AWeber stands out as a premier email marketing service that provides a robust suite of advanced tools for executing campaigns. The platform's pre-designed reports and automated solutions can revolutionize how you promote your business and interact with your target audience, all in one place. However, it's important to evaluate its strengths and limitations to determine if AWeber is the optimal solution for your needs.

Aweber Comparison to other Email Marketing Solutions

AWeber stands out among other email marketing services due to its advanced marketing tools for high-volume campaigns and award-winning support. Additionally, AWeber provides pre-designed reports and email templates to facilitate the creation and sharing of popular emails.

To identify the best email marketing services, we reviewed dozens of options and narrowed them down to the top five. Each option was evaluated based on its ideal user, features to consider, and suitability for specific needs. For a comprehensive overview of all our top picks, check out our complete list.

Aweber advantages and drawbacks

As with any email marketing service, there are both advantageous and disadvantageous aspects to consider when evaluating AWeber. Based on our comprehensive analysis, we have identified numerous positive attributes that satisfy the majority of users, along with a handful of drawbacks. Prior to making a decision, it's essential to examine the entirety of the service's strengths and limitations.


Pre-Designed Reports: AWeber boasts some of the most exceptional marketing tools for devising and executing campaigns and strategies. With its sophisticated email tracking system, you can access intuitive reports that enable you to target your audience and optimize sales. This remarkable feature includes user-friendly pre-designed reports that reveal the most favorable send times and high-performing content to generate clicks and sales.

These reports present analytics data in a comprehensive manner, utilizing line charts to illustrate metrics such as email opens, clicks, sales, web hits, and unsubscribes. Additionally, you can gain insights into the total number of emails sent over time, frequency of email bounces, and volume of subscriber complaints. Furthermore, you can perform split testing of your emails to determine the most effective approach with minimal errors.

Automated Newsletter: AWeber simplifies the automation process, particularly for email communications, by allowing you to create an auto newsletter that can boost your traffic, video views, or sales. Instead of devoting time and energy to crafting and sending daily emails, which can lead to burnout, AWeber streamlines the process.

With this function, you can welcome new subscribers, publicize a new initiative, or send an abandoned cart reminder email, all while guaranteeing that your audience never misses your content.

Subscriber Segmentation: AWeber provides an effective solution for achieving higher open rates, clicks, and sales from your emails, through its segmented subscriber function.

This feature allows you to categorize your subscribers into various segments, based on custom tags, opens, clicks, purchases, visits, location, and sign-up forms. AWeber's dynamic segments feature creates personalized and relevant emails, enhancing audience engagement.

Moreover, the sign-up form segment option allows you to request specific details from your prospects, such as their name and email. This information can then be utilized to apply tags to specific forms or to create custom tags based on individual form responses. By encouraging your audience to fill out custom fields or provide feedback about a particular product or service they are interested in, you can create even more personalized segments.

Excellent Customer Support: AWeber's award-winning customer service team has earned more than 15 accolades for its exceptional support, including the 2022 Stevie Award for contact center of the year. As a user, you have access to 24/7 customer support via phone, email, and live chat.

In addition to the award-winning customer service team, AWeber provides a wealth of support resources, such as comprehensive documentation, video tutorials, and an extensive knowledge base. These resources are readily available to help you quickly find the solutions you require.

Email Templates: AWeber provides a vast array of templates to aid you in creating visually appealing emails or newsletters. With over 600 responsive and fully customizable email templates available for free in your AWeber account, you have access to the largest selection on the market.

The email templates offered by AWeber include multiple color schemes, layouts, and designs that appear great on any device. By adding your logo, a photo, and your content, you can quickly and easily craft professional-looking emails ready for sending.

