Pipedrive is a comprehensive sales platform that enables nearly 100,000 enterprises to enhance their revenue with accuracy. This software visualizes your sales process, allowing you to control leads, automate sales, and create email campaigns on a single platform. Pipedrive's capabilities can enhance sales processes across various industries. However, let's delve deeper into the distinctive features of Pipedrive and some drawbacks.

Pipedrive Advantages and Drawbacks

Pipedrive is a recommended choice for marketing and sales teams or agencies looking to enhance their customer service for leads and clients. Read on to discover what we appreciate (and don't) regarding this CRM and pipeline management solution.


Smart In-Platform Tips

The Pipedrive sales assistant provides helpful insights to optimize your team's performance, suggest useful features and recommend app integrations based on your software usage.

This functionality identifies opportunities to enhance your efficiency and effectiveness.

Furthermore, it ensures that any modifications to your account settings are promptly communicated to your team, promoting alignment among team members.

The sales assistant is unobtrusive, appearing only in relevant situations and disappearing when no longer required. Its appearance is contextually appropriate, enabling you to benefit from its insights at the right moment.

Workflow Automation

Pipedrive boasts exceptional automation tools that allow you to create automated workflows for various functions, such as emailing leads, pipeline addition, or task creation.

With the inclusion of these characteristics, there is no necessity for coding expertise to configure personalized emails that are automatically sent when a deal is created or advances to a specific stage.

Pipedrive's user-friendly drag-and-drop interface facilitates the creation of robust automations.

With these capabilities, your sales team can concentrate on critical tasks and boost their deal closing rates. In addition, workflow automations prevent human errors from disrupting sales efforts.

By keeping leads and prospects engaged while allocating time for high-priority sales activities, you can ensure that your business stays competitive. Check out out Top Workflow Automation to get to know more about it.

End-to-end Campaign Management

Generating and managing leads with Pipedrive is made easy by a range of powerful features. The Leads Inbox allows you to streamline the initial stages of a campaign by filtering out irrelevant leads and communications, leaving you with only the most important information.

Additionally, Pipedrive provides tools to help you capture leads more effectively, such as web forms, live chat widgets, and chatbots, all of which can be easily deployed on your website. You can also access valuable web visitor data that Pipedrive captures, giving you insights into how to optimize your site traffic.

By utilizing these and other tools, your team can boost the number of deals in your pipeline and increase the average value of closed deals.

Smart Contact Data

Customer relationship management requires having a deep understanding of your leads. Collecting all the necessary information can be difficult when you have a packed schedule. Fortunately, Pipedrive's smart contact data uses your contacts' email addresses to collect relevant information from their online activities, allowing you to import valuable data with just one click.

Having access to this valuable information allows you to better comprehend your potential customers, their circumstances, and their requirements, thereby enabling you to customize your sales pitches more efficiently.

Pipedrive's reporting features are equally impressive, offering fully customizable reports that provide insights into deal tracking, lead reporting, revenue forecasting, and other essential metrics for managing your campaigns and customers. You can even create special reports tailored to the unique needs of your business.

By utilizing these reporting tools, you can obtain a comprehensive overview of your sales performance, detect patterns, and promptly rectify any issues within your sales funnel. Overall, Pipedrive's comprehensive tools enable you to streamline your customer relationship management and optimize your sales efforts.

Sales Dashboards

Pipedrive's dashboards offer a glimpse into the future of sales data analysis, allowing you to move beyond static charts and spreadsheets.

With these dynamic dashboards, you can filter, customize, and discover your data in new and innovative ways. What's more, you can share these live dashboards with anyone, regardless of whether they use Pipedrive or not.

As you view these dashboards, winning strategies will leap off the screen, helping you identify bottlenecks and performance gaps in real-time. Whether you want to keep your team on the same page or simply stay informed about your sales performance, these sales dashboards are an indispensable tool for achieving success.


Sluggish & Difficult UI

When it comes to sales and data, quick access is essential. Slow loading times can be frustrating and make you want to pull your hair out.

Many users have expressed dissatisfaction with the speed of Pipedrive, which can be especially problematic for those with a large customer base and detailed information to transfer. It's worth noting that external factors such as internet quality and cloud storage server speed can impact the experience.

Several Pipedrive users have voiced similar complaints, and it's worth keeping in mind as you test out the 14-day free trial. Quick and easy access to information is crucial, but the user experience is also a vital factor to consider.

Lack of Phone Support

Pipedrive’s knowledge base is comprehensive and their live chat support is reliable when you need assistance troubleshooting or figuring out how to use the software. However, the absence of phone support can be a significant pain point for some businesses. When critical issues arise and you need to speak with a knowledgeable representative, not having the option to do so can be frustrating.

