The wonderful world of blogging isn’t as difficult as many would like to believe. Creating and maintaining a blog is actually quite easy. It is if you stay focused and never lose sight of the end goal. Which is, to have fun and make some money at the same time. Two things that can easily be done while blogging. Here we’re going to give you 15 tips and tricks to make blogging both fun and profitable.




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If you don’t have a blog and thinking to start blogging to EARN MONEY ONLINE, you should start blogging from today. Trust me its not stressful at all, rather its a fun journey when you do it passionately.

Now I will show you 15 ways you can create engaging content that will make you money while you are having fun.

Use A Professional Hosting Plan:

Speed is one of the factors that Google uses to rank your site. You want to make sure that it’s as fast as possible. Don’t fall for the hype of SEO hosting. It’s generally overpriced and usually doesn’t deliver. Use a quality host that focuses on both uptime and speed. There are many to choose from and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. I personally use HostGator to host my blogs.

It’s cheap, fast and has a reputable up time. And the great part about it is you can start hosting your site by spending a PENNY. 

Optimize images

You can use super fast hosting and it won’t do a lick of good if you’re images aren’t optimized. You should make them as small as possible without losing any of the quality. Keep in mind that many people today are using mobile phones. These connections can be slow and big images will take forever to load. Anything that affects page speed will be seen negatively by Google. This goes for images just as much as it does poorly coded pages.

I use three step process to optimize my website image.

Step 1: I find the copyright free images that I will use in my blog post

Step 2: I resize the image using a free tool call BeFunky and make the image as small as possible, where the picture does not lose any of its quality. Then I download the image to my local drive.

Step 3: Then I use another tool call Optimizilla, to compress the image even further. That way the image is as small as it could be and will not take too much time to load while people are accessing my blog via phone or desktop.

Keep text fun and engaging

This is a difficult thing to do if you’re writing about something that doesn’t interest you. This is why your blog should be about a topic that you find interesting. There should be a flow to your blog that makes it fun to read. The reader will know if you’re enjoying the writing process. Only pick topics that you find interesting. It’ll ensure both you and the reader have a good time.

You can always add fun fact about the topic and describe in details about

Don’t spend too much time on social media

It’s easy to over do social media. You may think that you’re promoting your site. That very well might not be the case at all. What you’re really doing is just chatting it up with people. If that’s the case, scale it back. There’s a level of conversation that’s healthy without getting in the way of things. Don’t use social networking sites as a means of dealing with boredom. You can do that on your personal accounts. When it comes to your site, try to be focused. Stay on topic and keep in mind that you’re trying to promote the site through your content.

Make Your URLs Short and Sweet

Did you know that you can make the title and URL different in WordPress? The URL should be just a few words at the most. Be straight to the point and let Google know what the post is all about. Longer URLs may cause you to receive less traffic in the end. This is another way that you can let Google know what the page is about. Focus on describing your keywords in a way that’s clear and precise.

Let google know what is content is about, so that google can recommend your article to the right audience. Its important for any search engine to rank your article based on the URL.

Too Many Ads Can be An Eyesore

Making money is very important. Too many ads can actually lower your click through rate. A visitor to your site can easily become blindsided by the ads. Cluttered pages full of ads often produce less than desired results. Google also is very picky about the amount of advertising on a site. The less is better in their eyes. It should be in yours as well. A page stacked full of ads will have a bad user experience. The end user may even have difficulty finding your content if you use too many ads.

Break Up Text to Make It Easier to Read

Long blocks of text have a way of becoming boring. Break up your paragraphs so they can be easily digested. The thought process should flow from paragraph to paragraph. Step back from your writing and see if it does. If it doesn’t, then you’re going to want to edit or maybe even rewrite the entire section. It’s probably best that each paragraph have at the most 200 to 300 words. Anything more than that becomes difficult for the reader to focus on. Try to be more precise when it comes to your writing.

Use bold headlines that get your point across

These can almost be click bait material. You do want to attract the reader’s attention. Just don’t over promise in the headline itself. You can be over the top and all that. What you’re trying to do is keep the reader’s attention. You also want to stop them dead in their tracks if they’re just scrolling through the page. What you’re trying to do is make sure they continue reading. A catchy bold headline will do just that if done properly.

