What is the one biggest mistake that people consistently make in the world of SEO? They don’t look down the road. For them it’s all about today.




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This thought process is made worse due to the fact that most internet marketers start out with affiliate marketing. There’s always a race to be the first one to promote new products and services. Hopefully after reading this you’ll see the value in pacing yourself and keeping an eye on the future.

You don’t just want to make money today. The goal should be to create wealth that lasts a long time. People who are focused on only making money today make the same exact mistake as do people who work normal jobs. They only see the importance of today and can’t imagine anything beyond now. That will never set you up for financial freedom and to live comfortably in your retirement years.

Quick Gains and Easy Profits:

This one line is essentially the biggest problem many people in the SEO world face. Like we eluded to in the introduction, they’re searching for ways to make money fast. What do you think of when you see the phrase “make money fast”?

You think scammer. Most people who push these sorts of things are scammers. Though, there are a lot of honest trustworthy people who are basically seeking the same thing. It’s baked into the mindset of people who promote affiliate offers. The hype is what gets people. Seeing marketers traveling the world and driving fast cars doesn’t help. Who doesn’t want to live that lifestyle?

Focusing on making money today will make you poor tomorrow

That doesn’t seem like it would make sense. Think about it. It’s like eating a candy bar when you’re hungry for a meal. Most people who focus only on today don’t care about tomorrow. What happens when the latest affiliate offer fizzles out? The market will at some point become over saturated by people selling it.

Any affiliate offer worth promoting will end up being spammed all over the entire internet. That’s just how it goes. That means you’re going to have to find something new to promote. If you don’t, then the money will go from a flash flood to a trickle.

You will constantly have to go from offer to offer. This means you’re not going to be able to build up a site that becomes an authority on the topic. Marketers who do this sort of thing end up with a whole bunch of sites that become worthless.

You can find them by sifting through deleted domain lists. It’s literally a bone yard full of sites that were making money and the cash flow dried up. Do you really think that the latest green tea detox affiliate program will be around ten years from now? No it won’t. You see these types of offers come and go all the time.

Avoid Black Hat Method for SEO:

You’ve got a problem when a new offer comes out. You need to get traffic to it. How do you get traffic to a brand new site?

You can’t play by the rules and wait for Google to rank it within a normal period of time. You’ll be waiting at least 6-9 months before seeing any real traffic come in. This is where the black hat guys roll up their sleeves and get working. They do everything in their power to trick Google. All of this costs money and there’s no guarantee that you’ll actually see results.

What are the risk of using black hat techniques? Your site can get penalized. That means it’ll literally fall off the face of the planet. It’ll get no traffic and there goes your affiliate commissions. The damage might be irreparable.

You can take the site offline or wait for the domain to expire. Wrapping any more money into it will only be a waste. This does happen. You’ll be left picking up the pieces while trying to figure out who to replace the income you lost. Just think about what that void in income will do to you and your family. This is something that will happen time and time again. There is no way to safely promote fly by night affiliate offers that ensure a steady income.

Short-term Profits Only Make Others Rich:

This is what most people don’t understand about affiliate marketing. You’re making someone else rich. Sure, you’re making money. The person who created the product you’re promoting is getting rich.

They have tons of people selling their stuff. These people are building up sites that will die off at some point. The person who runs the offer is making out like a bandit. They don’t have to invest their time and money into getting the traffic. That’s all done for them by people like you.

There’s one thing that you can rest assured of when it comes to promoting someone else’s offers. They’re building a list. What you don’t realize is they aren’t just making money off of the sale. More than likely they are also building up an email list as well.

This is where the real money is. Each sale you send them will potentially grow their email list. That list is what they’ll use to promote their newest offer. Anyone worth their salt will grow a list from the customers who already bought from them.

Not only are you making them money now, but as their list grows, it too will make them money. You only make money on the one transaction and that’s it. While they have a growing customer base who have bought from them in the past.

Build for the Future and not Just Today:

This is difficult for those who need money today. Your constant focus is on how you can make some money to just get by another day. A change of mindset is what has to occur.

It may take some scrimping or putting in a few more hours of work every day. You need to change your focus on building a brand. You want people to trust your site. No one trusts those spammy offers that affiliates push. That is the truth and there’s no way to get around it.

Create evergreen content that answers questions to problems. Evergreen means that the content will be useful for years to come. Choosing something that’s only popular now is a big mistake. It means the shelf life of the content will be very low.

Instead, work on answering questions that people will have for quite some time. There’s no reason why quality content made ten years ago can’t answer a question today. You want to find niches that don’t go stale. Today’s most popular video game system won’t be played five years from now. Investing your time and money into making a site about it isn’t a good idea.

A high traffic niche site is one that has a lot of content on it. Each article will get some traffic and it all builds up. This is how niche sites grow and become profitable. It’s because they have lots of pages and they all get traffic from Google.

Some of the pages will get more than others. But, it all adds up. This is the secret to making money online. You need lots of high quality content that gets a steady flow of traffic.

Passive Income is How Consistent Wealth is Made:

Passive income is where you make money off of existing content. It’s content that you’ve already made and is getting traffic from Google and other sources. You don’t have to touch these pages at all.

They just sit there and earn money. This is how you get rich online. It’s not by promoting some junk that won’t help people in any way. You need to have pages that Google trusts.

More importantly, the end user trusts. If you can gain the trust of Google and your visitors, then the sky is truly the limit. Hard work does pay off. It doesn’t pay off immediately. You’re not going to be driving a sports car tomorrow. Building a library of content will eventually help you become financially independent.

Most of those who talk about passive income have no clue what it means. They just want to sell you a course or an affiliate offer. The truth is exceptionally simple and no money needs to be paid to know it. Just simply build quality pages on the same domain.

Make sure those pages fit the niche. If you do that for a matter of years, you’ll build up passive income. Yes, it does take years. Even if you spent your entire life working at a fast food restaurant, that too would be years. No one gets out of working.

It doesn’t matter if it’s flipping burgers or sitting in front of a computer. You’re going to have to work. Anyone who says otherwise probably has something they want to sell you.

The Biggest Mistake Isn’t Believing In Yourself:

Let that sink in for a minute. You may not believe that you have what it takes to be an authority on a subject. If you can whip out affiliate sites, then you certainly can become an authority on a topic. Invest in your good name. Make yourself known as someone who can answer questions that people have.

This isn’t to say that all affiliate marketing is bad. You can still promote things that the visitors of your site find useful. You don’t want to jam stuff down their throat. With that said, you mainly want to stick to answering questions people have.

Just don’t overdo the affiliate offers. If you must sell them something, make sure it isn’t junk. You also want to send them to a reputable site they can trust. This is why people still send traffic to Amazon, even though the commissions are pretty low.

It will take a period of years to build up a steady income that you can comfortably live off of. It’s possible and there are people out there doing it every day. Those who are looking to make a quick buck will do exactly that. They will be left scrambling and wondering what the next big offer is.

This isn’t any way to make long term money. Instead, build a site people can trust. You will feel better about yourself and your site will make the internet a better place. Who doesn’t want to make money doing that? Believe in yourself. Believe in your ability to produce quality content. Always seek out ways to improve your content.

The traffic and money will flow. It’s just a matter of you offering the public something of value. That’s the real hack when it comes to making money on the internet.