ActiveCampaign is a popular marketing automation platform that provides a wide range of tools and features for businesses to manage customer relationships and automate marketing campaigns. However, despite its widespread use and popularity, many other marketing automation tools and platforms offer similar and in some cases, superior features and benefits. These ActiveCampaign alternatives can be an excellent choice for businesses looking for a change or exploring new options to enhance their marketing efforts.

This article will present you with a curated selection of the best ActiveCampaign alternatives in 2023. We will highlight the key features, pricing, and benefits of each platform to assist you in making an informed decision about which one is best for your business needs.

1. Aweber

AWeber, a long-standing email marketing tool, has been around since the late 1990s. If you are just a starter in email marketing and have a limited email list, AWeber can be an excellent substitute for ActiveCampaign.

AWeber's intuitive user interface and cost-effective pricing make it simple to generate and distribute professional-looking emails. This aids in establishing connections with your audience and expanding your business.


  • AWeber boasts one of the largest email template libraries among all email marketing tools. With over 700 designs and 600 stock photos, there is an abundance of options available for you to select from.
  • Provides decent automation options, allowing you to assign triggers and flows to your emails and automatically tag contacts in your lists.
  • AWeber's mobile app gives you access to all the key features, making it easy to manage your email campaigns while on the go.
  • Through integrations with various tools, AWeber enables you to test your emails across multiple email clients and devices to ensure they look perfect before sending them out.
  • If you have a small list of under 500 subscribers, AWeber offers a free plan to help you get started with no financial risk. Additionally, you can set up your landing pages to capture new subscribers.


  • Free
  • Lite – $12.50 per month
  • Plus – $20.00 per month
  • Unlimited – $899.00 per month

2. Constant Contact

Constant Contact can help small businesses create professional-looking emails in a straightforward manner. The tool is user-friendly, and its affordable pricing makes it a popular alternative to other email marketing platforms. Constant Contact is a great option to consider if you're new to email marketing and are looking for a simpler alternative to other more complex tools. With its user-friendly interface and affordable pricing, it offers a straightforward approach to email marketing for small businesses.

With its user-friendly interface, Constant Contact enables businesses to create professional-looking emails with ease, allowing them to effectively connect with their customers. If you are in search of a simpler email marketing platform, Constant Contact is definitely worth considering.


  • Provides an easy-to-use email builder with a drag-and-drop editor that lets you customize the look of your emails. This feature makes it a great option for beginners in email marketing who want to create professional-looking email templates that are also mobile-friendly.
  • Offers automated welcome series to greet new subscribers, targeted drip campaigns based on subscribers' interactions with your emails, and automatic resending of emails to non-openers, among other automation features.
  • With more than 300 integrations, Constant Contact has a broader range of integrations across various industries compared to ActiveCampaign.
  • Constant Contact's website builder lets you quickly set up a website for as low as $10 per month, although it's part of a separate plan.


  • Core – $9.99 per month
  • Plus – $45.00 per month

3. Mailchimp

MailChimp is a widely-used email marketing software that caters to businesses of all types, from publications to small businesses, and provides all the necessary tools to execute a successful and persuasive email marketing campaign. While ActiveCampaign is more suitable if you already have an established email automation system, MailChimp is a better fit if you're still discovering your way and anticipate growth in the future.


  • With Mailchimp's behavioral tagging options, you can effectively target your marketing campaigns. For instance, you can set up a welcome email for new subscribers and track website engagement with remarketing ads even after visitors leave your site.
  • Offers pre-built automation flows that enable you to send personalized product recommendations and order notifications to your audience.
  • Offers a wide variety of learning resources to help beginners get started with email marketing and learn the basics of becoming a skilled email marketer.


  • Free
  • Core – $10.00 per month
  • Plus – $29.00 per month

4. Sendinblue

Sendinblue and ActiveCampaign are digital marketing platforms that offer a range of features suitable for both beginners and advanced marketers. While both are easy to use, Sendinblue is a more budget-friendly option that provides exceptional value for money. With its advanced capabilities and intuitive interface, Sendinblue is especially ideal for marketers focused on e-commerce.


  • Incorporate SMS campaigns into your email workflows to improve subscriber engagement
  • Choose from pre-made email templates or build your own design from scratch using the drag-and-drop builder
  • Use the automation workflow builder to automate tasks including sending emails and SMS messages, categorizing contacts, and updating their information.
  • Create professional-looking landing pages using the drag-and-drop page builder and pre-built templates
  • Access essential email marketing tools, SMS marketing, and contact management tools with Sendinblue's free plan


  • Free
  • Starter – $25.00 per month
  • Business – $65.00 per month
  • Enterprise – Contact sales

5. GetResponse

If you work as part of a larger marketing team, consider GetResponse as a viable alternative to ActiveCampaign. This all-in-one platform provides advanced email marketing and automation features, simplifying campaign management and performance tracking. Additionally, its customizable options and user-friendly interface ensure easy utilization. For businesses in need of a powerful marketing solution that can scale with their growing team, GetResponse is a top choice.


  • GetResponse guarantees a 99% deliverability rate, ensuring that your emails will reach your audience's inbox instead of being flagged as spam.
  • With time-based and action-based messaging, GetResponse enables you to scale your email campaigns with ease. Send automated birthday greetings or follow-up messages when a subscriber views a product page.
  • Choose from over 150 pre-designed email templates that you can customize to suit your brand's look and feel.
  • Create your own online advertisements using GetResponse's selection of templates tailored to various social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.
  • You can utilize GetResponse's webinar software to host an unlimited number of webinars, with the ability to accommodate up to 1,000 live attendees and two presenters.
  •  You can also store up to 20 hours of recorded footage. It's perfect for businesses looking to educate, engage and convert their audience.


  • Free
  • Email marketing – $13.3 per month
  • Marketing automation – $41.3 per month
  • Ecommerce marketing – $83.3 per month


As discussed in this article, email marketers may seek an alternative to ActiveCampaign for various reasons such as the absence of a free plan, the complexity of the tool, or the unsuitability for small businesses and ecommerce. These limitations indicate that ActiveCampaign may not be the best fit for everyone.

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