Website owners commonly use Google AdSense to generate revenue by displaying advertisements, as it is one of the most well-known and favored methods. However, there are other options available. Many advertising networks and platforms offer competitive rates, flexible ad formats, and advanced targeting options. Some of these AdSense alternatives better fit specific types of websites or niches.

In this article, we'll explore the best Google AdSense alternatives, highlighting their unique features and benefits and helping you choose the right one for your needs.

1. Propeller Ads

Propeller Ads offers multiple options for monetizing your website or blog with over 150,000 publishers currently utilizing their service. One of the best features of this platform is the ability to choose from a variety of ad formats. Additionally, the acceptance rate for ads is typically high and uncomplicated, making it easy to start earning revenue quickly.

Propeller Ads also offer the ability to monetize mobile sites and apps. It is particularly effective with pop-under ads and prioritizes website options based on digital media and technology. With 24/7 ad moderation, this platform ensures that spammy and annoying ads are restricted, resulting in only virus-free, appropriate, and relevant ads.


  • Offers global coverage
  • Displays only clean and virus-free ads
  • Can be used in conjunction with AdSense
  • Bypasses ad-blocking features
  • Includes a referral program
  • Provides auto ad optimization
  • Features a fraud detection and prevention system
  • Offers a retargeting ad option
  • Utilizes a self-serve platform


Propeller Ads does not provide pricing plans on their site but you can contact them about the kind of services you need and other business matters.

2. Revcontent

Revcontent sets itself apart from other conventional ad networks by implementing a thorough screening process and utilizing custom widgets to display its ads. These widgets are similar to the related posts section of a website, but instead, showcase approved campaigns. This results in a less intrusive ad experience, particularly when campaigns are selected thoughtfully.

Many have praised the Revcontent widget system as one of the least obtrusive ad options available, making it a great choice for publishers who prioritize user experience and want to avoid negatively impacting it with ads on their site.


  • Suitable for both publishers and advertisers
  • Lightweight and highly flexible
  • Guarantees revenue uplift
  • Offers real-time reporting
  • Boasts top-class support
  • Provides content quality controls and granular brand safety
  • Utilizes faster content recommendation technology


Contact them to learn more about their services.

3. is a leading ad platform that is home to Yahoo and Bing's ad networks. This platform allows its publishers to access campaigns from both search giants. However, is quite selective in choosing its publishers, which include well-known names such as Cosmopolitan and Forbes, who are infamous for their interstitial ads. is an excellent option for established sites with high traffic from the US, UK, or Canada, and that is regularly updated with original content. As a contextual ad network, ensures that the ads displayed on a website or blog are always relevant to the content. This results in a more seamless and unobtrusive ad experience for the user.


  • Quick and easy setup in under 10 seconds
  • Utilizes contextual ads to enhance the relevance
  • Provides access to high-quality display ads with ease
  • Prioritizes user experience through the use of native ads
  • Implements a cross-format header bidding platform
  • Maximizes revenue through a content-driven contextual marketplace


Contact to learn more.

4. Skimlinks

Skimlinks is a top alternative to Sovrn, especially for those who focus on affiliate marketing. By converting every outbound link into an affiliate link, Skimlinks enables publishers to earn revenue every time a sale is made. Installing the javascript code on your website automatically transforms existing links into affiliate links, potentially multiplying your earnings by up to ten times since it pays for sales, not just clicks.

With access to over 48,000 e-commerce affiliate traders, partnerships with over 50 ad publishing agents, and more than 60,000 listed publishers, Skimlinks provides a large network of affiliate merchants that eliminates the need for dealing with separate programs. Despite its relatively higher fees, Skimlinks remains a popular AdSense alternative due to its commission-earning potential and other benefits.


  • Connects with thousands of global merchants
  • User-friendly platform
  • Offers in-house affiliate program
  • Easy integration process
  • Offers various toolbar extensions
  • Provides powerful analytics tools
  • Offers low payout threshold option
  • Enables commerce content strategy with its powerful platform


Get started easily with their free sign-up!

5. Sovrn

Another popular alternative to AdSense operates similarly to Skimlinks. Sovrn automatically inserts contextual ad links into your content, allowing you to monetize your website. It's an ideal ad publishing network for bloggers who frequently link out to e-commerce stores or other business sites. Like Skimlinks, it transforms ordinary links into affiliate links, allowing you to earn money or commission from the products or services you link to on other e-commerce sites. Therefore, it's an excellent ad network for affiliate marketers.

Although setting it up can be a bit challenging for some, and expert assistance may be required, its ability to display ads is top-notch. The complete process is automated, saving you a significant amount of time in customizing ad campaigns. Despite its name, this platform is one of the neatest options for displaying ads. It adds links to existing content instead of text ads or large banners, making it reasonably modest. Overall, it's a solid alternative to AdSense in every aspect.


  • A reliable partner for both publishers and advertisers
  • Maximizes the value of each individual visitor
  • Seamlessly connects commerce, audience, and content
  • Open-source with customizable integrations
  • Provides a safe and secure experience with no risk
  • Includes a powerful integrated analytics tool
  • OPS ad management that aligns with your goals and needs


Contact Sovrn to learn more of their offers.


In conclusion, Google AdSense is not the only option available for publishers to monetize their websites. The ad networks mentioned above are among the top alternatives that offer various benefits such as contextual ads, higher revenue, seamless integration, and excellent customer support.

Each network has its unique approach to ad serving and monetization. Publishers can choose the one that fits their needs and requirements the best. However, it is essential to keep in mind that no single ad network can match the market dominance of Google AdSense. Nevertheless, by diversifying your ad revenue streams with the alternatives mentioned above, you can ensure a stable income and maximize your earnings.

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