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Tesla owners are losing their mind over Elon’s right wing point of view and his support for republicans. His twitter post is more geared toward supporting the right wing media which pisses a lot of his supporters off. 

A lot of early supporters of Tesla and Elon are looking to diss the brand and wanting to find a new solution when it comes to buying a new electric car. 

Perkowitz is one of many Tesla owners who are rethinking their loyalty to the brand due to Musk's right-wing views and his emphasis on free speech, which Perkowitz believes will allow misinformation to spread on Twitter. Alan Lasoff, a Model Y SUV owner in California, also won't be getting another Tesla when his lease expires due to what he sees as Musk's hypocrisy and amplification of conspiracy theories. 

John Byrne, a software CEO in Maryland, traded in his 2020 Model X SUV for an electric Audi due to Musk's right-wing views and attack on Anthony Fauci. A recent study by Morning Consult found that Tesla's net favorability rating among Democrats dropped by 20% between October and November, while favorability among Republicans improved slightly. 

Brand expert Matthew Quint at Columbia Business School stated that consumers are more likely to react negatively to a car company being controversial due to the long-term nature of the purchase and the high cost involved.

Source: Business Insider