You have the option to select from various templates, including but not limited to:

  • Newsletter templates
  • Holiday templates
  • Industry-specific templates
  • Special occasion templates
  • Event-based templates
  • Promotional templates

Stock Images: For those who don't have enough time or resources to hire a professional photographer, AWeber offers a solution. You can utilize AWeber's extensive collection of free stock images, consisting of over 6,000 pictures, to discover the ideal image for your business. The images are sorted by categories such as people, business, travel, finance, arts, and entertainment, ensuring that you find the right one for your needs.

Additionally, if you have your own images, AWeber offers unlimited hosting and allows you to upload them to their system for easy access.


Outdated Interface: After analyzing user reviews, the primary issue we discovered with AWeber is that its interface appears outdated. Users reported that the system limits multitasking and lacks bulk actions, leading to a less seamless workflow. Additionally, some users found the interface confusing, requiring customer support to navigate the program. Others noted that the interface was slow and clunky, resulting in disappointment. In general, a user-friendly interface is essential for any software, and AWeber could improve in this area.

Inaccurate Reports: According to some user reviews, AWeber's reporting feature can be glitchy and inaccurate. Some users reported that certain reports displayed incorrect data or failed to display any data at all. Additionally, a few users found the reports to be lackluster and not as advanced as advertised. One user even reported that the report functionality was incompatible with their device, making it impossible to retrieve the report. While AWeber's pre-designed reports are generally user-friendly, these reported issues can be frustrating for some users.

Installation Learning Curve: Due to the outdated interface, many AWeber users had difficulty installing the software. It was reported that there was a steep learning curve to properly implement AWeber, and some users found it challenging to do so without assistance from a help guide. However, others mentioned that there wasn't enough documentation available to aid in setting up their accounts.

Deliverability Safeguards: Ensuring email deliverability is crucial for successful email marketing, as it impacts open rates and click-through rates. To improve deliverability, email marketing software often implements safeguards to ensure consistent delivery. However, AWeber currently lacks a system to sort through delivery statistics by clients and identify potential delivery issues. Additionally, AWeber does not have a safeguard to verify email accuracy, which means that misspelled or inaccurate email addresses may not be detected and could still be added to your list without AWeber alerting you.

Aweber Pricing Plans

Aweber is an email marketing and automation platform that gives businesses with the tools they need to create and manage email campaigns. The platform offers a range of pricing plans that is suitable for all businesses sizes and needs. Here is an overview of Aweber's pricing plans:

Free Plan

The Free Plan allowed users to have up to 500 subscribers and send up to 3,000 emails per month at no cost. However, this plan had some limitations, such as Aweber branding in emails and limited access to customer support.

The Lite Plan

Aweber's most popular plan, starting at $12.50 per month for up to 500 subscribers. This plan included all the features of the Free Plan, as well as advanced features like tagging, segmentation, and analytics. It also included customer support via email and live chat.

Plus Plan

The Plus Plan was designed for growing businesses and started at $20.00 per month for up to 500 subscribers. This plan included all the features of the Pro Plan, as well as additional features like A/B testing, lead magnets, and more. It also included priority customer support.

Unlimited Plan

The Unlimited Plan was Aweber's most comprehensive plan, starting at $899.00 per month for up to 10,000 subscribers. This plan included all the features of the Plus Plan, as well as additional features like web push notifications, AMP for email, and behavioral automation. It also included dedicated customer support.

Ecommerce Solution

AWeber's all-in-one marketing hub includes a comprehensive ecommerce solution, making it easy for ecommerce businesses to find the marketing tools they need. With AWeber's unlimited sales pages, you can maximize your earning potential and increase your revenue through retargeting ads. AWeber's drag-and-drop builder allows you to create and manage your payment system, offering multiple payment options for your customers, including credit card and PayPal. You can track your sales performance and view your earnings in your preferred currency on AWeber's intuitive analytics dashboard.

AWeber Web Push Notifications

Engage with your target audience and increase product sales with AWeber's effective web push notifications solution. What’s great about this feature is that it’s available in all AWeber plans, including the free version. With AWeber’s web push notifications, you can reach your subscribers’ desktops instantly while they have their browsers open.

