Everyone is excited when summer comes in. It is the warmest season where most of us go on for a vacation. Usually, we prefer to go to the beach to cool down. Here is the list of the hottest summer products to sell:




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1. Summer Dresses

The trend today for summer dresses is classic. Patterns with florals, flowy and sleeveless and short sleeves. Summer dresses rise during summer and even in the month of June and July. If you try to look at the keyword search it has 301,000 or more monthly. The product can be introduced on social media platforms and Google Shopping. You can use Pinterest for free to determine which products have the most engagement, then you can make ads for those products.

2. Beach Towels

While most of us are eager to go swimming at the beach, don’t forget to bring along with you your beach towel. Years ago mandala beach blankets sell like hotcakes. Today, playful beach towels are on the move in different shapes. Months of June and July is the peak season of this accessory. Create a blog content regarding beach towels and share on social media sites. Tag influencers relevant to your niche. Another strategy, introduce the product by email marketing.

3. Ionic Brush

Most of us are thrilled when summer approaches. This is because summer indicates vacation in places we admire. It is a hot season ideal for beach trips and during this season our hair becomes dry due to the hot weather. People with fly away hairs are looking for products that can remedy this problem.

Ionic brush is the solutions to tame the hair. As observed during the past weeks the sales for ionic brush increases, which indicates that the product is saleable during summer. The best way to endorse your products is through a video showing the before and after effects of using an ionic brush. If you are not comfortable showing your face in the video, you can hire someone to do it for you.

4. Twinkle Lights

The popularity of this product rises every year in the month of June and November. Promoting early this summer will give you an early sale. You have time to prepare for the ads for the pick season. There are several types of twinkle lights and the most trendy that you can market: a string type and the curtain type.

Promote and advertise these products on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Introduce and reach out to influencers that are living in condos for large cities like New York and Toronto. Send them samples as your marketing strategy for the purpose that they can take photos in their homes using the twinkle lights as a home décor. Why promote on people who are living in condos? Individuals or families that own a condo usually have pillars in their spaces. Pillars with wrap around lights are very attractive to look at during night time. Influencers are always excited to make their living spaces homely with decorations. Poor

5. Beer Pong

It it a favored game every summer and it is no big difference this year and an eventual pool game. It can be enjoyable in pool and beaches. Good thing about this product is, you can promote other products that accompanies this game like inflatable drink holders, lounge chairs, and inflatable flamingo.

The target market of your products will be the Gen Z and millennials Again, your spot partners will be influencers on social media sites. They have a large number of followers and audience that can bring traffic to your website. Create vertical photos of influencers using your products and link back to your product page. You can also make funny and viral videos for your Youtube promotions. For Facebook, your photos and videos can be your ads. Bear in mind while promoting on big platforms, read the policies first to avoid violating the rules of the site because of the topic of alcohol.

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6. Ice Cream Maker

Melting the summer heat, you need something cold. It can’t be denied that during this season, ice cream is in demand. It is a must-have product in kitchen homes. This can be an excellent gift for birthday, weddings and parties. Endorse your product by writing articles on how to make ice cream something like that or the about ice cream makers. Try Google Shopping Ads, it can give you an immediate sales.

7. Kebab Maker

Based on Google Trends barbeque season will be next month. Kebab maker is a must-have product in your home. An appealing way to market the product is by showing how it works through a video.  Post the video on YoutTube and share it on Facebook and other social platforms that enable sharing videos.

8. Baby Water Play Mat

As we enjoy the summer essence, babies also do. A baby water play mat is designed specially for babies to develop their motor skills. It comes with different designs of aqua life. The plastic figures inside are moving for them to play. The baby can crawl while catching the floating objects. This can be a nice gift for baby showers or birthdays.

9. Sandals

Wedge sandals can be an addition to your products. It has jumping sales this summer and shows a big increase in searches at Google trends. In fact, it has  110,000 searches monthly.

10. RC or Remote Control Cars

I’ve been wondering why my 10 year old nephew was asking me about remote control cars since last month. I know remote control cars are attractive to kids,  but why  he is so excited to have one instantly. He showed me a video on YouTube. This product is trending for kids and can be a good choice for a gift.


Sell the hottest summer products in your online store. It will give you a big impact on your sales, especially if your store is seasonal. Be observant on what your competitor’s site is selling, so you will know the trending products to sell that will surely give you a boost of income this summer.  Don’t forget to check Google Trends often, it’s a big help in analyzing which product to sell.