In this Ontraport review, we'll explore why it's considered one of the best platforms for sales and marketing. With its integrated CRM platform and wide range of apps, Ontraport is a comprehensive all-in-one solution for sales, marketing automation, page building, and payments. Integration with WordPress is a breeze, and payment processing is a smooth experience for faster sales.

Say goodbye to the need for learning HTML, CSS, or JavaScript with Ontraport's easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface for page and form building. You can create forms using popular options like Brave, ConvertPlus, ConvertPro, Jotform, Justuno, miloTree, OptinMonster, and more.

What is Ontraport?

Ontraport is the ultimate all-in-one platform for businesses looking to streamline their sales and marketing processes. Maintaining multiple separate tools can be challenging, which is where Ontraport comes in to save the day.

With Ontraport, you can integrate all your tools into a single, easy-to-use platform. Whether you're creating a landing page with the help of integration tools like Beaver Builder, ClickFunnels Payment Integration, or Leadpages, Ontraport has got you covered.

Gone are the days of relying on old gateway methods. Ontraport provides multiple payment gateway options, including, Elavon, eWAY Rapid, Network Merchants Inc, Payflow Pro, Paypal Standard, and many more. Ontraport also offers social media integration options, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Heyo, to help grow your business.

If you're wondering how to log in to Ontraport or how it works, fear not! Ontraport has its own YouTube channel where you can find solutions to all your Ontraport-related questions and problems.

Ontraport Features

Sales And CRM

Ontraport offers an incredibly flexible and customizable CRM platform that is highly effective. With Ontraport, you can easily collect detailed data about your contacts and track the movement of your sales team. This all-in-one platform integrates marketing messaging and sales processes, allowing for streamlined workflows.

One of the many benefits of using Ontraport is the ability to track multiple pipelines simultaneously, whether it's for onboarding, online funnels, projects, retention tracking, or other purposes. Creating new records and linking them together is also a breeze, making it simple to manage and automate your processes.

Additionally, Ontraport offers a mobile application that allows you to access your data from anywhere, enabling you to remain up-to-date with your business even while on the move.

Segment And Organize

With this feature segment and organize, you can organize your customers in a more efficient manner, enabling you to access their data easily. The topographic view of your funnel allows you to see your customer's data in a clear and organized manner. This makes it simple to update large amounts of data with ease. Additionally, you can easily schedule appointments using this feature.

Smart Pipelines

Ontraport includes Smart Pipelines, a powerful tool that allows you to effortlessly increase your sales. With the ability to create multiple pipelines, you can manage all aspects of your work. Each pipeline provides access to unique data, and the use of cards makes it easy to view and organize information. You can even customize the colors of the cards to match your needs. And when updates are necessary, you can easily modify all cards at once.

Unified Contact History

You can gather a wealth of data from various sources including page visits, downloaded resources, emails, purchases, refunds, logins, email opens, links clicked, and form submissions.

By leveraging this data, you can make informed decisions to grow your business and address any issues or mistakes.

Task Automation

Task automation can handle a variety of tasks for you, including making phone calls and reviewing applications. With the ability to track your workflow direction, you can stay on top of all your tasks and ensure that everything is completed efficiently.

Custom Objects

Custom Objects in Ontraport enable you to efficiently organize your data so that you can easily find the information you need. This tool also allows you to view employee data and connect different records. By creating new records and establishing relationships between them, you can better manage your data without having to constantly overwrite it.

Mobile App

With the Ontraport mobile application, you can easily manage your business on the go, with an effective CRM system right at your fingertips. You can access your contacts and perform all the functions that are available on the web version. The mobile app also enables you to manage calls from start to finish, without worrying about team and task management. Additionally, scheduling and tracking events can be easily done through the mobile app.


You can easily access and analyze all of your important data in one place with Ontraport. With customizable charts and a personalized dashboard, you can view contacts, emails, SMS, page visits, sales, monthly recurring revenue, payment plans, tasks, campaigns, calendars, custom objects, and partner programs all in one location.

Marketing Automation

Ontraport is a top-tier platform for marketing automation that provides you with the capability to handle large volumes of data. This platform makes it effortless to design and implement campaigns that integrate with multiple channels.

