With over 1 million users worldwide, MailerLite is a prominent email marketing company that offers an impressive range of tools and products, including website building and signup forms. By providing cost-effective solutions, MailerLite can streamline your marketing campaign and help you take it to the next level without breaking the bank.

MailerLite Benefits and Downsides

As with any email marketing service, MailerLite has its share of pros and cons to consider. Based on thorough research, we discovered that MailerLite boasts an impressive array of features that satisfy most users, despite a few minor drawbacks that do not significantly impact its performance. Before making your decision, let's take an in-depth look at both sides of the equation.


No matter the industry, MailerLite provides a wealth of outstanding features that can benefit any brand. Whether you operate an ecommerce website or a personal blog, MailerLite offers customizable campaigns, effortless monetization options, automated workflows, and detailed reporting. Additionally, MailerLite's email verification system helps build a genuine email list, resulting in fewer bounce-backs and better deliverability.

Customizable campaigns: MailerLite provides three distinct editors that enable you to personalize your campaigns. The drag-and-drop editor allows you to create captivating and responsive emails in a matter of minutes by employing pre-built design blocks or interactive content blocks that foster engagement.

In addition, MailerLite offers a rich text email editor and an HTML editor to craft more individualized messages. By using the rich text editor, you can add links, images, bullet points, tables, signatures, and videos to enhance your messaging and establish a connection with your subscribers. With the HTML editor, you can construct emails from scratch, incorporating custom code, variables, field tags, and an automatic CSS inline. You may read our Top Email Software for Effective Campaigns.

Easy monetization options: MailerLite offers effortless monetization features, including digital products, email marketing, and newsletter subscriptions, to help you create an ideal ecommerce website. To begin selling digital products, you can choose an ecommerce template, connect to Stripe, and utilize customizable design blocks to create appealing product pages. Additionally, MailerLite provides a range of tools to further boost your ecommerce sales, such as platform integrations, product imports, and sales tracking.

Furthermore, MailerLite lets you monetize your newsletters and handles all aspects of the process, from collecting payments to automatically delivering paid subscription emails. By conducting A/B tests on your content, you can identify what resonates best with your audience, while MailerLite manages the rest, including subscriber management and automatic payment integrations.

Automated workflows: By utilizing MailerLite's user-friendly tools for campaigns and custom audiences, you can develop an automated email workflow that effectively targets the appropriate audience at the most opportune time. With MailerLite, you can set up various actions that can activate automatic email delivery, such as subscribing to a group, filling out a form, clicking on a link, updating a field, having a birthday, or matching a specific date. For users seeking more advanced functionality, MailerLite offers multi-trigger automation, allowing you to add up to three triggers in one automation, saving time and creating multiple entry points.

Furthermore, MailerLite lets you resend unopened campaigns, providing an additional opportunity to connect with your audience, and automatically sends new content using its RSS to email pipeline. With a simple setup, you can start sending daily, weekly, or monthly emails within minutes. Additionally, MailerLite enables you to target specific audience segments and connect your Facebook and email audience for unique advertising and optimization.

Straightforward analytics: Keep a close eye on your campaign performance with MailerLite's extensive analytics and reporting measures. Utilize embedded surveys, sales tracking, and visual click maps to improve your campaigns with each iteration. MailerLite's reports cover various metrics, such as unsubscribe count, spam complaints, bounces, link activity, new subscribers, and total active subscribers, to help you gauge your success.

Moreover, in addition to subscriber reports, MailerLite provides automation reports and email campaign tracking for further analysis. The platform's straightforward dashboard comes with clear graphs and subcategories, making it easier to interpret reports. You can also benefit from click maps for link tracking, A/B split testing for identifying top-performing emails, and geolocation reporting to gain insights into which countries have the highest engagement.

Email verifier: Safeguard your email list with MailerCheck, MailerLite's user-friendly email verifier feature. MailerCheck instantly verifies and optimizes your email list in just minutes. It provides real-time verification when a new email address is collected, and as a bulk verifier, it can scan hundreds or thousands of subscribers at once. You also have the option to verify one email address at a time and receive immediate results.

With MailerCheck, you can enhance deliverability and minimize the risk of bounced emails by filtering out low-quality email addresses, detecting errors such as typos, syntax errors, or return mailbox not found, and identifying catch-all email addresses, which are typically not monitored by a real person. MailerCheck seamlessly integrates with MailerLite, and you can connect it with other applications for maximum reliability.

MailerCheck is a separate service from MailerLite and costs $10 for every 1,000 credits, which is equivalent to one email verification per credit.


Although MailerLite offers many great features, some users have expressed dissatisfaction with a few aspects, such as the outdated API, what they consider to be unfair policies, and the lack of live chat support.

Outdated API: Several users have expressed dissatisfaction with MailerLite's API, despite the extensive documentation provided. They have found it to be outdated and lacking in features.Certain users have reported that they are unable to send more than a specific number of emails despite paying for a particular number of subscribers. This limitation has caused inconvenience and frustration, as one user had to split their mailing list into two subsections to meet the criteria.

Subpar customer support: Poor customer support is a common complaint in negative reviews of MailerLite. Unless you opt for the Advanced plan, which costs between $19 and $1,600 per month depending on the number of subscribers you have, live chat support is not available. If you have less than 1,000 subscribers, you only have access to email support, which many users have criticized as slow, unreliable, and unhelpful.

