In this article we’re going to cover Eight powerful marketing tools that you’ve probably never heard of before. As a marketer we should always experiment with different tools that can optimize our content and website.




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That does not mean you have to have subscription for 100’s of tools, but rather you should always focus on experimenting things. As a blogger your main goal should be improving the experience of your site visitor and how you can optimize your site for better Google Ranking.

If you can create great content and optimize your website for your site visitors, it will make them come back for more. It also helps to get word of mouth traffic to your website. Never look at it as simply milking the customer for all their worth. Instead, think of it as making sure you’ve met each and every need that your site visitor has.

Here are 8 super powerful SEO tool that you can use to optimize your content and website for your website traffic.


If you’re running campaigns on multiple platforms it can be very difficult to keep up with them all. You’re bound to miss stats here and there. That’s never going to happen again if you use Supermetrics. All of your stats an analytics are right there for you to see.

Getting lost in a sea of information is very easy. Even in today’s world of tabbed browsing, you can lose track of everything you need to keep an eye on. Then there’s cutting and pasting the information. You’ve got to keep all of those stats neat and tidy somehow.

Supermetrics can take the headache out of your work every day. It’ll give you an easy to read output of all the needed information. Just think of what happens if you overlook an important statistic.

You can easily wreck and entire campaign if one thing isn’t going properly. That’s not going to happen if you have access to all of your stats. This is worth more than its weight in gold. It is to the business who knows how to make the most use out of it.


Clickflow is a very interesting concept. How do you know which title tags perform best? Do you switch back and forth manually and test that way? If you do, then you already know how big of a pain that is.

By using Clickflow you can make it a snap. You can split test different title tags to see which ones perform better. This will help you grow organic traffic from search engines. You keep the tags that work best and ditch the rest.


Bonjoro is a really neat way of connecting to your customers. You can make a personalized video for each customer. Just think of the impact this will have on them. Everyone knows what it’s like to receive emails that aren’t personalized.

The reader skims them at best. A customized video, on the other hand, is different. Business is all about trying to humanize your customers. You need to connect with them on a human level. Personalized videos satisfy a person’s desire to be made feel special.

Marketers seem to forget the power of video. Even a short video can do amazing things to your conversion rates. This is a very cost effective way to turn leads into sales. Do it now while your competition hasn’t even heard about it. You’ll snag up the customers that they’re turning away with their dull and boring emails.


How much money will you make off of each person who’s your customer? Do you even have any idea what the answer to that question is? If you don’t, then it’s impossible to know how much to spend to acquire each customer. This is where ProfitWell comes in handy.

This SaaS will help you determine how much each customer will eventually spend. Now you know how much to spend in advertising to get the customer. A shot in the dark is never a good idea.

You’ll almost always lose if you gamble. Think about gamblers who go to a casino. How many of them come out ahead? Very few of them do. You’re doing the same thing if you don’t estimate how much your customers will buy.

This of course takes data. You’re not going to signup today and tonight know how much each customer is worth. You will be surprised by how accurate this is. Your advertising budget is being very well could be extremely off if you don’t know the value of a customer.

Keeping your eyes on profits enables you to expand and grow. That’s what the secret sauce of this service is. It enables you to project what’s needed for growth. You’ll be able to figure out how much it’ll cost to grow with a degree of accuracy that’s stunning.

LTV Plus:

You’ve got a chat bot on your site. It does a relatively good job answering the questions your visitors have. The key word there is good. Artificial intelligence hasn’t come far enough where it can answer all of the questions. Visitors to your site often have questions. Those questions aren’t being answered properly by your chat bot.

Give it a try yourself. Type in some questions and see the answers the bot spits out. You’ll be amazed by how inaccurate they are. You’ve probably come across some in the wild while searching for stuff. Small hosting companies use them all the time.

This is where LTV Plus comes in. They have actual humans that can man your chat bots. This means your visitors can have their questions answered by a actual person. You won’t have to be in front of the computer all day to answer the questions.

You just give them the answers to the most common questions your visitors have. The person on the other end will use those answers when a visitor asks a question. It couldn’t be any more simple. This is an effective way of making sure that there’s zero confusion with potential clients. Just a few sales can easily pay for this service.


Chances are every day you receive push notices from websites. These notices ask if you’d like to receive notifications from the website. There’s a reason why a lot of sites are doing this. It’s a great way to get return traffic.

The internet is being flooded with them right now. Why doesn’t your site have them? Don’t you like it when people return to read your newest most helpful content? If you do, then you need to use AimTell.

They have packages for just about every site out there. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or if you have a huge site. Talk to them and they will hook you up.

It’s important to note that this utilizes traffic that’s already been to your site. These aren’t new visitors that are totally cold. Your content has already warmed them up. They’ll be one step closer to converting with each visit.

This is a great way to promote your services in a way that’s not too spammy. You could have a blog that tells people how they can benefit from your service. They will be notified each time you publish a new post. Each post will tell them how they can make use of what you have to offer. It’s a brilliant marketing strategy that works.

Don’t overdo this. You don’t want to flood the end user with too many notifications. That will essentially be spamming them. Make sure that each new update offers some kind of value to the end reader.

People don’t mind being notified if new quality content is online. You’ll be a nuisance if the content is junk. Just remember that when you’re publishing new content.


The concept behind AnswerForce is similar to LTV Plus. The difference is, this is for phone calls. You can’t possibly be at the phone all the time. You’ve got to eat and life is full of stuff other than work.

Not only that, but there are times when you have to juggle more than one call. There’s only so much one person can do. This is where Answer Force is a real life saver. They will handle all your phone calls and answer all of the questions the callers have.

You won’t have to hide your telephone number any more. Businesses lose revenue when they don’t offer customer service via telephone. Sometimes you just need another person on the other end to help square things away.

You give the call center answers to the questions that most people have. This is exactly the same way you give information to the people running your chat bots. The detailed information you give them will be the answers to the callers questions.

It’s really that simple. They can call any time day or night. It doesn’t matter if it’s a holiday or if more than one person calls at a time. You won’t have to miss out on turning a lead into a sale. People have questions. When those questions go unanswered, sales rarely occur.

No one likes to buy something that they’re unsure about. Solve this problem by making sure knowledgeable staff are always on the other end of the phone.

Small Investments Can have Big Returns:

Most of these services are extremely affordable. You’re not going to break the bank when using them. Spending money is a part of business. Too many people feel some sort of sense of remorse when paying for services online. This sort of thriftiness can easily result in lost sales.

Businesses who provide good services should be rewarded for that. You’re trying to do the same exact thing they are. There is no difference from what you’re doing compared to what they are. The idea that spending money online is a bad thing is costly in the long run.

A few bucks here and there can payoff in the end. The first thing you want to do is turn a lead into a customer. From there, it’s important to fulfill the needs of your customer. Every step of the way is dictated by how you gather information.

The more you have, the stronger sense of fulfillment the customer will have. This is key to maintaining customer satisfaction. Customers who continue to do business with you do so because they feel like their needs are being met. It takes both time and money to make this happen.

We have no interest any of the companies listed above. We felt that these are companies most people haven’t heard of. They can help you fulfill the demands of your customer.

Plus, in some cases, they can help you convert a lead into a customer. There are an amazing amount of super smart people coming up with all kinds of innovative services. These are just seven that aren’t getting enough attention. Take advantage of them before your competition does.

These companies won’t be unheard of for long. They will eventually make a big splash, and your competition will have to catch up. It’s a wonderful feeling to be a head of the pack while everyone else is scrambling.