Anchor Text is one of the most spoken subject in the blogging world. Though the process of building anchor text is simple, you need to approach it with great caution. This is about keywords in your anchor text.




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Some will say that doing anything at all to get backlinks to your site is black hat. No question about it. While others say there’s a white hat way to go about it.

They believe that you should get quality thinks through relationships built with people within your niche. Today we’re not going to argue whether or not link building is bad. For the purpose of this article we’re going to say that it’s okay to build links if you do so with quality in mind.

There is a bit of a caveat to this. That would be, you are kind of breaking Google’s rules by doing this. The white hat people are more than likely furious with that statement. But, the truth is, you break the rules anytime you try to get a link that manipulate’s Google’s search results. So, yes, it does technically break the rules to do these “white hat” methods.

Are they really white hat? That’s for you to decide. The best advice when playing with fire like this is to do so very cautiously. People who think this is white hat can easily over do it and leave themselves with a penalized site.

Check Your Competition’s Keyword Anchors in Ahrefs:

This will give you an idea of what keywords to focus on. There are other sites where you can see what keywords your competitor’s site ranks for. You can go to Fiverr or find someone on a forum to give you a list of the keywords. You don’t need to have a membership there. It might not be cost effective to pay a monthly fee to any of these sites if you’re still a beginner.

You shouldn’t have any problems finding someone who’d do this for you for just a few bucks. You may even be able to trade them a service in exchange for doing this. Maybe you’re good in graphics and whip up a quick logo or something. People do this sort of bartering all the time online.

While it’s good to know what your competition ranks for, it’s not easy street from here on out. You still should do your research. The best way to do that is by seeing what Google suggests while typing questions into the search bar. You should also scroll all the way down and look at the related searches.

This will give you an idea of what other things people are searching for that are similar. Don’t trust anything to spit out keywords that will instantly become profitable. You’ve got to do your homework and see what questions people have.

Today’s SEO is all about solving problems. If you think about it in these terms, the way you approach SEO becomes different. In order stay ahead of your competition you have to do your homework. I prefer this tool call Ahrefs, that will show you all the insights about your competitions anchor links and where are they getting all their backlinks from.

Simply search the top site for the keyword that you want to rank for, find the top competitive sites and then put them into Ahrefs. It will spit out all the backlink that site is getting and the anchor text related to all the backlinks.

Don’t copy and paste what they are doing, rather follow how they are doing their backlinking. Are they going for branded keywords or or they are targeting various type of keywords to ranks their site.

Follow what is working for the top ranking site. Find out where they are getting their links from and what are anchor text they are getting ranked for.

Only Around 5-10% of the Anchor Text Should have Your Keyword In It:

Here is where this so called white hat method shows its real colors. You shouldn’t have control over the achnor text if you’re building 100% real white hat links. For you to have 100% real white hat links, they all have to be built without your approval. It comes from people finding your content useful and linking to it.

It may sound like we’re arguing against this method and to some degree that would be right. However, it can be done safely if you’re very careful.

Someone may say that they would like to link to your content. It could happen as a result of a business to business deal or a site owner who really likes the article you published. For whatever reason, you’ve got control over the anchor text. If this is the case, you’re going to want to see what the other anchors look like that are linking to your site. Ideally you should have around 5-10% of the anchor text being your keyword.

Normal backlinks won’t have a high concentration of keywords in the anchor text. You should be fine with telling the site owner to link to the page using the keywords or phrases of your choice.

Over saturating your anchor text with keywords will end up doing more harm than good

This is why link building is very dangerous. No one knows the secret number anchor keywords Google considers trying to manipulate the search results. Some people think that a bunch of keyword dense links will help them rank.

It’ll only be for a short time if it does. There’s a term in the black hat world called Churn and Burn. This is where you get tons of keyword dense links to race to the top of the rankings. They churn out the sites and get burnt by Google. People who practice this method aren’t thinking of the long term. They will move on once Google penalizes their site.

It’s difficult in good faith to tell someone to be careful doing something that very well could be harmful to their site. Keep a constant eye on the anchor text if you’re telling people what keywords to use. It’s probably best to just tell the people to use whatever anchor text they feel suits the page best.

