Most brands usually create their Facebook marketing strategies depending on how they analyze the algorithm of the platform. They see to it that they are adapting to whatever change Facebook algorithm offers. 




However, keeping up with Facebook Algorithm updates seems to be a hard job to do. So, the best way to survive the changes is to consider some revisions to your content strategy. 

The Facebook algorithm is responsible for how most of the posts are presented to the users. It usually prioritizes the posts that are most relevant and helpful for the audience. 

That is the main reason why most of the brands are working to adapt to changes in Facebook algorithms to increase their exposure to the users. 

And they can only achieve it by doing what Facebook wants them to do about their content.

What are the kinds of content that Facebook wants from most brands? 

  • Contents with organic engagement from the target audience
  • Contents that optimize audience targeting
  • Authentic and relevant contents
  • Good quality contents

These are what Facebook wants for your content, but how are you going to adapt to these drastic changes? 

Below are the ways for your brand to create contents that Facebook will want. 

Ways to Adapt to Facebook Algorithm 

Schedule Your Posts

Posts’ engagement is surely what Facebook cares about when showing content to its users. So, uploading your content at the perfect time is a must. 

The perfect time is always the time when your target audience is most active on the platform. And how would you know that? Facebook has its tools for you to see the analytics of your audience, including the time when they are most likely to engage. 

After knowing the right timing for you to post, schedule the posts based on that time by using third-party scheduling tools

Focus on Posting Videos More Often

According to Facebook, video content encouraged higher engagement than other forms of content on the platform. So, focusing more on producing a high-quality video will help your brand adapt to the Facebook algorithm. After all, Facebook is more concerned about content that drives its users to stay longer on the platform. 

Facebook Live is also one of the features that Facebook wants marketers to utilize because most users are watching live videos than pre-recorded ones.

Therefore, utilizing Facebook live will boost your brand reach and also your engagement rates. Because on live streams, most of your audience can interact with you in real-time. 

Overall, prerecorded and live videos can do the trick for you to adapt to the Facebook algorithm. 

Drive Discussions

There are plenty of ways for you to keep your audience talking, and one of them is encouraging them to answer intriguing questions.

Moreover, keeping up with the trend is another way to get people to interact with your posts. Usually, posting trending funny memes can make your audience like, share, and leave a comment organically. 

Another strategy that you can try is posting controversial content. Well, people have different perspectives, so intriguing content can trigger them to voice out their opinions about the matter. Although you need to be careful in choosing the issues that you will post because there are sensitive issues that might offend someone or some organizations. 

Prioritize Posting Photos than External Links

External links are helpful to drive traffic to your website, but you can’t just flood your Facebook with these links alone. The important factor that you need to note so that Facebook would care about your posts is to offer the platform fresh and good quality content.

We all know that people engage more when they can see and visualize the content. So, it is not just about the context but also the visual content that corresponds to it. The very reason why you need to include photos, infographics, gif, or videos on your every post. 

Optimizing Hashtags

Besides the fact that hashtags are useful to keep your post visible to your target audience, it is also of great help for Facebook to understand your content. So, spicing up your description with the right and relevant hashtags will cut you the chase.

Creating Unique Posts for Facebook

Facebook won’t be so good to you if you just keep on posting the same content over and over. Well, it’s not just Facebook who will get pissed but your audience as well. 

People want new information every day, but we can’t deny that sometimes we are out of ideas and content to upload on Facebook, which usually results in repeating posts. So, one thing that you can do is to repurpose your content into various forms. 

For instance, if you have posted a tutorial guide using photos, try to repurpose it by making blog posts or a video. In that way, people won’t get tired of your same old post. 

Narrowing down Your Target Audience

Sometimes, having a wide range of audiences is not enough to give your posts the engagement that you expect. Since most marketers would agree with the saying, “quality over quantity.” The number of audiences you have doesn’t matter if most of them aren’t interested in what you’re offering. 

Hence, narrowing down your target audience based on their interests, demographics, or geography is rather essential to get the most engagement. 

Optimize Facebook Groups to Start Conversation

Most of the people are joining groups because they want to feel that they belong. And mostly, when they feel a sense of belongingness, they will open up and interact. Likewise, when customers join your group, there is a big chance for them to engage more with your content. 

Investing in Facebook Ads

We can’t deny that paid promotions are very helpful tools to boost your brand awareness and reach. Creating good quality content plus including Facebook ads on your campaigns can get you the result that you want. 


Whether you are new to Facebook or not, its algorithm is quite important to note if you want to market your products on the platform. And keeping up with Facebook algorithm updates is always a challenge for every marketer. 

If you’re trying to beat Facebook Algorithm, that would be hard, so the best thing is not to beat it but to accept and adapt to its changes.