Moreover, if you encounter a persistent problem, live chat can make it challenging to have streamlined interactions with support reps. You may get connected with a different representative each time you contact them, making it harder to build a relationship and resolve the issue efficiently. Although this situation may be uncommon, our extensive research on Pipedrive has highlighted this as a potential issue to keep in mind.

No Social Network Integrations

Building a customer base often involves leveraging social media. Sometimes, potential customers show interest in your offers on social platforms, making it essential to have a way to capture and transfer that lead information directly into your Pipedrive account.

Regrettably, this feature has not been made available on Pipedrive yet. We believe that if Pipedrive were to add this functionality, it would enhance its already robust feature set. Nevertheless, if your company does not rely on social media channels for lead generation, the absence of this feature may not be a deal breaker for you.

Pipedrive Pricing Options

Pipedrive is a sales-focused customer relationship management (CRM) software that offers a range of pricing plans to meet the needs of different businesses. Pipedrive's pricing plans are designed to provide users with access to different features and functionalities depending on their business size and requirements.

Pipedrive offers four main pricing plans: Essential, Advanced, Professional, and Enterprise.

  1. Essential Plan: The Essential plan is Pipedrive's basic pricing plan, designed for small businesses and startups. It offers basic CRM functionality, including contact management, deal tracking, and customizable pipelines. The Essential plan is priced at $12.50 per user per month if billed annually or $15 per user per month if billed monthly.
  2. Advanced Plan: The Advanced plan offers additional features beyond the Essential plan, including email integration, customizable dashboards, and advanced reporting. The Advanced plan is priced at $24.90 per user per month if billed annually or $29 per user per month if billed monthly.
  3. Professional Plan: The Professional plan is designed for larger sales teams and offers advanced sales management features such as sales forecasting, team management, and advanced integrations. The Professional plan is priced at $49.90 per user per month if billed annually or $59 per user per month if billed monthly.
  4. Enterprise Plan: The Enterprise plan is Pipedrive's most advanced pricing plan, designed for larger businesses with complex sales processes. It offers advanced customization, automation, and integration options, along with dedicated support and training. The Enterprise plan is priced based on the specific needs of each business and requires users to contact Pipedrive's sales team for a customized quote.

In addition to these pricing plans, Pipedrive also offers a 14-day free trial for new users. This trial period allows businesses to test out Pipedrive's features and functionalities before committing to a paid plan. Overall, Pipedrive's pricing plans are flexible and offer a range of options to suit different business sizes and needs.

Pipedrive Sales Software 

At its core, Pipedrive is a CRM software that centers around pipelines and deals. With Pipedrive's sales features, you can visualize your sales process and optimize your workflow based on the insights you gain.

The software is not just a page full of numbers, names, and data. You have the flexibility to design your CRM and pipeline management using custom fields and the ability to drag and drop items as you see fit.

Furthermore, Pipedrive offers a powerful automation builder, advanced reporting that provides deep insights, and an in-platform assistant to help you make the most out of the software.

Additionally, you can take advantage of a variety of email-based tools, including the ability to schedule emails, send them in bulk, track recipient actions, and manage everything from a single inbox. Pipedrive integrates these tools seamlessly into the software, so you can view everything as it happens.

Pipedrive Competitors

Pipedrive is a popular customer relationship management (CRM) software that helps businesses streamline their sales processes. While Pipedrive is a well-regarded option for many businesses, there are several other CRM platforms that offer similar features and benefits. Here are some of Pipedrive's competitors:

  1. HubSpot CRM: HubSpot CRM is a popular Pipedrive competitor that offers a free version as well as paid plans. It includes features like contact management, sales automation, and email tracking, making it a versatile tool for sales teams. You may read our full Hubspot Review to learn more.
  2. Salesforce: Salesforce is among the most widely recognized CRM solutions platforms in the industry, offering a comprehensive suite of tools for sales, marketing, and customer service. While Salesforce is more expensive than Pipedrive, it offers a range of features that are ideal for large enterprises.
  3. Zoho CRM: Zoho CRM provides various features as a cloud-based CRM platform including lead management, sales forecasting, and social media integration. 
  4. Freshsales: Freshsales is another popular Pipedrive competitor that offers a range of features including lead scoring, AI-based lead prioritization, and email tracking. 
  5. Insightly: Insightly is a comprehensive CRM platform that provides a variety of functionalities such as managing contacts, tracking leads, and automating email marketing. It's an affordable alternative to Pipedrive, making it a popular choice for small businesses.


To emphasize our recommendation, we strongly suggest Pipedrive as a comprehensive sales tool to help you manage your goals and stay on track. Pipedrive offers all the necessary features to ensure your sales process remains well-organized. Moreover, with an extensive range of integrations, connecting Pipedrive with other business tools you're already using is a seamless process.

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