TikTok has dominated the whole internet world with its cool features that almost billions of people are loving the app. It is the short-video app that has captured the heart of the young and even those young at heart.

Since its rampant popularity, lots of marketers are enticed by this new social platform that they can navigate to gain brand awareness and reach.

However, most marketers are doubtful about this app as it is still fresh, and there is still a lot to learn. So, here are some of the tips that you can try to dominate the TikTok world.




Why in TikTok?

Based on statistics, 18% of the population today are mainly youths with age brackets of 18-24 years old. And, most of them aren’t fond of watching television anymore or listening to the radio to encounter traditional marketing ads.

They spent hours through social media, making it the platform for them to see advertisements from brands. They rely more on what they see there.

So, diversifying to another popular social site like TikTok is one strategic campaign that you should try. Because besides its billion users, the platform caters influencers that can be of good help to benefit from one another. You can collaborate with them to promote your brands since most users notice the brands through their favorite TikTok influencers.

However, it is still important to create an account for your brand, gain awareness through sharing videos, and reach an audience for engagement.

TikTok Marketing Tips to Dominate the Platform

1. The Power of Hashtags

Most of the social media sites that we know use hashtags to feature a catalog of topics, contents, and posts. It is the same thing for TikTok– users are able to search for certain videos by using hashtags.

Therefore, if you want to build your brand on TikTok, use suitable hashtags that will help your brand to gain more audience.

Although, one thing that you should avoid is including generic hashtags along with your videos, because surely, there are plenty of brands and people who also used that hashtag. Try to stand out and create unique hashtags for your brand.

2. Create your own version of TikTok Trends

The same with Twitter, TikTok has its trending hashtags as well, which categorizes trending videos that people are craving for. You might want to be part of that trend, so always check for updates of trends.

You have to remember as well to be unique at all times. Even though you’re copying and keeping up with an existing trend, try to make it yours. Incorporate new ideas that would make your video stand out.

3. Post as Often as Possible

TikTok is not like any other social media platform where you need to wait for people to embrace your first post before flooding them with more. It is one of those platforms that require frequent posting to gather more likes and followers.

4. Collaborate with TikTok Influencers

More and more brands are turning to work with TikTok influencers to promote their brands. You can include them in your next campaign, especially if you’re just starting your journey on this platform.

5. Encourage Engagement through Comments

Comments are truly influential for your target audience as it provides social proof and engagement. So, you need to comment regularly and engage with your audience to build trust and relationships for your brand.

Comments with the most number of likes tend to rank higher, so you have to think through what you’re going to say in the comment. Make it sound friendly and meaningful rather than bland.

6. Plan the video thoroughly

Remember the famous mantra when making content, “Quality over quantity.” Even if you’re making hundreds of videos every day, you’ll not gain any followers if your content does not interest your audience.

Plan your every video as much as you can since you might want to grab users’ attention through appealing videos. Try seeking help from professionals for a much better result or make use of your company’s creative department for your campaign.

7. Be Clear with your Description

Enticing your audience with an interesting and intriguing caption can do the trick, but we also don’t forget that being clear with what you offer is also essential. Besides, it can be a great help for your brands’ SEO needs.

And, having a well-constructed description is one way for TikTok to understand your clip and hopefully for users to find it.

Like in any other SEO needs, keywords are important to get as much brand awareness and reach as you want. Although, you need to be careful not to stuff and force those keywords randomly. Try to make it sound and looks natural.

8. Repurpose Your Other Videos

If you have posted video content on other social sites like YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, or Facebook, you can consider repurposing your videos there. However, you have to make sure that the timing of your videos does not exceed the time limit of TikTok.

9. Make Use of TikTok Ads

Advertisements are undeniably one of the powerful tools to drive sales. You don’t have to worry because TikTok already includes an advertising system where business owners can navigate.

Types of TikTok Ads to Use

In-feed native ads

These are Skippable ads that are mostly located on the platform’s feed, where you can include website links and a Call-to-Action button.

Hashtag Challenge ads

These types of ads are best to increase your brand’s engagement rate. Your hashtag challenge ad will be featured along with TikTok’s hashtag challenges. Users can participate in the challenge where a banner ad is shown to them, and they will be redirected to the instructions on how to join the challenge.

  • Brand Takeover ads

In this last type of TikTok ads, the platform uses images, moving pictures, and clips that can be redirected to a hashtag challenge or a landing page.


Marketing your brand on a new platform could be scary and risky, but as long as you study how it works, you’ll be so glad you did try. These tips are just a simple guide that could possibly change your TikTok campaign for a better cause.

You might get surprised how TikTok could leverage your site and content in the future, so why hesitate now?