The ClearCompany platform is a top-rated talent management and HR solution that assists organizations in attracting, screening, engaging, and retaining top talent. This platform offers various HR and recruitment solutions, including applicant tracking, employee onboarding, and performance management. In this comprehensive review, we will examine the platform's primary advantages and limitations to assist you in determining whether it is suitable for your business.

The advantages and drawbacks of ClearCompany

ClearCompany offers a multitude of exceptional HR, recruitment, and talent management features. It goes beyond being solely an applicant tracking or recruitment system and encompasses a range of capabilities, from talent identification, filtering, tracking, and management to hiring and employee onboarding. Nonetheless, like any product, ClearCompany has areas for improvement.

Subsequently, we will conduct a thorough examination of its key strengths and weaknesses in the following sections.


Easy To Set Up: ClearCompany streamlines the account setup process, ensuring that you have the necessary tools to leverage its features to their fullest potential.

Regardless of whether you are new to talent management solutions or transitioning from another platform, ClearCompany's representatives will guide you through the process. For instance, during the creation of a new ClearCompany account, you will be prompted to provide details about your organizational objectives, various job roles, and preferred candidate qualities. Additionally, ClearCompany will seek input at various stages of account setup to ensure that it has sufficient information to aid in finding suitable candidates.

ClearCompany's user experience is regarded as one of the best in the industry. As such, users will quickly become familiar with its features and tools. It presents a clean and visually appealing interface with all essential options visible on your dashboard.

Excellent Branded Career Sites: The career page on your company's website is often the initial interaction potential employees have with your organization. If it creates a positive impression on your visitors, it will be simpler to persuade top candidates to join your team.

ClearCompany simplifies this task by offering a high-quality, branded careers site. An example can be found here. The site template can be customized to reflect your brand's color scheme and used to showcase your company as an ideal employer. The website template is responsive, allowing visitors to view it effortlessly on any device. You can highlight your latest job openings, provide insight into your company culture, or share employee testimonials to attract the best candidates.

Detailed Analytics And Visualization Tools: Understanding the needs of a large workforce, identifying top performers, detecting employment trends, and having clear statistics on its composition are critical factors for organizational success.

ClearCompany's workforce analytics are highly detailed and offer more than just basic statistics. Various analytics reports provide valuable insights into employee and business performance drivers. For instance, you can review reports on employee engagement, workforce diversity, gender balance, pay equity, tenure, attrition, and attributes of top performers.

Furthermore, you can forecast employment needs for upcoming quarters or years based on employee hiring trends and engagement levels. Reports can be organized into different dashboards, allowing for deeper insights. They can also help identify the best talent sources, identify common patterns among top-performing employees, and develop talent pipelines for future needs.

Excellent Customer Support: After analyzing the leading user review websites, it's evident that most customers are satisfied with the customer support provided by ClearCompany. Users have commended their prompt response and proactive approach to customer service.

As a ClearCompany customer, you receive access to phone, chat, and email support. Furthermore, during the software onboarding process, you receive support from their customer support team. If required, you can also seek assistance from their technical experts for any issues related to software deployment, data handling, migration, or other technical matters.

High-Quality Help Resources: ClearCompany offers an extensive range of help resources in addition to its outstanding customer support.

The resource library contains numerous talent management guides, templates for creating hiring plans, interview scripts, and resource management guides, among other valuable resources.

The leading industry blog provides regular articles and guides on various HR topics such as talent acquisition, workforce engagement, employee motivation, evaluation, appraisals, and more.

Suitable For All Industries: ClearCompany's flexibility and customization capabilities are among its greatest strengths. Regardless of the industry you operate in, ClearCompany can assist you with talent acquisition, management, evaluation, and engagement.

As a result, ClearCompany has over 2,000 customers across 138 industries, including healthcare, education, engineering, retail, manufacturing, government, non-profits, real estate, technology, entertainment, and many others.

Moreover, ClearCompany has industry specialists who are available to provide additional support and help customers optimize their use of the platform.


Software Bugs: Although ClearCompany has been operating for over ten years, its software can be plagued by glitches and bugs, which can be quite frustrating for users. Many users report encountering difficulties accessing various features in the software, which often require the assistance of technical support representatives to resolve. Common problems include the software freezing, broken links, and slow speed.

