Apps are needed in running an e-commerce business in Shopify to add more value to your online store. However, apps can be an additional expense. Today, we are going to discuss Shopify apps that are free and can help your business.




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Recommended Leading Free Apps in Spotify:


Oberlo app is a dropshipping product importer that allows store owners to import dropshipping products easily. In fact, you have your products for your store as quick as the day you signed up. No inventory needed and effortless in designing your products. This app is ideal for new entrepreneurs it is low risk. You can process your orders through this app in just a click. It is very easy to handle and best works for those owners who have jobs.

2. Sales  Conversion Notification App

Sales  Conversion Notification App is useful for increasing your store sales. It encourages purchases through sales notifications. You can set a cart notification as to the urgency of the customer to purchase with social proof as to the popularity of the product. It also offers private or free products to visitors which are built upon product choice.

3. Autoketing Thank You Email

Autoketing-Thank You Email is a gratitude email app. In reality, most people are spending a lot of time to make a sale, however after,  the sale our marketing strategy stops. We often forget to continue marketing to them. By using this app, you can send an email a thank you email after they have ordered from your store.

This is your chance to make a personal connection. Introduce yourself as the owner of the company and promote your brand. Do not send the email right away apply the delaying tactics to avoid the impression that your email is automated.

4. Facebook Messenger Chat App

This app is very useful for your business or any business today. It allows direct communication with your customer in a real-time. Queries to your products can be answered immediately that can lead to a possible purchase. The app can be connected to your store with your Facebook profile. This is an excellent tool for customer relation or customer service.

5. Instagram App

Instagram App is ideal if you have a large Instagram audience. You can make your feed into the shop which allows customers to shop instantly.  Every image contains numbers that allow customers to shop a certain product in the feed. They don’t need to go to the store itself. They can directly shop from their feed.

6. Product Review App

Product review app is a great tool for store owners. It allows customers to review the product and this can be a social proof on your product page. By using this app, you can add your product review scores in Google’s search. Having a low score get you flagged and this is an indication that you need to resolve some issues with your customers.

High scores can be added to your website. Product scores can be searched through Google helping customers find the products that they need. The more positive feedback you get a higher your score means a greater chance that your product can be displayed on the top pages of Google.

7. Countdown Timer App

Installing a countdown timer app is optimizing your online store. A timer that suddenly stopped is an indication that has lower sales. The application helps in convincing buyers that this is the right time to buy. This is best for impulsive buyers. Tactics are used to attract the attention of customers to buy as soonest such as “Only a few products left”. Start and end dates can be set. It can also be changed to suit the theme of your store.

8. Free Shipping Bar By Hextom

Free Shipping Bar By Hextom is a shipping app that boosts the average order value. Stores that offersfree shipping is appealing to the eye of the customers. The word FREE can captivate the buying decisions of the customer. It helps in lower cases of abandoned carts. Installing a free shipping bar in your store help customers see the shipping details right away without having to go through the checkout process.

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9. Free Persistent Cart App By Marsello

This app is applicable to customers that move from one device to another. Customers can easily find the products added to their cart regardless of what kind of device they use. When a customer logs in into your store, their cart will appear to remind them that they have items in the cart waiting to be purchased.

10. Smile: Reward & Loyalty App by

One way of showing your customers that you value them is by installing a loyalty app on your store. The app allows you to give a reward to your customers by giving them points for every purchase. The points can be redeemed by giving discounts, free gifts or giveaways or maybe free shipping. Store owners who use these apps prove that the number of repeat customers increases right after they installed the app. Surprise them on their birthday by giving special offers. It is easy to remarket from previous customers than looking for a new one.

What Possible Experience Will You Go Through After Installing the App?

  1. A decrease in site speed. Installing multiple apps can affect your website speed. Choose only the applications that you need. Delete old apps that are no longer in use.
  2. Non-compatibility. There are some apps that may not be compatible with one another. It is wise to check first the compatibility of the apps that you want to install.
  3. Site Noise. Do not be overwhelmed by too many apps on your site. Too many pop-ups appearing might irritate visitors that tend to leave the site immediately because of the pop-ups. Only install those that you need and uninstall those that are no longer in use
  4. Depreciated Apps. Apps become outdated for a time and need regular check-up.


An app is a very useful tool for store owners who wants life to be easier, but always consider the valuable before installing multiple apps because they might not be compatible with each other. Install only those that you need and check from time to time for updates. As we have mentioned above delete those that do not its serve purpose.