If you’re struggling to get your customers to open your emails or your open rates are low, AWeber’s push notifications can help you notify your audience quickly without the need to craft a lengthy email. These notifications are short, clickable, and take up minimal space.

AWeber's web push notifications offer various additional benefits such as:

  • AWeber's web push notifications offer immediate alerts that lead to high engagement and deliverability, resulting in increased web traffic for your business.
  • With AWeber's web push notifications, you can enjoy instant notifications, high engagement rates, and improved deliverability, all while sending straight from your AWeber account.
  • By using AWeber's web push notifications, you can send notifications straight from your account and benefit from high engagement rates, excellent deliverability, and increased web traffic.
  • AWeber's web push notifications provide a variety of advantages, such as instant notifications, high engagement rates, excellent deliverability, and increased web traffic, all of which can be sent directly from your AWeber account.


  • User-friendly: AWeber's user-friendly drag-and-drop builder and editing features allow even non-tech-savvy individuals to effortlessly create and design visually appealing emails.
  • High-quality templates: AWeber's library provides responsive and visually appealing email templates for various occasions.
  • Seamless sharing: AWeber enables you to flawlessly share newsletters with your target audience.
  • Abundance of free tools: AWeber offers a range of free marketing tools to help you get started, make your first sale, and grow your business successfully.


  • Expensive compared to competitors: AWeber's pricing is higher than that of other alternatives, despite having comparable or fewer marketing automation features. Additionally, you are charged for both active and inactive email addresses on your account.
  • Poor deliverability score: In tests conducted against other email marketing tools, AWeber demonstrated a higher frequency of emails being marked as spam or getting lost.
  • Some essential features are exclusive to the Pro plan: Advanced A/B testing is only available on higher-priced plans.

Aweber Competitors

AWeber has earned a spot on our top list thanks to its advanced marketing campaign tools tailored to larger agencies. Its pre-designed reports and automation tools make it a popular choice among users investing in marketing efforts. You may checkout our Aweber Alternatives to learn more.

Below is a brief overview of the best email marketing services, click them to check our detailed review on them:

  • MailerLite: Ideal for most users
  • Omnisend: Best for boosting ecommerce with shoppable emails.
  • Sendinblue: Best for unlimited contacts and emails without upgrading
  • HubSpot: Best for integrating CRM with email marketing
  • Constant Contact: Best for small businesses with basic marketing needs


In summary, AWeber is a great email marketing service that offers advanced marketing tools for high-volume campaigns, making it an excellent choice for businesses looking to upscale their email marketing efforts. The platform also provides award-winning support and automation features to help users create effective campaigns. Furthermore, AWeber offers ecommerce solutions and web push notifications that can help users reach their target audience more effectively and transform their email marketing strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question # 1: What is the maximum number of emails that can be sent using AWeber? With an AWeber Free account, you can send up to 3,000 messages per month or 100 per day. However, an AWeber Pro account provides unlimited emails, allowing you to send messages to a list of any size, whether it's 10 or 10,000 subscribers. The billing is based on the number of subscribers on your list, rather than the number of messages you send.

Question # 2: Does AWeber offer automation capabilities? AWeber offers tools to create automated email campaigns, as well as pre-written automated email campaigns that can be utilized to save time and promote your business on a daily basis.

Question # 3: Does AWeber have landing pages? AWeber offers a free service called AWeber Landing Pages, which is an effective tool for promoting events or side businesses. This service comes with a range of useful features, such as professionally designed templates, integrated sign-up forms to help build your audience, a centralized image library, and a drag-and-drop design that includes prominent video, images, and text styling. What's more, the landing page templates can be designed without requiring any coding knowledge, making it accessible for users of all skill levels. Additionally, AWeber can be integrated with other landing page software such as Instapage, Klickpages, Leadpages, Landingi, and PageWiz.

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