Jack Of All Trades, Master Of None: ClearCompany provides businesses of all sizes with a comprehensive HR and talent management solution. While it does not excel in any specific offering compared to other leading HR solutions, it provides users with enough functionality at a reasonable price to be considered a viable solution. Its features may not be as robust as some other solutions reviewed on our site, but it still offers a solid range of capabilities.

ClearCompany Pricing Options

Talent management and HR are crucial business functions that play a vital role in the long-term success or failure of a company. However, they do not directly drive revenue for a company. This is why the cost of a talent management and recruitment solution needs to be viewed from the perspective of the overall organizational goals. ClearCompany offers two different pricing plans for different types of businesses. 

ClearCompany’s Platform Access plan provides complete access to its wide range of features, including all its core solution modules such as Application Tracking System, Employee Onboarding, Performance Management, Goal Setting, Employee Engagement, and Analytics and Insights. This plan offers a comprehensive HR solution that enables you to attract and hire the best talent, engage them through various strategies, and reward top-performing employees for their performance.

While ClearCompany has not disclosed the pricing of its plans on its pricing page, current and former ClearCompany customers suggest that their pricing starts around $7 per employee per month. However, to get an accurate quote for your company, you need to contact their sales team.

ClearCompany Modular Access provides a customizable modular plan for its customers, allowing them to choose the modules they require rather than paying for the entire suite of features. This plan is useful for small businesses and startups with limited teams that need specific ClearCompany features. Additionally, companies already utilizing other talent management solutions but interested in utilizing one or more particular features of ClearCompany can find the modular plan more cost-effective.

Individual module pricing is not stated on ClearCompany's pricing page. Therefore, you will need to get in touch with their sales representatives, explain your specific business needs, and obtain a custom quote based on your module selection.

Let's take a quick look at the various ClearCompany modules and the features they provide.

Applicant Tracking System

It provides a comprehensive solution for effortless sourcing, assessment, and recruitment of top talent. It offers various features, including passive candidate sourcing, which identifies suitable profiles based on your criteria.

Additionally, it provides a complete job board management system to post job openings to the most relevant portals directly from the software. The system also includes a referral management system, which provides a reward system to current employees for referring outstanding talent. Moreover, ClearCompany offers a text hiring system that allows inviting job applications via SMS.


ClearCompany recognizes that employee onboarding plays a crucial role in new employees' performance, and thus provides all the essential features to create a smooth and unforgettable onboarding experience. With ClearCompany, your new employees receive their personalized new hire portal, designed with your company's branding and colors, offering all the information they need to get started.

Moreover, the platform offers a centralized equipment dashboard to ensure that your new employees have access to all the necessary systems to begin their work efficiently. ClearCompany simplifies the employee onboarding process by managing all the required forms, contracts, and documents.

Once the new employee receives them, ClearCompany sends the necessary documents to the relevant departments for further processing.

Performance Management

Transparent and effective performance management is crucial for the growth of employees and long-term success of an organization. ClearCompany provides a plethora of features to support performance management, including quarterly, bi-annual, or annual performance reviews, peer reviews, time-based reviews, goal setting and alignment, and real-time feedback.

Additionally, ClearCompany offers employee recognition features, such as company and team-wide celebrations, and official shout-outs on communication platforms like Slack. To measure employee satisfaction, you can conduct surveys and polls anonymously within your teams and throughout the company.

ClearCompany Competitors

Compared to some of the other top talent management and recruitment platforms, ClearCompany stands out with its intuitive user interface and comprehensive features. However, due to the limitations discussed in this article, it cannot be classified as a top-tier HR solution. Nevertheless, it still falls somewhere in the middle of the pack.

For a thorough comparison between ClearCompany and other leading recruitment solutions, make sure to check out our analysis of the Top Applicant Tracking Solutions.


In conclusion, ClearCompany is a well-liked talent management solution that provides a range of features for recruitment, performance management, and employee engagement. Given its comparatively affordable monthly pricing compared to other similar tools, it is certainly worth considering.

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