LinkedIn, the largest professional network, offers a vast pool of potential prospects that may fit your target audience. Nevertheless, finding email addresses on the platform can be challenging due to LinkedIn's unique email address format. To overcome this hurdle, you can utilize a LinkedIn Email Address Finder, a LinkedIn Email Address Scraper.

To access these tools, you can install a Chrome extension, which adds functionality to LinkedIn's user interface, especially in user profiles and search results. These tools can be beneficial for sales launch campaigns by providing you with the contact information of LinkedIn users.

We have assessed the best email-finding apps based on their cost, ease of use, and appropriateness and have come up with five alternatives that you should explore. These alternatives are more affordable than and user-friendly, making them ideal for 2023's rapidly changing digital marketing landscape.

1. Lusha

Lusha is a robust software tool designed for discovering and validating email addresses of potential customers on LinkedIn. Its user-friendly chrome extension enables effortless prospect searching on platforms such as Gmail and other B2B networks, simplifying the sales and lead generation process with a single click.


  • Simplifies credit allocation and usage restriction among team members for administrators.
  • One-click prospect searching on LinkedIn, Gmail, and other B2B platforms using the chrome extension.
  • Facilitates quick and bulk updates of contact lists to Lusha or other CRMs.


  • Free
  • Pro – $29.00 per month
  • Premium – $51.00 per month
  • Scale – Contact sales

2. NinjaOutreach

NinjaOutreach caters to companies seeking to obtain email addresses and contacts of bloggers, social media influencers, and journalists to elevate their brand. The tool utilizes its extensive database to identify and locate the individuals you are searching for, giving a significant boost to your outreach efforts.


  • NinjaOutreach serves as a link-building tool, CRM, and scalable influencer outreach service, with an added Chrome plugin feature.
  • The Chrome plugin allows for a quick search to find potential business leads and to support your company's marketing efforts.
  • The plugin also facilitates the discovery of the most influential individuals on Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.


  • Flex – $155.00 per month
  • Silver – $255.00 per month
  • Silver Plus – $459.00 per month

3. is an email prospecting and lead generation tool that assists businesses and professionals in finding and verifying email addresses. The tool uses sophisticated algorithms to search vast amounts of data to predict and find the most accurate email address for a particular individual or organization. is used by sales teams, marketers, and recruiters to find leads and initiate contact with potential clients.

The platform can perform single, bulk, and domain searches. With a single search, users can enter the name and domain of a company and receive a list of potential email addresses associated with that company. Bulk searches allow users to upload a list of names and domains and receive a spreadsheet containing verified email addresses. The domain search feature enables users to search for all email addresses associated with a particular domain, which can be helpful in identifying potential clients or competitors. also offers a Chrome extension that can be used to find email addresses directly from social media profiles and websites. The extension allows users to quickly and easily add potential leads to their list without switching between different tools or search engines.


  • Utilizes top management's data methodology to simulate email addresses
  • Offers a Chrome add-on that instantly connects with LinkedIn and Sales Navigator to provide email addresses
  • Valuable for B2B sales and email marketing efforts
  • With the Skrapp Chrome Extension, data can be obtained with a single click


  • Starter Plan – $49.00 per month
  • Seeker Plan – $99.00 per month
  • Enterprise Plan – $199.00 per month
  • Global Plan – $299.00 per month

4. AeroLeads

Aeroleads is a web-based lead generation tool that helps businesses and sales teams find and verify business leads and contact information. With Aeroleads, users can build a targeted list of prospects for their sales outreach campaigns, and access verified contact information for each lead.

One of the key features of Aeroleads is its ability to extract contact information from various online sources. Users can search for leads based on specific criteria such as industry, location, and job title, and Aeroleads will provide a list of prospects along with their contact information, including email addresses and phone numbers.

Aeroleads also offers a browser extension that allows users to add leads to their lists directly from social media profiles and websites. This makes it easy for sales teams to build their prospect lists while conducting research online.

In addition to lead generation, Aeroleads also provides lead verification services to ensure that the contact information is accurate and up-to-date. Users can verify email addresses and phone numbers in real-time to avoid sending messages to invalid or outdated contact information.


  • Allows users to upload their name and company to search for business emails on LinkedIn
  • Provides up to 15 data fields for each lead, including full name, job title, location, and standard business email addresses
  • The Aeroleads Chrome Extension enables data export to CSV or transfer to popular CRM platforms such as HubSpot, Salesforce, Zoho, Pipedrive, FreshSales, and Zapier with just one click
  • Offers additional support via phone, email, and chat


  • Free
  • Take off – $49.00 per month
  • Climb – $149.00 per month
  • Cruise – $499.00 per month

5. FindThatLead

FindThatLead is an essential tool for B2B sales prospecting that helps businesses reach thousands of potential customers every month. With FindThatLead, users can expand their database and attract new clients, while also improving sponsored advertisements based on specific keywords, location, industry, and company size.


  • Helps locate email addresses by searching for prospects' names, company names, or domains
  • Offers automation, personalization, and evaluation of the effectiveness of your sales funnel
  • Utilizes a sophisticated algorithm to verify email addresses
  • Allows users to find potential customers by inputting location and keywords
  • Enables the creation of a targeted list of qualified contacts, which can increase conversions and expand Facebook Ads audience
  • Works not only with the Chrome extension but also with LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms to find any email address.


  • Growth – $40.9 per month
  • Startup – $125.00 per month
  • Suite – $332.00 per month


In summary, the top 5 alternatives to in 2023 offer a variety of robust options for enhancing outreach and lead management. These solutions range from automated email tracking and prospecting tools to AI-powered sales engagement and marketing automation platforms, providing a diverse set of features and benefits that cater to the needs of individuals and businesses alike.

Whichever tool you select, you can be confident that these alternatives will enable you to optimize your outreach and boost your sales opportunities in the future.

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