Talk to the Reader Like they’re a Human Being

Too many people write solely for Google. They do it to the point of sounding robotic. Google isn’t the machine that it once was. It can now almost read articles like a person. You don’t have to write them for computers any more. Google factors many different things when it comes to ranking a specific page. How long the user is one the page is one of them. If you write content that the visitor reads and finds intriguing, then they’ll stick around longer. This will have a significant impact on your rankings.

Stay on Topic and Don’t Stray

This is quite easy to do if you’re writing about a topic that you find boring. You don’t want to lose the reader. This will make them hit the back button. Google can also tell what your page is about. You want it to be as on topic as possible. There’s a little room for storytelling or that sort of thing. However, you want to stick pretty close to the script. The average person’s attention span isn’t as great as you may think. Diverting from the topic too much will make the reader feel lost and confused.

Give Credit When it’s Due

You can do this by simply posting the name of the person you’re referring to. It’s best to go the next step and actually link to the material you’re referencing. It’ll seem more legit to the reader. Should you make the link no follow? That’s up for debate. Giving the person a little link juice is never a bad idea. After all, they did help you make your point. If it weren’t for them, you’d have a gaping hole in your blog post. You should link to the piece of content that you’re referring to. Unless you’re talking about a specific person. Then, you can link to their blog or a social networking profile.

Make use of video

YouTube is the second most visited site on the entire internet. They have lots of traffic just waiting to be tapped into. Host your video at YouTube. It’ll make your page load fast and you’ll also get traffic from YouTube. A certain percentage of people would rather watch a video than read your article. There’s nothing wrong with that. The most important thing is that they’re sticking around on your site. You’re trying to offer as many reasons for that as possible. YouTube also enables you to connect with people who wouldn’t have found your site using search engines. You’ll get to introduce your content to a whole new world of people who would otherwise not discovered it.

Start a Community Around Your Blog

The best way to do this is by allowing visitors to comment on your blog posts. This does open you up to spam. However, there are ways that you can keep it to a minimum. You can use Askmet and reCAPTCHA to cut back on the amount of spam that gets through. Don’t be surprised if even some real looking commentators eventually post spam. Spammers are quite crafty and they will do anything to get a link on your site.

A site that has a community built around it is one that’s thriving and growing. Google loves to see visitor participation on a site. It signals to them that real people are finding value at the site. Do all that you can to encourage a healthy flow of conversation and you’re surely to be rewarded with extra traffic.

Take Your Own Pictures

Yes, you can use stock photos. Does Google know you’re using stock photos? It probably does. They have invested a lot of money into machine learning. It wouldn’t be a surprise if they can tell if you’re using stock photos. It’s not just this reason why you should take your own pictures. You want to stand out from the crowd. That’s not possible if you’re using the same pictures everyone else is using. Visitors to your website want to see something unique and different. You don’t have to be a professional photographer. Do the best you can and you’ll see the results.

Always Make Sure Your Design is Responsive

This is something we’re going to spend a little time talking about. Google has already stated that this is one of their main factors in ranking a site. More and more people every day are surfing the internet using a mobile device. It’s very important that your site be mobile friendly. You should always visit your site using a smartphone to see what it looks like. You’ll want to pay attention to load time and the total user experience. Navigate your entire site and check to see if there are any design issues.

Always use responsive WordPress themes. You need to make sure your site works on smartphones even if your end goal is to get desktop users. Google will rank your site across the board for all devices. Part of their ranking factor is smartphone usability. Even if you could care less about smartphones, they’re still important to your overall ranking. Anyone who overlooks the importance of having a responsive design will surely pay for it in the end.

The most important tip anyone will ever give you is to just be yourself. Make sure you’re blog is an extension of yourself. You don’t want your site to be just like all the others out there. Put your own slant on things. Never ever scrimp when it comes to content production. You can save money by using cheap hosting. You can even outsource stuff like graphic design and video editing. What you can’t do is underestimate the importance of content. The content on your site will determine if it succeeds or fails. It couldn’t be any more black and white than that.

You don’t have to be a great writer to have a blog. Just make sure your text is neat and tidy. There are even free grammar checkers that you can use. Put your own spin on things and the results will follow. Be unique and stand out from the crowd. If you do this, then you’re sure to get visitors and eventually make some money.

Final Words:

Now that you know all the tips and tricks, you can follow some of these tips to improve your content to get more traffic. Make the audience engaging and make your audience satisfied.