Campaign Automation

Ontraport boasts the most efficient campaign builder for marketers, featuring a user-friendly interface for ease of use. This cutting-edge campaign builder simplifies automation, allowing you to choose a template, personalize it, and then publish your campaign with minimal effort. Ontraport boasts the most efficient campaign builder for marketers, featuring a user-friendly interface for ease of use. This cutting-edge campaign builder simplifies automation, allowing you to choose a template, personalize it, and then publish your campaign with minimal effort.

Email and SMS Messaging

Ontraport's email delivery is top-notch, and you can easily track which emails are leading to sales using UTMs. Additionally, you can use your own SMS number to send text messages, and the platform supports two-way texting. You can also schedule a specific time to send your text messages.

Email Deliverability

Ontraport has an internal infrastructure with no outsourcing to ensure complete data security. They offer SPF (Sender Policy Framework), DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail), and custom sending domains at every service level. Additionally, you can send seedlist tests to check the standing of your emails and track their progress. On top of that, Ontraport allows the use of third-party SMTPs such as SendGrid for sending emails.

Tracking and Attribution

Investing money in ads won't guarantee success, especially when you lack sufficient data. With more data, you can predict outcomes more accurately. By tracking what converts and analyzing customer data, you can optimize your ad campaigns for better results.

Moreover, you can sync your Ontraport data with Facebook for more effective ad targeting. Even if visitors clear their cookies or switch devices or email addresses, you can still identify them and avoid losing valuable leads.

Facebook Custom Audiences

With Ontraport, you can display precisely targeted Facebook ads automatically, based on a visitor's page visits. You can retarget ads based on deep funnel data, without the need for spreadsheets. Create custom audiences and automatically send them to display the right ads. To get started, integrate your Facebook account with Ontraport, create a new audience, add contacts to it, and remove them after conversion.

Pages and Forms

Creating web pages with Ontraport is effortless. You can simply drag and drop elements to build your desired page. Also, you can design forms for advanced online marketing purposes.

Ontraport also allows you to create membership sites, where you can offer exclusive content to your members. Dynamic content is more engaging than static web pages, and Ontraport provides features to create dynamic pages.

Moreover, Ontraport can be easily integrated with WordPress, enabling you to connect with various plugins. You can identify your visitors and tailor your content to meet their needs.

Drag-And-Drop Editor

Gone are the days when you had to learn coding to create web pages. With the advent of drag-and-drop tools, website building has become easy and effortless. Ontraport provides you with such tools to create multiple pages in no time, without worrying about coding. Moreover, you can track your visitors using UTM tracking and get free SSL with Ontraport.

Membership Sites

Ontraport allows you to create a membership site without the need for external integration. You can easily build it within Ontraport. To create a membership site, simply install a membership campaign and choose a domain and logo. Then, customize the pages to your liking. After that, visitors can easily sign up on your page.

Form Builder

Gather more information and transform it into sales. Precise data can aid you in making informed decisions. Creating forms is effortless with Ontraport.

Dynamic Content

Ontraport allows you to create dynamic content, which changes based on user behavior. You can easily set time delays and merge data from the URL onto your dynamic pages. No programming experience is needed to create dynamic content.

WordPress Integrations

By integrating your WordPress account with Ontraport, you can easily create forms, track emails, process payments, and more. With Ontraport plugins, you can even create one-time payments hassle-free.

Order Forms

Ontraport ensures the safety of your data so you can rest easy. You can easily collect payments with their user-friendly drag-and-drop form builder, and forget about the hassles of regular payment gateways. Ontraport offers a variety of payment gateways, and allows you to accept payments in any currency.

Offline Transactions

Managing payments and refunds is a crucial aspect of any business, but with Ontraport, it becomes a breeze. You can easily set up payment structures such as advanced payments and partial payments, and send invoices or issue pro-rated bills. Additionally, Ontraport allows you to quickly process refunds and manage all payment-related tasks in one place.

Complex Offers

Ontraport offers a variety of tools to help you increase sales by creating customized payment models and offers. You can easily create free trials, set up one-time payments, subscriptions, payment plans, and coupon codes, among other options. This flexibility allows you to extend your goals and cater to your buyers' preferences.

Upsells And Order Bumps

Customers can save time with Ontraport's auto-caching feature, which allows them to make payments without re-entering their details. Additionally, upgrading to a new version is a one-click process for customers.


