Facebook Business Manager is just one of the many marketing tools that Facebook offers. No wonder there are lots of business owners who are using the platform to grow their brands and businesses. 




Because aside from the fact that this most popular platform has 2 billion users, it also has tools that most marketers actually need.  

And Facebook Business Manager is one of the most essential tools that business owners should optimize. It allows them to manage their Facebook Ads, Pages, and other matters in one place. 

The Basic of Facebook Business Manager

What is Facebook Business Manager? 

If you own a company or a business owner who manages tons of Facebook pages, you have probably experienced getting your business mixed up with your personal account. Well, it’s no shame because that’s a common problem that most of us are struggling with. 

Sometimes it’s just hard to multitask and manage all these Facebook pages. And luckily, Facebook had known better that’s why it added the Facebook Business Manager. 

Using this marketing feature, you’ll be able to easily distinguish your personal and professional use of Facebook in one place. 

Moreover, what’s more compelling about using this tool is the fact that users can utilize it without spending a dime. 

Organizing and managing your company’s pages, accounts, promotional ads, and other matters is made easier and free through Facebook Business Manager. 

And as Facebook defines the feature: “Business Manager allows advertisers to manage their marketing efforts in one place and share access to assets across their team, partner agencies and vendors.” 

Therefore, you can also use the tool to add people, such as your employees, clients, or agencies to help manage your Facebook business account. And you don’t have to worry because you will have control over their access and manage it without any hassle. 

Well overall, Facebook Business Manager Tool is clearly what every company, business owner, and marketer needs. Because as we all know, a well-managed account is the key to successful Facebook Marketing

Who Need to Create a Facebook Business Manager Account? 

If you’re running a small business and you’re the one who’s managing your social accounts, you don’t probably need to create a Facebook manager account unless otherwise: 

  • You are managing several Facebook business pages for your company
  • You provide service that includes managing multiple Facebook/Instagram pages or ad accounts for your clients
  • You are working with other people to help you manage your ads or pages 

How Does Facebook Business Manager Work? 

Now that you realized that you might need this tool or you might have been using it, but you are still confused about how it works, here’s a rundown for you.

Setting Up Account

First things first are you need to create an account for you to manage your business on Facebook.

In creating your account, you need to use your personal profile first and access the business.facebook.com. Then, create your profile by filling in all the needed information that is followed by confirmation. 

Linking Your Facebook Pages

After setting up your business manager account, you are now ready to link your Facebook and Instagram pages that you’re managing. 

To link your pages, you can either click the ‘add page’ if you have an existing page. You can also create a new one when you clik the ‘create page.’

Although you have to take note that linking pages requires sending a request if you’re not an admin or not the owner of the Page. On the other hand, Pages you own are automatically added when you toggle the “Add Page” button.

After linking the respective pages on your account, you’ll have access to the analytics and performance reports of all the posts on each page. 

Linking Your Ad Accounts

As mentioned earlier, you can also navigate your ad accounts on Facebook business manager. You have to connect your ad accounts as well by sending requests to your clients. And if you own the account, it will be automatically linked when you toggle the “Add Ad Account” button. 

Adding People on Your Facebook Business Manager Account

If you’re working with a team or an agency to manage your pages and ad accounts, one thing that you can to do is to add those people to your business manager account. 

In the settings of your business manager account, you’ll need to click “People” and then click “Add.” 

Afterward, you can give access to the people by adding their email addresses. You can also assign their business roles and control their access to your account. 

Boosting Account Security

After setting up your account, another essential factor that you need to consider is the security of your assets. Fortunately, Facebook Business Manager allows you to add an extra layer of protection by setting up two-factor authentication for your account. You just have to manage it under the “Security Center,” and rest assured that your assets are in good hands. 

Setting Up Facebook Pixels

Facebook pixels are the code that helps you in tracking and optimizing your Facebook Ads’ conversion. So, setting up your Facebook pixels on your business manager is also essential. 

To set it up, you need to navigate the Business Settings and find the “Data Sources, ” and look for ” Pixels.” 

Setting Up your Pages Locations

If you have businesses that are located in various different places, might as well consider setting up the Locations of your pages. It will allow your potential customers to search for your most relevant pages when they search for a certain location. 


Facebook is always making the experience on the platform convenient for users, may it be customers or business owners. 

And it is undeniable that because of that, Facebook Marketing is growing each day. So, if you’re still not marketing your business on Facebook and other social media sites, maybe now is the time to rethink. Because you might be missing out on all the great deals that you can get.