eBay is a multinational e-commerce corporation where you can sell products online. It has millions of users like other e-commerce platforms like Aliexpress and Amazon.




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Due to the high volume of users, many internet marketers and online sellers are captivated to be a part of this auction website. They market their products here to win buying customers.

How does eBay work?

Like any other auction sites, you can search for products, bid and buy anything. Sellers post their products and allow customers to bid. They start from a lower bid to arouse the interest of the customer to the product. They usually set a specific number of days for bidding and the highest bid gets the product.

Another option of the seller is the “buy it now” button with a fixed price. Buy it now give the user the access to buy the item without bidding on the product.

What is dropshipping?

It is a method of selling without owning a physical product in your warehouse. It is reselling of items without the worries of shipment. Your main focus here as a business owner is to find product that is high on demand and market the product without holding any inventory.

Once you get a sell you than need to turn around and buy the product and let the manufacturer to send the product to the customers. All your job as a middle man is take a cut from the sold products by doubling or tripling the product prices while marketing and selling it.

Advantages of Dropshipping:

•        Low Cost – Products can be acquired at a wholesale price and you don’t need to spend money on designing your own product. It also saves you time and money for the delivery. Sometimes dropshipping can be free depending on your customer’s location. As an owner, you can benefit from the low shipping as well as your customers.

•        Low Risk – You only need to purchase goods as your customers buy them with no minimum limits as to the number of items. This business is good for starters, you do not need a big amount of money for the products. You can look for as many niches and try to experiment with the most profitable ones.

•        Saves Time & Effort – Your main responsibility is to market your products and customer service. You don’t need to do the packaging and delivery.

•        Automated – Choose a marketplace where you can automate adding your products on your store. The purchase is also easy with the one-click button and dropshipping. No sweat because it is highly automated.

•        A Lot of Products to Sell – Choose a product of your own choice. You will never run out of products on the different niches. Look for a product marketplace to do the rest.

Dropshipping Policies on eBay:

Technically dropshipping on eBay is allowed, however, you need to select a manufacturer or supplier. Getting products on a different platform is restricted. You can purchase a wholesale product directly from the supplier and sell it on eBay, but you cannot get a product on Amazon and list on eBay. Purchasing products on other dropshipping marketplaces is prohibited. eBay is strict with regards to its policies, follow the policy and you will never be in trouble.

Amazon to eBay:

Many Amazon sellers use PriceYak and Easync. These are dropshipping software used for selling Amazon products on eBay. eBay sellers can sell Amazon products at a higher price. The problem came in when customers on eBay are very disappointed to receive their package from Amazon. They are paying at a higher price only to receive a product from Amazon. So, eBay changed its policy to regain its customers’ trust wherein products from Amazon is not acceptable on eBay. A seller cannot sell a product from Amazon. A number of eBay sellers are affected by the change of policy hurting their business.

How dropshipping works on eBay?

The first thing you need to do in dropshipping on eBay is to buy bulk products from suppliers. Ship the products to a fulfillment service. The service provider will do the inventory of the product and the shipment to your customers. The disadvantage of this kind of method is you need to purchase a bulk product without the assurance that these products are saleable.

Is Dropshipping on eBay Good?

The main essence of dropshipping is having a business at a lower cost or capital and buying bulk products is a big question. If you can find a supplier that will grant you to purchase products individually, then good, but if not maybe not a good idea. eBay has a pay listing fee which is an additional cost for you. Paying for a listing fee for a product not sure to be profitable can be an extra expense. You can’t hold on your own customers on eBay what I mean is, if a customer buys a product they are buying from eBay, not in your own store. In this case, you can’t grow as an entrepreneur, but eBay does.

Alternatives on dropshipping:

Dropshipping on eBay is interesting, but not practical. Don’t feel frustrated, this not yet  There are other options, you can start your own online business in Shopify.

Benefits of dropshipping in Shopify:

•        You can make your own store in Shopify.

•        Ideal for beginners and starters.

•        The site is very easy to navigate.

•        Wide variety of products to choose from and sell on Oberlo. Oberlo is readily available on the Shopify Apps store.

•        You can have your own website, email list, and customers.

•        Have your own marketing.

The main reason why dropshipping on Shopify is better than eBay is ownership. Shopify allows you to have your own brand and your own store. Working for yourself to make money than working for a company and make money for them. There is entrepreneurial freedom in Shopify.

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Which is much better, selling on eBay or having your own online store with the freedom of promoting your products on your own choice. You can even re-market your products on social media sites. Using social media platforms can give your site organic traffic as well as possibly buying customers. You can also promote your products using FB ads, build a customer base and an email list, taking your business in the direction of what you want. Dropshipping in Shopify is cost-effective with lower risk compared to eBay. On eBay, you can be kicked off anytime with the change of policies. The stability of your business could be in danger and starting all over again is a waste of time, money and effort.