Do you need to pay more attention to creating strong Amazon bullet points while drafting your product listings? If your answer is yes, then worry no more! RepricerExpress is here to assist you with straightforward tips to enhance your Amazon product listings. Moreover, if you face the problem of having numerous excellent points to include, we've got you covered on that front as well.

Amazon Bullet Points: Definition and Explanation

Below the product image on an Amazon product page, you will discover a section comprising five bullet points that list the main features or advantages of the product. These bullet points play a pivotal role in easing the reading experience for users by breaking down the information into easily digestible chunks, facilitating shoppers in making a swift purchase decision.

If you're selling laptops, take advantage of bullet points to highlight crucial elements of the device, including processor specifications, display size and type, weight, and other distinct features that set it apart from competitors. Before finalizing your bullet points, evaluating the essential criteria your customers are searching for and the information that can influence their purchasing decision is crucial.

Amazon stipulates a limit of 15 words or 500 characters per point to create impactful bullet points. It's imperative to emphasize the product's most essential features to make your bullet points effective. For instance, including details about the laptop's processor type and speed can sway a customer's purchase decision. Conversely, mentioning accessories such as an extra charging cable or carrying case in your bullet points is not recommended.

The primary purpose of your bullet points should be to provide a concise and informative summary of your product's top features or advantages. Besides, there are a few additional guidelines to follow when crafting effective bullet points:

  • Avoid mentioning the product's price, shipping details or company information in your bullet points.
  • Refrain from incorporating promotional language or advertising in your bullet points.
  • Use only letters and numbers and avoid using HTML or complex codes.
  • Arrange your bullet points in order of importance, with the most critical information listed first and subsequent points listed in descending order.
  • Ensure each bullet point is within the 15-word or 500-character limit.
  • Start each bullet point with a capital letter.
  • Avoid overly complex punctuation, aiming for simple, concise sentences that are not run-on.

Now that you're familiar with their structure, it's time to delve further and discover how to optimize bullet points to effectively align with Amazon's internal search algorithm, A9.

Dos and Don'ts of Amazon Bullet Points

While writing bullet points, there are several actions you can take to ensure your listing is clear and optimized for SEO.

Do. Research Keywords for Amazon Bullet Points

The A9 algorithm analyzes various aspects of your Amazon product page to determine its search result placement. Keywords are a crucial factor that A9 considers. Hence, utilizing available tools to research search terms with high activity levels is vital.

Don't. Incorporate Keywords into Amazon Bullet Points

Repeating keywords excessively to improve SEO ranking is known as keyword stuffing. However, this technique was phased out several years ago and can now result in negative consequences. Moreover, keyword stuffing can make your bullet points read awkwardly for users and discourage them from engaging with your product listing due to excessive repetition.

Do. Limit Your Keywords in Each Bullet Point

Limiting the number of keywords in each bullet point is best to maximize their effectiveness. Ideally, aim for only 1-2 keywords per sentence.

Don’t: Completely Ignore Keyword Optimization

When selecting the final keywords for your bullet points, it is not advisable to completely ignore optimization in favor of brevity. List ten impactful keywords and then assess how they can fit in your bullet points. If they do not work, it is better to leave them out.

Do: List the Most Important Feature First

This stage of the process has the potential to offer substantial rewards in the future. To start, thoroughly search your competitors on Amazon and Google and record their bullet points. These bullet points can then be sorted into a spreadsheet and examined to determine their occurrence and placement within the list of five.

Next, filter the bullet points by retaining the ones that appear most frequently and eliminating the others. If you come across a few borderline bullet points, keep them for now, knowing that some may need to be removed later.

Finally, cross-check your potential list of bullet points with the manufacturer's website or significant retail sites to gain more clarity on how to organize them. Once you've arranged your list of five, delete the rest and ensure that you carefully proofread them to avoid any spelling or grammatical errors and ensure that they are as professional as possible.


The purpose of Amazon bullet points is twofold: to enhance readability for users and to draw attention to the critical features of your product, persuading buyers to make a purchase. Although mentioning pricing in bullet points is not permitted, it is important to emphasize it to demonstrate the competitiveness of your prices. This can be easily achieved by utilizing RepricerExpress, which automatically adopts pricing rules round-the-clock. For those who have yet to become users, it is highly recommended to sign up for a free trial and start boosting sales volume and profits quickly.

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