is a popular tool for collecting and displaying product reviews on e-commerce websites. However, other alternatives in the market offer similar or even better features for businesses looking to improve their online reputation and increase customer trust.

Whether you are looking for a more affordable solution or a tool with more advanced capabilities, there are several alternatives to consider.

This article will explore the top 5 alternatives to for product reviews, highlighting their features, pricing, and benefits to help you make an informed decision.

1. AiTrillion

AiTrillion is an eCommerce marketing platform created by industry experts, offering an all-in-one solution for Shopify users. This alternative to provides seamless integration with email marketing, workflow automation, loyalty rewards programs, web push notifications, and smart pop-ups. These features enable businesses to offer an omnichannel shopping experience to their customers, boosting sales and customer retention.

AiTrillion also offers a straightforward way for customers to leave reviews on products and stores, generating authentic customer feedback. The best reviews can be prominently displayed on product pages, building social trust among potential customers.

Additionally, the platform includes a loyalty program that allows businesses to reward customers for sharing reviews on multiple channels. AiTrillion also provides the option to set up Q&A communities where visitors and customers can ask questions related to a product, further enhancing the customer experience.


  • Sending post-purchase review request emails
  • Automatic pop-ups after every order
  • Email and push notifications to reach a wider audience
  • Customizable drag-and-drop workflow
  • Showcasing the best reviews on product and website pages to reduce cart abandonment
  • Exhibiting user-generated content
  • Dashboard for reviewing campaign performance
  • Rewarding customers for posting reviews
  • Setting up a Q&A community on product review pages


  • Startup – $65.00 per month
  • Custom Plan – contact sales

2. Yotpo

Yotpo is a powerful eCommerce marketing platform designed for Shopify users, offering a comprehensive suite of solutions for customer reviews, loyalty, referrals, SMS marketing, and visual marketing.

As an alternative to, Yotpo enables brands to incentivize desirable customer behaviors and achieve measurable increases in customer lifetime value. With Yotpo, businesses can enhance their online reputation by collecting and displaying authentic customer reviews, encouraging repeat purchases through targeted loyalty programs, and leveraging referral marketing to drive new customer acquisition.

The platform also offers robust SMS and visual marketing tools, empowering businesses to engage with customers across multiple channels and increase brand awareness.


  • Personalized SMS marketing messages that drive conversions
  • Collecting detailed reviews using frictionless in-mail technology
  • Customizable rewards and referrals programs to boost customer loyalty
  • Inbuilt analytics for examining campaign performance


  • Free – $0.00
  • Growth – $19.00 per month
  • Prime – $59.00 per month
  • Powerhouse – $199.00 per month
  • Enterprise – request a demo

3. Growave

Growave is a unique alternative to, as it combines five essential eCommerce marketing apps into a single platform. This all-in-one solution empowers businesses to focus on creating engaging customer experiences that encourage repeat purchases. With Growave's Loyalty and Reward program, businesses can motivate customers to shop more and turn them into loyal brand advocates.

By utilizing Growave's various features, such as personalized product recommendations, social sharing, and wish lists, businesses can build trust and loyalty among their customer base while achieving their marketing goals. With Growave, eCommerce Shopify businesses can take their online presence to the next level and enhance their overall customer experience.


  • Reward customers for leaving reviews, social following, and social sharing
  • Enable smooth shopping with one-click login
  • Embed review galleries on the homepage, product, and dedicated pages
  • Create VIP tiers and send reminder emails to notify customers of their loyalty points


  • Basic – $9.00 per month
  • Starter – $19.00 per month
  • Medium – $49.00 per month
  • Growth – $99.00 per month

4. Pushowl

Pushowl is the perfect eCommerce marketing solution for Shopify businesses looking to engage with their audience on the go. By sending notifications to customers' phones without the need for a mobile app, this platform enables businesses to reach their customers anytime, anywhere. With the ability to set up a sequence of welcome notifications, businesses can engage and nurture their subscribers and turn them into loyal customers.

Additionally, this web push notification app offers the ability to set up automated series of notifications to bring customers back to your store with relevant campaigns at ideal times. By utilizing the advanced automation features of this platform, businesses can enhance their customer engagement and retention rates, leading to a more successful eCommerce operation.


  • Incorporate a “Flyout Widget” on important product pages
  • Customize push notifications to fit your brand
  • Make your notifications more relatable using emojis
  • Automatically send shipping push notifications to update customers with tracking details


  • Basic – $0.00
  • Business – $19.00 per month
  • Enterprise – custom pricing


With a variety of innovative features, is designed to help businesses boost the voice of the consumer and take their brand to the next level. The platform's product review widget is easy to customize and enables businesses to showcase their customer reviews on their most visited pages. Additionally, offers the ability to set predefined email/SMS sending conditions, which can help businesses gather more reviews and improve their online reputation.


  • Gather video reviews from customers
  • Send SMS invitations to collect customer reviews
  • Automate review emails and SMS invitations based on customer behavior
  • Collaborate with influencers who have a large follower count


  • Growth – $135.00 per month
  • Professional – $235.00 per month
  • Enterprise – contact sales


In conclusion, there are many viable alternatives to available for businesses looking to enhance their eCommerce marketing efforts. Each of the solutions discussed in this article provides unique and innovative features to help businesses connect with their customers, improve their online reputation, and ultimately drive sales.

By leveraging these powerful eCommerce marketing platforms, businesses can take advantage of advanced automation features, customizable reward programs, and various other engagement tools to engage and retain customers, ultimately leading to greater success and growth for their business.

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