Some users have reported that MailerLite's customer support team only replied to them in the middle of the night, and when they responded in the morning, they didn't receive a reply until the next day. Others have stated that the representatives they spoke to didn't have a good understanding of MailerLite's product and were unable to provide answers to simple questions.

User concerns: Although MailerLite has numerous satisfied customers, we cannot disregard some potentially worrisome reviews. One user shared their disappointment when MailerLite failed to inform them that they exceeded their plan limit, resulting in thousands of emails not being sent to subscribers. Another user claimed that even though they paid for a plan, MailerLite refused to approve their email list and terminated their account without a refund, citing a few unauthenticated subscribers. Despite the user's request for a refund, they were not granted one. These reviews represent a small fraction of MailerLite's user feedback, but they may give cautious users pause.

MailerLite Pricing Plans

MailerLite offers a free plan for up to 1,000 email subscribers and 12,000 monthly emails, allowing users to test the service before committing to a paid plan. In addition to email marketing, MailerLite provides more advanced tools for website building and custom landing page creation, with plans ranging from $10 to $21 per month.

Their paid plans start from $10/month and offer additional features such as A/B split testing, advanced reporting, custom HTML editing, and more. The pricing of paid plans is based on the number of subscribers on your email list. For instance, if you have 1,000 subscribers, the cost of the plan will be $10/month, and the price will increase as your subscriber list grows.

They also offer a Premium plan for customers who need advanced features such as webhooks, custom domains, and dedicated IP addresses. The cost of this plan varies depending on the number of subscribers and starts at $50/month for 5,000 subscribers.

It's important to note that all of their plans come with unlimited emails and customer support, so rest assured that they will always be available to offer the support you need, whenever you need it.

MailerLite Popular Features

MailerLite is a popular email marketing software that offers a range of features to help businesses create effective and engaging email campaigns. One of its key features is its intuitive drag-and-drop editor, which makes it easy to create professional-looking email templates without any coding skills. MailerLite also provides several actions that can trigger automatic email delivery, such as when a subscriber joins a group, completes a form, or clicks a link. In addition, the platform includes extensive analytics and reporting measures, embedded surveys, sales tracking, and visual click maps to help you closely monitor campaign performance and improve your strategies over time.

Website Builder

MailerLite's website builder provides users with the ability to create a visually appealing and fully functional website from scratch or with the help of their industry-leading templates. With its drag-and-drop builder, users can easily add different categories of content to personalize their website and create a custom page layout.

The platform also provides interactive blocks for quizzes or surveys and the ability to promote limited-time offers, making it a great choice for e-commerce websites. MailerLite's integration system lets users collect leads and build relationships with visitors, while its built-in SEO features help websites rank on the first page of Google.

Users can try the website builder for free, or choose to pay $10 or $21 per month for access to additional features.

Signup Forms

MailerLite provides a comprehensive signup forms solution that enables users to grow their audience without requiring technical skills. With customizable embedded forms and promotional pop-ups, you can collect subscribers and highlight essential messages effectively.

Moreover, MailerLite allows you to create custom landing pages to incorporate into your email signup forms with responsive templates and interactive blocks. You can also blend your signup forms with your website by adding custom images, fonts, headers, colors, borders, and backgrounds.

Additionally, each form type is GDPR-compliant, and you can use hidden fields and double opt-in features to better segment your subscribers and verify their consent. With MailerLite's reporting dashboard, you can easily track your email list growth, visitors, and conversions.

The signup forms feature is free to use, but you can access advanced features, including promotional pop-ups and a custom HTML editor, by paying $10 or $21 per month.

MailerLite Competitors

While MailerLite is recognized as one of the top email marketing services for its user-friendly platform and customizable campaigns, there are several other options that have also made our top list. After reviewing numerous choices, we have identified a few potential competitors that provide exceptional email marketing services.

  • Due to its effective list building and campaign management tools, Constant Contact is our top recommendation for most individuals. With the assistance of robust reporting and analytics, you can elevate your campaigns to the next level without breaking the bank.
  • If you're looking for a platform with more flexibility and shoppable email options for your ecommerce website, Omnisend is the ideal choice. You can sign up for Omnisend's free trial and reach out to up to 250 contacts today. Checkout our Omnisend Review to learn more.
  • With AWeber, agencies can create unlimited lists and manage advanced campaigns, all from one secure platform. You can easily connect all your websites and manage your entire marketing campaign from a centralized location.


Overall, MailerLite offers customizable campaigns and beginner-friendly solutions that make it an excellent email marketing service. With the ability to scale your website for monetization and create automated email workflows for convenience, it is a powerful tool. However, it is important to consider its drawbacks, such as customer support and policy issues that some users have reported.

Thankfully, MailerLite is not the only affordable email marketing service with flexible options. Constant Contact is a great alternative for campaign management and reporting, while Omnisend is perfect for ecommerce websites that need shoppable email options. If you require a centralized platform with unlimited features, AWeber is an excellent choice.

We have reviewed dozens of options and narrowed it down to the best email marketing services if you want to learn more. Check out all of our top picks here to explore all your options.

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