Amazon FBA products have a vast amount of potential to make you a lot of money fairly quickly if you know how to use them correctly.




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You can find yourself making thousands of dollars a month using just FBA Amazon products alone. Follow this guide to understand how you can pull this off yourself using Viral-launch does cost money, but it’s cheap and worth it in the long run.

Product Research:

Go to the Product section in Product Discovery while on viral-launch. You’ll need to adjust the Categories Section, so that it’ll focus on the most profitable items that you can sell.

Check off these categories:

  • Arts, Crafts and Sewing
  • Baby
  • Grocery and Gourmet Food
  • Health and Household
  • Industrial and Scientific
  • Kitchen and Dining
  • Office Products
  • Pet Supplies
  • Sports and Outdoors
  • Toys and Games
  • Automotive
  • Beauty & Personal Care
  • Home and Kitchen
  • Musical Instruments
  • Patio, Lawn, & Garden
  • Tools and Home Improvement

These categories hold the most profitable items on Amazon. All the other non-mentioned ones don’t offer the same results.

Once you have done that, click on View Filter results. Here you can take a look at the stats of each of the products presented to you and see things like how much each product sells for a month. Take a look a products that have around or over 80000 dollars a month.

Once you have your products picked out, go ahead and the run the viral-launch extension on each one of them. The extension will reveal the stats of each item without you have to go back and forth. You can see the monthly revenue along with the reviews.

Contrary to popular belief, you do not want items that have over a 100,000 dollar a month in revenue. You would think that the fastest way to make the most money on Amazon is by selling these kinds of products and you would be incorrect, and you would be incorrect because you’re not the only one with this thought process.

Everyone is looking to see the most profitable products they can find, which mean you would be competing with far too many other sellers. When the “supply” of said products outweighs its “demand,” it burns out. This is what happened to items like leather boards and fidget spinners.


What you want to do instead is find a sweet spot: You want a product that makes a lot of money but doesn’t have as many sellers interested in pursuing it. Viral-launch is good a tool for this.

Optimal products will be ones that have around a 50% profit margin. You can calculate this once you have the figures for investment, such as the cost of goods sold, the cost of shipping, and Amazon fees (Google search Amazon FBA Fee Calculator for the last). These products tend to have monthly revenue that ranges from around 9 to 20 thousand dollars in months revenue.

Products with this figure range don’t tend to have millions of people vying to sell them off. With this, you don’t have to deal with people sabotaging you with fake reviews or trying to snatch away your potential buyers. In other words, you’d be avoiding the worse parts of Amazon. You’ll be making around 10,000 dollars a month, enough money so that it’s worth your time to invest in a product, but not enough money to attack vultures.

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Next, to the Product section in viral-launch, you’ll find Keyword. Click it. A keyword is like a search database for products but it cuts out any potential outliers that you may have.

Keywords Research banner. Laptop with a folder of documents and graphs and key. Vector flat illustration

Go ahead and adjust the monthly revenue margins so that they’re outside multiplies of ten. Set the review to be something below 30 and then set the average price above 13 dollars. You want the price to be above 13 dollars because it is very difficult to make a profit with anything less using Amazon FBA. Amazon’s referral and fulfillment fees just siphon away too much when the price is below 13.

Once you’ve done that, go ahead and scroll down to Advance Filters. Look at Sales Change (%). The Sales Change (%) documents the increase or decrease in sales over a 90-day period. Make this section 47%. After this, look at sales pattern and change it to Up and Coming. Then filter your results with the designated button.

Take a look at the items on the page and use the viral-launch extension bring back up the stats. Look for things with very little reviews, again try for 30 reviews or less and make sure the prices are close to being around nine to 20 thousand dollars.

The items you look for should also be unappealing. For instance, do you care for urinal cakes? No? Of course not. No ones vying to sell urinal cakes, but whoever did decide to start selling them on Amazon became a very rich person. Look for the things that nobody thinks about. You find those items and you’re in the clear. Most beginners attempt to sell things like HDTVs and other luxuries items and fall into the supply-demand trap. In other words, don’t look at popular items.

Be on the lookout, too, for products that are dominated by a single brand. These are items you more than likely want to avoid. It’ll be difficult for you to get in to sell. It’s possible that the company may have a patent. Items that are being sold by a bunch of different people are your best bet. You, of course, still want to do your research on the items copyright, trademark or patents. You won’t be making any money if you’re spending it all on legal fees. 

Once you’ve started making money off of this you can go ahead and try your hand at selling items that you can take more pride in. But if you’re just beginning, look for the unattractive items. Don’t rely on just one item either. Build yourself up with multiple.