What you can see on Facebook is not all of it, there are hidden Facebook Marketing tools that you are missing out. You’ll find out about those tools in this article. Grab your shovel and let’s do the digging!

We usually find treasures and gems underneath, hidden, and well kept. And usually, we aren’t aware that those treasures are right in front of us– we just don’t see them.

Likewise on Facebook, what we see is not all of it. You’ll be surprised to know that there is much more on this platform to grow your business.




One of the most common ways that you can do on Facebook Marketing is running some ads.

Well, it will definitely help you out to build your brand and gain lots of followers, but it may not be enough.

Facebook ads are effective, but Facebook has a lot more to offer such as marketing tools will certainly create a big impact on the overall performance of your business accounts.

Lucky for you because we are about to uncover those Facebook Marketing Tools that might save you from spending much of your money on low potential Facebook ads.

Here are the special tools that are hidden on Facebook that you can optimize to market your business:

Special Tool #1: Click to Messenger Ad

The first special tool is the click-to-messenger ad, which looks like the usual Facebook ad, except for one thing.

As we all know, Facebook ads redirect the customer to a landing page. However, when you optimize the click-to-messenger ad, the user is redirected to a Facebook Messenger bot sequence instead.

The sequence will be led by a chatbot, which you have programmed to either ask the potential customer lead questions or offer them your brand’s great deals.

You can also do this manually, but it will be a handful, so you can just use chatbots like MobileMonkey.

Moreover, you can take advantage of this app because it is totally free. Also, you don’t have to worry because the chatbot will do the talking for you.

Special Tool #2: Facebook Messenger Marketing

Well, this marketing is quite simple to understand because you simply send messages through Messenger to potential customers. You can also optimize messenger marketing through MobileMonkey chatbot, which will make your life easier.

However, Facebook Messenger marketing sometimes doesn’t ring a bell to most marketers because they are focused on the usual Facebook ads.

They are not aware of the benefits that this Messenger marketing could bring to their business. Moreover, the advantages that they are missing out.

Advantages of Messenger Marketing

  • More Effective

Messages on Facebook messenger are quite effective for marketing as there is an open rate of 50-80%, a clickthrough rate of 20%, and a conversion rate of 3-5x higher than the usual Facebook ads.

  • Cost-efficient

We can’t argue that Facebook ads can cost you a lot, especially if it is poorly managed. However, using Facebook Messenger marketing will cut you almost half of the budget that you have on normal FB ads.

Special Tool #3: Comment Guard

Usually, engaging to your target audience is quite time-consuming, especially if you want to connect with every person that leaves comments on your posts.

However, Facebook messenger marketing is making it a lot easier for you because of its special feature called the ‘comment guard.’

This special feature will let you add those who leave comments on your Facebook posts on your contact lists.

It works simply as sending an automatic private message to those who engaged in your posts. And when they reply, they will be added to your Facebook Messenger contact lists.

To activate this feature, you’ll be needing the MobileMonkey app.

Step 1: Go to the MobileMonkey app and toggle the “FB comment guard” button.
Step 2: You just need to make an autoresponder message.
Step 3: Redirect the message to your Messenger chat landing page.
Step 4: Lastly, you need to add the comment guard on the particular posts that you selected.

Special Tool #5: Sending Personalised Invites using Messenger

We all know that you can invite your Facebook friends to like your FB page, and that is one good tactic to gain more brand awareness and reach.

However, did you know that you can also send the invites through Messenger?

It’s pretty simple because you’ll just need to toggle the invite button on your Business Facebook page.

Then, make sure to check the box at the bottom to send the invite through Messenger.

Since the open rate for messages on Messenger is high, there is a big chance for you to gain more followers using these tools.

Special Tool #6: Leveraging Email to Invite People to Your Facebook Group

Combining two platforms to optimize your business engagements and reach is quite effective, like using email and Facebook together.

If you have an email list on your sleeves, you can send invites by going to your Facebook Group page. Toggling the “members” button on the left part allows you to add email addresses.

Special Tool #7: Facebook Marketing Tool- Page Insights

Knowing your competitors and their moves are like being one step ahead of them. But how are you going to do that on Facebook?

Facebook has its feature called Page Insights, where you can see the analytics of your page. And the cool part of this feature is allowing you to know who your competitions are.

When you scroll down on the Page Insight, you’ll find the “Pages to Watch.” By toggling it, Facebook will show you all your potential competitors.

Moreover, you can add them on your watched pages to keep posted on their Facebook analytics, such as their total likes, growth rates, activities, and how frequently they posts.

You can use this to learn from their strategies and gain insights that can help you grow your business.

Special Tool #8: Followers Lookout

Have you been wondering about where, when, and how you got your followers?

Well, you might have been, since it is crucial information that you need to know to optimize it.

As I’ve told you, Facebook has a lot to offer, even crucial information about your followers.

You can find it on the same Page Insights, under “Followers” and then “Where Your Page Follows Happened.”

Your following quantities are available here that can be according to various locations: on your page, posts, search, uncategorized desktop, and others.

By getting to know the location of where you’ve gained more follows, you can get ideas from it and try to make it happen again.


Facebook has been popular for most marketers even before, but knowing that there are more on Facebook, it will surely gain more appreciation and attention.

One thing that these hidden gems had taught us is being thorough because what we see is not just it. There is always something more.

These Facebook Marketing Tools are just waiting to be unleashed, and as you have found these gems here, take advantage of them and use it wisely.