Digital Media Buyers create media strategies. They work with publishers and advertisers for your business.

The media industry is fast growing and the demand for this service is badly in need. The question is how many are there that specializes in this field?

Envision the future of this niche and the need for this kind of skill. A unique and awesome course has been created by Fred Lam. The course offers comprehensive lessons that will give you the proper knowledge about every area along with a certification after the course.

Adtrics Academy Program:

Adtrics Program will help you turn into a certified media buyer. Fred Lam made different learning plans for you to learn.

It is an 8-week enrollment program designed for you with options to choose from. You can visit the website and look for the ideal plan that can work for you. Fred Lam will directly connect through live coaching with a privilege to record the call wherein you can listen to it anytime you want to review the lessons.

Benefits of the Program:

  1. During the 8-week program you will be able to learn the following:
  2. The chance to introduce yourself in the media industry.
  3. Getting traffic from social media platforms that can lead to increase in profit.
  4. Learning about the specific details of hyperactive buyers for your business.
  5. Create a strategy and technique of how to maintain daily traffic to a certain website.
  6. Master the art of YouTube advertising.
  7. Enhance your skills, knowledge and be an expert.
  8. Become a professional media buyer.

Enrolling in this program, will give you the ability to learn the 6 Strategic Framework that will help you in any kind of business to increase your profitably. Analyzing the data collected and turn into a traffic. After the program, you will have an opportunity to work with Fred Lam of your own choice or just continue building your own business and succeed in this field of study.

Other Services Offered:

  1. Private Media Buyer Alliance FB Group- a Facebook Group created by Fred Lam himself. Composed of expert media buyers that can provide you will the latest trends
  2. Weekly Copywriting Mastery- a 4-week coaching to improve your copywriting skills. Using the power of words to convince your audience.
  3. Invite to Marketers in Black – 3-days live event in Vancouver, Canada


  1. The course is online – you can take the course anywhere you are located.
  2. Basic knowledge not required – can start with zero knowledge.
  3. Affordable price.
  4. Easy payment process with options.
  5. The chance to work with Fred Lam.


  1. Additional charges for bonus programs.


The world of digital media is growing, educated yourself!. Enroll in this online course and you will surely learn a lot from it. Learn the skill and become an expert. Be a Professional Media Buyer.


BONUS 1:  Online Viral Marketing Secrets - Valued $1999.99

BONUS 2: Facebook Messenger Bot Marketing Unleashed - Valued $1999.99

BONUS 3: Modern Instagram Marketing - Valued $1999.99

BONUS 4: YouTube SEO - Valued $1999.99

BONUS 5: Social Marketing Advantage  - Valued $1999.99

BONUS 6: Amazon Affiliate Profits  - Valued $1999.99

BONUS 7: Amazon FBA Mastery  - Valued $1999.99

BONUS 8: Mobile eCommerce Simplified  - Valued $1999.99

BONUS 9: Online Business Blueprint  - Valued $1999.99

BONUS 10: Modern Facebook Marketing  - Valued $1999.99

BONUS 11: Internet Marketing  Handbook - Valued $1999.99

Instruction: In Order to claim this bonuses please send the screenshot of the receipt for purchase to - with the email subject line  - "Send Me the Bonuses for [Product that You Just Purchased]