Deciding on what products to sell on your drop shipping store can be tricky, especially if you are new in this business. In selecting your products you have to consider the present trends or trending products.




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This article will help you decide the products to sell that can make you money this 2019. Based on the research of an internet marketer in Aliexpress and running Facebook ads, there are seven trending products that are with massive purchase with thousand and million views on Facebook ads.

Seven Trending Products:

  1. Crystal Water Bottle

This product has natural quartz crystal inside. It is also called as crystal  as the crystal healing water bottle with a healing effect. It is believed to possess a protective qualities as well as healing  effects to the body. Believers say it is an effective way of bringing balance to the body that promotes health and wellness.

2. Led Ring Light

A red ring light is used for video or camera shooting. Many people now are quite techy and interested in the present trends when it comes to technology because of the influence of social media. They are much interested in capturing good quality pictures and videos to share for personal use.

3. Profitable Blender

A portable blender is easy to use and light weight to carry. Ideal for individuals likes to blend fruit and veggies for health purposes. In this way, one can be able to blend their favorite fruits and veggies anytime and anywhere.

4. Back Posture Corrector

It is beneficial for those people who have problems with their posture. This product can support the clavicle and alleviate neck, shoulder and back pains. It serves to correct the spine alignment as well as back support.

5. Car Phone Holder

Car phone holders can keep your phone safe while on travel. You can focus on driving your car without having to worry about your phone’s safety.

6. Vegetable Slicer

 Is another product that is saleable in the market. People now are becoming health conscious and prefer eating organic foods rather than eating meat most of the time.

7. Gaming Mouse

From children to adults, many are addicted to online games and the use of gaming mouse is becoming popular.

These products are the top saleable items in various online stores. As an internet marketer,  it is a must that you should know the hottest and top pick items. This will help you have an idea of what items you can include in your store. Goods can attract customers that can lead to an increase in sales with high-profit margin. No one can offer everything but available products can be a second choice for customers to choose from.

You can increase your customers by the right choice of products and supply alternatives that can satisfy their needs. In addition, items that are not profitable at this time can be removed from your store and replaced. Offer products that can bring possible customers to your shop and always analyze and document the end result for your future reference