Only a month from now and 2020 will set its foot off the calendar, however, Facebook is still on its reign as one of the most widely used social media platform by many. 

Although there have been plenty of other sites out there, we couldn’t deny that Facebook still provides a great marketing opportunity for businesses and brands. 

So, whether you’re just starting out your campaign or you’re planning to try new strategies, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity that this huge platform is giving. 

Facebook has a lot to offer when it comes to marketing your products and service, and you should take advantage of it even in 2021 and the coming years. 

However, tools are not enough to have an effective marketing campaign because you also need to have powerful strategies to make it happen. 

So, here are some helpful steps to gear up your Facebook marketing strategies:

Optimize Goal Setting

A goal is probably the first most important factor to consider when you’re doing something, which is also true when it comes to social media marketing.

Setting your goal is like the first step of the ladder that you should not skip to get on top of success. 

In setting up your goal, you also need to have a solid plan that ensures attainability through the platform. In short, you should do a little digging about the goals that fit for Facebook. 

Try to gather information from surveys of top goals that marketers usually optimize on Facebook. One survey that you can check is the 2018 Spout Social Index, which states the 3 top goals:

  • There are 34% of users who have the goal of increasing their brand awareness. 
  • On the other hand, 21% of the marketers are focusing on community engagement;
  • And 11% wants to deal with increasing sales and lead generation

Common Goals for Businesses

Oftentimes, the beginning part of the journey is always the toughest, having so many challenges along the way, so even in setting your goal it’s tough at first.

However, if you have some basis for your goal setting, it will not be as hard as you imagine. 

Check these common goals of most businesses and some strategies that can optimize your Facebook campaign effectively. 

  • Common Goal #1: Increase Quality Sales

This is one of the most common goals that are usually optimized by marketers on Facebook since it has a vast ocean of potential customers.

One of the strategies that you can utilize in increasing your quality sales is optimizing your target reach. 

So, focus on strengthening your strategies that could increase your target reach because the more targets, the more chances of making good quality sales. 

  • Common Goal #2: To have a better pulse on the industry

Facebook does not only have billions of users, but also a huge number of brands or simply your possible competitors. So, getting one step ahead of your competitor is one great marketing strategy to reach this goal. 

To optimize this strategy, you have to use tools like social media monitoring tools to keep track of your competitors’ next move. Know your enemy’s strengths and weaknesses as that will be your weapon to beat them. 

  • Common Goal #3: Adding More Value to your Brand

Nowadays, social media are turning into an effective search engine tools for customers. They try to find valuable information on Facebook and other sites, so if your goal is to add more value to your brand, provide your audience with genuine resources. 

Moreover, by providing valuable information to your audience, you can build a great relationship with them and gain their trust. 

  • Common Goal #4: Cost-efficient Recruitment

Growing your team usually needs a lot of time and effort. Luckily, social media recruiting is finally getting the attention of business owners. It is not easier than traditional recruitment, but it could be more efficient as you can find talents faster.

  • Common Goal #5: Keeping Track of the Progress

Well, you would not know if your pace is moving on the right track if you will not monitor your progress. It should be part of your goals to have an effective marketing campaign. 

And the best way to do the tracking is through using significant tools. Facebook has its own monitoring tools that you can navigate, but there are also a bunch of third-party tools such as Sprout and many more. 

Knowing your Target Audience

Marketing is like making a speech. You have to know who your listeners are to know the right content that you should offer. 

After knowing your goals, you have to know your target audience because you will base your content, action, and strategies on whom you are trying to address them. It’s like writing a message to the right receiver. 

Make use of tools like social media targeting tools to learn about the demographics of your audience and base your Facebook content on them. 

Engaging with your Audience

Well, you don’t just have to know your audience, but you also need to get connected with them, engage with them. One way to engage with them is through conversing, discussing, and sharing content that would interest and benefit your target audience. 

Moreover, we all know that social media sites have the purpose of communicating other than expressing. As a brand, you should remember the sole purpose of what social media is. 

So, make sure to engage with your audience by answering their queries or discussing some interesting ideas.

Posting At The Right Time 

Posting in the morning or at night can surely affect your post’s engagement and reach. Why? Well, simply because people are not active 24 hours a day, but there is a certain time of the day that most people are online. 

You have to know that certain time. How? Through monitoring and studying the analytics of your posts. 

Determining your Facebook Ads Strategy

Facebook ads are important, especially at the beginning of the marketing journey. It usually helps you reach wide range of audiences to increase brand awareness. It’s like an investment to gain the expected profit. 

Although there is no guarantee that using Facebook advertising could earn you profit overnight, it is proven to affect your brand’s overall performance along the run.