This will give you a diverse anchor text profile and will help Google better understand your page. Plus, you won’t be breaking any rules by doing it that way. There’s nothing wrong with people linking to pages they find helpful. It only becomes a problem if you conspire with them to manipulate the rankings.

Don’t Overvalue the Importance of Links on Your Site:

Backlinks are still very important and that probably isn’t going to change any time soon. A few years ago Matt Cutts said that they tried search results that didn’t factor in backlinks. They found that the quality of the results suffered.

This tells everyone that backlinks are an important factor in Google being able to tell which pages are more useful to others. This isn’t an excuse to go out and get thousands of low quality backlinks.

It’s all about the quality of your backlinks. Throwing a ton of links to a page no longer works. That doesn’t mean the right link is worthless. There is still value in quality sites linking to pages.

The key word here quality. A link from a page of low quality has little to no value. Too many site owners get all wrapped up in link building. Don’t let it keep you up at night.

Focus More of Your Time Creating Quality Content:

Your time is limited. You don’t have an unlimited amount of time to focus on everything. You can easily get bogged down with backlinks. It’s a waste of time in the long run. Spend most of your time creating content that answers questions. If you do that, your pages will naturally get backlinks.

This is the beauty of making good content. Sure, you’re not going to build up authority to your site overnight. That doesn’t happen regardless of how many links you throw at it. It only happens if you put in the hard work.

How much time should you spend focusing on links? Maybe 5 to 10% of your time at the most. That may be too much time. Some will argue and say that you should spend so much more time building links.

It’s a waste of time. The only real value in link building is getting to know people within your niche. This is invaluable. Make some friends and get a few links. The emphasize should be on networking and a whole lot less on links.

Anything that gets in your way of producing quality content is a distraction. You have to view it as that. Link building shouldn’t take up too much of your time. Some people don’t build links up at all.

They just create quality content and let the traffic come to them. It will happen. It’ll take longer. Google likes quality sites that have been online for awhile. Any short term way of producing different results will fizzle out in the long run. Your goal should be to create passive income that lasts for years. You can only do that if your site doesn’t get penalized and it continues to answer questions that people have.

Don’t forget that Keyword Anchor Text Is Also An Important Art of Interlinking Pages:

This is something that people overlook. It’s a mistake to do so. What is the one type of link that you can always control when it comes to white hat SEO? That would be the links on your own pages. Make sure that you use keyword rich anchors when you interlink your own pages.

This is the only real white hat method of controlling the anchor text. People tend to forget this. They for whatever reason are so focused on links from outside sites. They do so while forgetting to show Google what pages on their site is important.

If there was any white hat SEO anchor text hack this is it. Interlink your pages using the right anchor text. Don’t overdo it. You shouldn’t start a link farm on every page. Just make sure to do it in a way that the user finds helpful. You can mention something on another page that you’re now talking about. This will help Google understand that this page is important. Not only that, but it will associate that page with the anchor text.

Link Building Isn’t For Rookies:

You can very easily cause your site to be penalized. Be very thoughtful when it comes to asking people what anchor text to use. Most of the time you should never tell anyone what the anchor text should be. Allow links to naturally come to your content. Too many link links with the same anchor text will have disastrous results. There is no amount of being overly cautious that is being extreme in this case.

It could be said that you shouldn’t even worry about link building for a few months at the very least. There’s not much you’re going to be able to do to jump in the rankings. There is what’s referred to as the Google Sandbox. This is a period of time where you’re not going to rank for much of anything. This is because the site is new and hasn’t yet been trusted by Google. While Google hasn’t confined this exists, they’ve done so in a round about way. You should expect a new site to not rank very well for six to nine months. Worry about producing great content during this time. Spending too much time on link building will do little or nothing during this period.

Final Words:

If you want to build a sustainable business online on any niche you need to comply with Google and the right way of doing thing is comply with Googles rules and regulation so you never get penalized for putting any of the hard hard that you are doing. Always thing long term, by putting the hard work. Don’t try hack the search engine.

Rather take the long path and build your anchor text the right way.