Treading your way through the new trends in e-commerce

Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the world. With almost half of the US market in its possession, it remains strong in the innovation of business and market expansion throughout the Western hemisphere.

Being an Amazon seller, you need to constantly update your strategies on how to keep your products visible to the market. Flexibility and adaptability to newly-emerging marketing solutions is a vital skill to possess when you’re a business owner who uses Amazon. The good thing is that the company often comes up with fresh, new ways for that aspect of business and sellers have the liberty to use them to their advantage to be on top of the game and gather a large amount of customer engagement from the millions of Amazon shoppers.




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One of the newest features that Amazon has come up with is Amazon Live.

What is Amazon Live?

In its most basic sense, Amazon Live allows sellers to put on a live streaming video that is displayed right on the Amazon website homepage and featured product listings. There are many things by which a seller can utilize this feature. In this case, sellers can showcase their products and increase customer engagement through real-time promotion. It offers an interactive form of marketing where a direct seller-customer communication can be done. You can do a live showcase of your bestsellers, introduce new arrivals and present them to your market.

Feature Accessibility

The ones who can use the Amazon Live must have the following qualifications:

If you qualify for one of these, you can create an Amazon Live Creator account and begin live streaming business content.

What makes Amazon Live a great way to promote your products?

For over many years now, content via live streaming has gained popularity for many business niches. It has become a widely-used avenue to reach a lot of internet users both general and targeted. Amazon Live is 100% free to use, provided that your registration is valid.

Going live is an effective way to reach a large number of potential customers and strengthen the relationship with existing ones. You can make your product or service more visible to the market and have it gain more recognition. You can also conduct exclusive promos to your live audience, that way they anticipate your future livestreams and may even bring new leads to you. It encourages brand loyalty , as well as brand awareness.

You own your time. You can go live at any time of the day. You can track activity of customers and research on the best time to do a live streaming so you can ensure that you make the most out of the traffic that Amazon gets in a day.

A Step-by-Step Guide on doing Amazon Live

It’s pretty easy to have these occasional livestreaming, one does not need to be a tech wizard to navigate their way through the Amazon Live system.

Friendly tip: try and see if some strong competitors are live. You may want to spend time watching through one first so you can take note of things that you can apply and improve to make your own livestream have an edge. After you’ve finalized what content you’re going to put out, it’s time to take out your Apple smartphone and install the Amazon Live Creator App. (As of now, the app is only available to iOS users.)

  1. Install the app to your Apple device.
  2. Sign in to your seller or influencer account to link it to the Live account.
  3. Select your brand and input the name of your profile.
  4. Select the product to include in the stream.
  5. Go Live and showcase your business to the awaiting audience!

You may want to go on practice mode first so you can prepare the flow of your streaming and go about how you will respond to customer queries and comments that will come.

While Amazon Live is free, you can also choose to increase your visibility and attract more viewers via Amazon advertising which is a paid service.

Don’t forget to put a catchy title to your livestream video! Analytics can be viewed on the app’s homepage.

Get the best out of Amazon Live with these surefire ways:

Be efficient in your livestreaming by ensuring that your audience have recognized and acknowledged your brand and you have given them a worthwhile experience.

Live-only Promotions

Make your live audience feel special through special offers exclusive only for them. Like I mentioned before, this will make them look forward to your next live.

30 minutes or more

At least half an hour is the optimal length for your livestream. This is enough time to allow viewers to find you and immerse themselves in your content. Have several products lined up to showcase and interact with your live audience to lengthen your stream. Offer to answer questions about products and also provide other relevant information as well.

Follow, Follow, Follow

Make it a point to encourage your audience to follow your Amazon page so they can be notified when you go live the next time, or for general updates about your business such as new arrival products, deals, and promotions.

Make use of other platforms

Share your live to many more media platforms. You can generate a link that will lead users from other sites or apps to your livestream. Entice them with a special offer exclusive only to live audiences.

Show the best you’ve got

Flaunt your product. Emphasize its best features, show it off to the world and provide specific details. Your audience is not able to get a first-hand experience of it so make sure you do it for them.


Schedule your streams during peak traffic hours and special occasions like holidays or other popular events.

Elements of a good video livestream


Provide good lighting. There’s no use going live when your audience can’t get a good look on you or your products. Make sure the room is well-lit and that the video quality is at least decent.


As much as possible, have little to no background noise during your live sessions. Viewers are discouraged with so much background noise and are less likely to finish watching it. Also, make sure your audio is optimal and viewers are able to hear you loud and clear.


Exude confidence and credibility. Your viewers are more likely to trust you and your products that way. Smile, and speak in such a way that gets people excited about what you have in store for them.


The video thumbnail is the first thing that will be seen by viewers on the homepage and listings. Create an eye-catching one to attract customers to watching your live.

Background Set-Up

The best way to sell a product is to be in a relevant environment. If you’re selling kitchen products, have your kitchen as a backdrop. If you’re promoting home and gardening items, might as well flaunt your backyard or front lawn.

The Bottomline

Everything is going digital now. Global situations have caused a lot of businesses to close their physical stores and rely solely on online shopping now. People have also been spending most of their time online, and are also doing their shopping online most of the time. With Amazon Live, you can create content for your existing customers while gaining new ones through a real-time promotional marketing strategy.

As life transitions into a more technologically-reliant way, businesses will soon adapt to the new solutions that will emerge alongside it. Wise business owners keep up with the latest trends and use it to their advantage to boost their business.