans on their site but you can request a demo to talk about your business needs and make deals.

5. Rescan

Rescan is a fast and up-to-date tech lookup tool that specializes in eCommerce technologies. It provides a curated list of technology shortcuts for immediate use. With a focus on user experience, Rescan is straightforward and easy to use.

The tool allows you to check market share and technology trends through excellent visuals and visualize the technology stack of websites simultaneously. However, exporting your lists for later use is only available after upgrading.


  • Rescan provides detailed information such as the Alexa rank and code page of the websites it profiles.
  • On Rescan's home page, users can see data on major platforms like Shopify, WordPress, and Magento, including the number of websites using them.
  • Rescan also has an “added today” section that shows the number of websites added most recently


Contact Rescan to learn more and get their pricing offers tailored to your business needs.


In conclusion, BuiltWith alternatives offer a variety of features and benefits for tech profiling. From Netcraft's security focus to Competera's AI-powered data scraping, there are tools available to suit different needs and preferences. Rescan's stripped-down and user-friendly approach, along with its data visualizations and platform-specific information, provides another option for those seeking a simple but effective tech profiling tool. With these alternatives, businesses and individuals can make informed decisions about their technology strategies, investments, and expansion in the ever-evolving tech marketplace.

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