Ontraport offers a wide range of integrations with popular apps such as Zapier, Shopify, Zoom, JotForm, and more. In addition, it provides numerous integration options for API Helper, including Apiant, ApiX-Drive, Data Sync by HubSpot, and others. Furthermore, you can find integrations for call tracking and broadcasting, such as Call Loop or CallHippo.


With Ontraport API, you can easily transfer your data to other tools. This includes sending or requesting contact data with specific tags, and quickly searching for emails. You can access various features such as campaigns, contacts, content, credit cards, Facebook apps, forms, groups, gateways, products, orders, landing pages, and more.

Customer Center

You can create a customer center for your clients using Ontraport. Its user-friendly drag-and-drop feature makes building a customer center hassle-free. The customer center offers easy and efficient password management for your clients to handle their passwords with ease. You can even host your customer center on Ontraport subdomains for free. For WordPress users, installation is a breeze with the Ontraport plugin. Customers can quickly set their username and password, update their card details, name, and email addresses, all within the customer center.

Security and Scalability

Ensuring the safety of customer data is crucial when scaling up your business and website. With Ontraport, your data is completely secure with daily backups. To protect against website attacks, you can authorize specific IP addresses.

Ontraport Pricing Options

Ontraport offers a variety of pricing plans to suit different business needs and budgets. Each plan offers different features and levels of support, allowing businesses to choose the plan that best fits their specific requirements. In this way, businesses can ensure that they are getting the most value for their money while also having the flexibility to scale up or down as their needs change over time. Let's take a closer look at the different pricing plans that Ontraport offers and what each one includes.

  • The Basic plan starts at $24 per month and includes 1000 contacts and unlimited emails, with one account user.
  • Plus plan costs $83 per month and offers 2500 contacts, unlimited emails, and two account users.
  • The Pro plan costs $124 per month and provides 10,000 contacts, unlimited emails, and three account users, as well as ecommerce and email delivery consulting services.
  • The Enterprise plan, which costs $249 per month, offers 20,000 contacts, 200,000 emails per month, and five account users, along with ecommerce, email delivery consulting, and VIP support options.

All plans come with account setup and daily data backup to ensure the safety of your data.

Ontraport Competitors

There are numerous alternatives available on the internet, but if you're wondering how they compare to Ontraport, there's no need to worry. We have gathered all the relevant information to help you compare and make an informed decision.

Ontraport Vs Kajabi

Kajabi offers many of the same features as Ontraport, particularly in the area of course development. However, there are some limitations to Kajabi that are not present in Ontraport. For example, users cannot choose from a wide range of fonts, and the web design options are limited. On the other hand, Ontraport's drag-and-drop page builder makes it easy to create beautiful pages quickly.

In terms of ease of use, both platforms have a user-friendly interface, but Ontraport is specifically designed for beginners. Additionally, Kajabi is a bit more expensive, starting at $119 per month, whereas Ontraport starts at $79 per month, making it a more affordable option.

Ontraport Vs Hubspot

Hubspot is a popular platform used by marketers to drive sales and provide customer service through its CRM platform. However, Ontraport offers unique features like conditional filtering, which is not available on Hubspot.

Hubspot lacks some features such as tags, custom tabs, automation log, and activity log in its CRM platform, and it is not suitable for e-commerce and membership sites.

While both platforms have user-friendly interfaces, Ontraport stands out with its ease of use. In terms of cost, Hubspot may be cheaper, but it does not offer a 30-day refund policy like Ontraport.

Ontraport Vs Keap

Both Ontraport and Keap offer similar features. Both platforms are available in mobile versions, which is a significant advantage. Ontraport offers better customer support than Keap. Ontraport has a more user-friendly dashboard than Keap. While Keap also has a simple interface, beginners may find it challenging to use. Cost: Keap starts at $40 per month.


In conclusion, after reviewing all the features of Ontraport, it is safe to say that it is an excellent all-in-one platform for any business. With its wide range of integrations, powerful marketing campaigns, and UTM tracking features, Ontraport can help streamline your business operations. Additionally, Ontraport's API allows for easy integration with your other tools. Therefore, if you are in search of a comprehensive platform for your business needs, Ontraport is definitely worth considering.

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