This article will introduce you to five leading alternatives to ZoomInfo that can assist you in building high-quality email and phone contact lists. These business intelligence tools offer B2B databases and various useful features to help you locate your ideal prospects, similar to ZoomInfo.

Furthermore, we will provide guidance on how to choose the best ZoomInfo alternatives that align with your business requirements. We will compare and contrast plans and pricing, tool features, functionality, and ease of use.

Let's begin!

1. is an AI-driven search engine that operates in real-time to discover cell phone numbers, direct dials, and email addresses. With this cutting-edge tool, businesses can create customized lists of prospects for their sales and marketing campaigns. Its autopilot capabilities enable you to streamline your list-building process. By utilizing a real-time AI-powered search engine, Seamless AI enables you to identify high-quality leads for your business by uncovering their email addresses and phone numbers. Additionally, the tool's data enrichment functionality ensures that all contact information is up-to-date.


  • Seamless AI does not have a database of its own.
  • Seamless AI integrates with popular applications such as Salesforce, HubSpot, Microsoft Dynamics, Outreach, Salesloft, Zoho, Keap, Cloze, and Insightly.
  • Seamless AI does not use any intent data.
  • The “Technologies” search filter can be utilized to determine the technology used by your targets.
  • Seamless AI verifies all email addresses and provides a validation report for each one.
  • The Seamless AI Google Chrome extension builds lists while you browse the internet. It uncovers email addresses, mobile numbers, and direct dials from company websites and works on LinkedIn and LinkedIn Sales Navigator.


  • Free
  • Basic – $147.00 per month
  • Pro – Contact sales
  • Enterprise – Contact sales

2. UpLeads

UpLead is a B2B lead intelligence software that provides a contact database with a 95% accuracy guarantee, which can supercharge sales teams' lead generation and sales efforts. With UpLead, businesses can fuel consistent revenue growth from targeted campaigns. This platform features a database of 108+ million B2B email addresses with contacts from over 200+ countries. With over 50+ search criteria filters, users can build targeted prospect lists. Each email is validated in real-time thanks to email verification.

Other features include data enrichment, technology tracking, organizational charts, real-time intent data, and competitor intelligence. According to G2, UpLead surpasses ZoomInfo when it comes to ease of use, ease of setup, ease of admin, quality support, being a business partner, and product direction.


  • UpLead's database has over 108+ million B2B contact email addresses from 200+ countries, 14+ million global company profiles, and tracks 16,000+ technologies with a 95% data accuracy guarantee.
  • UpLead integrates with top CRM platforms such as Salesforce, HubSpot, Zoho, Insightly, Pipedrive, and Outreach, and can integrate with over 1,500+ other apps using Zapier.
  • UpLead provides purchase intent data from Bombora, allowing you to track website activity in real-time for granular targeting of leads.
  • UpLead allows you to search their database using technographics (technologies) and build targeted prospect lists in real-time, tracking over 16,000+ technologies, including mobile and web technologies.
  • UpLead verifies business contact email addresses in real-time through email validation.
  • UpLead's Google Chrome extension can scrape contact data from LinkedIn and websites.
  • UpLead's robust API can uncover person and company data, finding up to 40 attributes at once. The Prospector API allows you to find leads based on company, location, job title, and function, among other criteria.


  • Free
  • Essentials – $74.00 per month
  • Plus – $149.00 per month
  • Professional – $299.00 per month

3. Apollo

Apollo is a platform for sales intelligence and engagement that offers its users access to a contact database with over 250 million contacts. This alternative tool enables users to build high-quality contact lists using granular targeting search filters.


  • This platform offers a sales engagement and intelligence solution with a vast contact database that includes over 250 million contacts, 60 million companies, and 120 million mobile numbers.
  • It has over 200 data attribute search filters, including title, location, VC funding, revenue, number of employees, technologies used, and engagement activity, to generate targeted prospect lists with high accuracy.
  • Integrates with popular CRM software such as HubSpot and Salesforce, as well as Gmail and Outlook.
  • Partnering with leading intent data provider LeadSift, Apollo sends real-time intent signals when prospects take specific actions, indicating they are ready to buy.
  • Allows users to search for companies based on the technologies they use, although the number of technologies tracked is not specified.
  • Verifies emails in real-time when data is requested, with a “Guessed Email” tag attached to addresses that cannot be accurately verified.
  • Apollo Google Chrome extension helps to find email addresses and phone numbers when browsing LinkedIn and company websites.
  • Offers data enrichment, custom outreach, and workflow management, enabling users to leverage the functionality of the sales intelligence tool.


  • Free
  • Basic – $39.00 per month
  • Professional – $79.00 per month
  • Organization – $79,00 per month

4. ClearBit

Clearbit offers a B2B data activation platform that assists businesses in finding top-quality leads. Their go-to-market platform is equipped with all the necessary features to generate, qualify, and close leads. Clearbit provides an alternative to ZoomInfo, and its enrichment platform enables you to access their database. With over 100+ B2B attributes, you can create targeted and high-quality prospect lists, and records are updated automatically whenever changes are detected.


  • Clearbit's extensive database covers more than 350 million contacts across 40 million companies.
  • Clearbit seamlessly integrates with a range of CRM software, including HubSpot, Salesforce, Marketo, Pardot, and Segment.
  • The platform's buying intent data helps users identify companies that visit their website, the actions they take, and the products and services they are interested in.
  • With over 100 firmographic, technographic, and demographic attributes, Clearbit enables businesses to identify the right technology stacks for their sales campaigns.
  • The email verification feature ensures high deliverability rates and accurate B2B contact email addresses.
  • Clearbit Connect is a Google Chrome extension that seamlessly integrates with your Gmail account and allows you to easily search for business contacts within your email client.


Request a demo to view the pricing plans.

5. is a powerful email prospecting tool that enables businesses to find professional emails easily. By crawling the internet and discovering publicly available email addresses from websites and companies, provides an affordable and lightweight alternative to ZoomInfo.

The platform boasts several features that leverage its vast database, including the Domain Search feature, which uncovers email addresses associated with company websites, and the Email Finder feature, which identifies the email addresses of professionals.


  • The database boasts over 200 million email addresses that have been sourced through crawling public email addresses on the internet. The accuracy of the database is indicated by a verified icon, which distinguishes accurate results from inaccurate ones.
  • Offers seamless integration with popular software, such as Salesforce, Zoho, HubSpot, Pipedrive, Gmail, and Outlook.
  • It offers TechLookup, a feature that enables users to identify websites that are using specific software.
  • The platform's Email Verifier tool employs a multi-level process to validate email addresses by checking their format, domain information, and the response time of the mail servers.
  • Offers a free Chrome extension that crawls websites to find email addresses, although it limits users to 25 searches per month. 
  • Offers four APIs (Domain Search, Email Finder, Author Finder, and Email Verifier) that businesses can integrate into their products to leverage's functionality.


  • Free – $0.00
  • Starter – $34.00 per month
  • Growth – $104.00 per month
  • Business – $349.00 per month


In conclusion, ZoomInfo alternatives offer businesses a range of options for sourcing accurate and up-to-date contact data, along with advanced features to streamline their marketing and sales processes. From Clearbit's extensive database and email verification tools to's email prospecting and verification capabilities, these platforms provide businesses with powerful solutions to meet their contact data needs.

It is difficult for businesses to carefully evaluate each ZoomInfo alternative as every platform offers distinctive functionalities that cater to varying needs. By doing so, businesses can select the ideal alternative that best suits their requirements, and gain access to the necessary data and insights that can help them thrive and succeed in today's fiercely competitive market.

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