No business is perfect right out of the gate. A constant need for improvement is what any leader should be pushing for. Yes, you are a leader.




*Result is not typical nor guaranteed.*

Those who work with you will follow your example. You must constantly be searching for ways to improve. It’s easy to become complacent and think that nothing can be improved Those who run their business without data often fall into this trap.

It’s the same exact reason why we prefer broken-in shoes to a brand new pair. It’s all about your comfort zone. Breaking free of it is the true sign of success. It means you’re constantly challenging yourself and the tactics you’ve used to get to this point.

Here are few productivity tips that you can use to run your team and to become a better leader.

Plan Three Meetings Per Week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday):

It’s best to have these meetings first thing in the morning. This way everyone is fresh and focused on how the week should go. Break down your meetings into three separate segments.


This is the day when everyone will come up with a new idea on how to improve your business. It could be something small or earth shattering. The important thing is that everyone comes up with something. Everyone needs to be on the constant lookout for ways that the business can be improved. Every time someone has no idea, it means they care complacent. This is the worst thing any person can be. It means they’re just a robot going through the motions.


This is the day when all those new ideas get implemented. It’s going to be a little awkward at first. That’s just the way anything new is. It won’t be so uncomfortable once you get used to it. You’ll actually get used to the idea of implementing new things that don’t go exactly as planned. Comfort is a bad thing in the world of business. Those bumps are what will keep you and everyone else on their toes.


It’s about more than just the weekend ahead. Now is the time when your team discusses the results. See what worked and what didn’t. You’ll be surprised by the things that actually had good results. Allow some wiggle room and improve on what worked. Nothing is perfect and even new tactics can be made more efficient and effective.

Hold Twice Monthly Innovation Lunches:

You’re going to need to break the piggy bank and buy everyone lunch. They probably won’t stick around if you don’t. Invite everyone to a free lunch in the conference room. Every person must have one new product or service that can the business.

Not only must they share it, but also talk about it. It can be just a few minutes for each person. They should be well aware of the business world around them. This will not only open up others, but it’ll also keep everyone on their toes looking for new and interesting things to improve your business.

Form A Special Team to Make Old Content More Popular:

Use Google Search Console to see what keywords and phrases you’re ranking for. This will give you insight to what questions visitors have before visiting your site. The average person would look at this information and stuff their old content with new keywords.

This is a big mistake and it will actually hurt your rankings. Google is smart enough to know that you’re trying to game the system. Instead, what you want to do is improve your content.

See where you rank for the keywords and phrases listed in Google Search Console. There’s going to be plenty of areas of improvement. Add length to your content and also improve the quality of multimedia as well. If you’re using stock photos for example, you can use custom photos.

You should also think about adding video if your content has none of it. Always improve your existing content. Don’t let it get stale by assuming there’s nothing that can be done to make it better. That’s rarely if ever the case when it comes to content.

Have a “Whiteboard Friday Meeting”:

Meetings, meetings, and more meetings. When are you actually going to get any work done? That’s what you’re thinking by now. But, you need to understand that not everyone will be in the meeting. You have to break up your staff in a way that best suits their strong points.

Your IT guy can’t be the same person running the company’s social media accounts. You wouldn’t include him in a meeting to help spur user engagement with your Twitter account.

Break out the whiteboard and start writing. Make to-do lists and go over weekly reports. Some would say that you should look at quarterly reports. You want to break things down in a way that’s digestible to everyone. Weekly may be better since you’re working with smaller amounts of data. You can always present them in context to the bigger picture.

Every Year You Should Retest Everything and Check the Results:

Every marketer out there knows about A/B testing. This by no means is new information to anyone. What happens when you find something that works?

You stick to it. When do you check to see just how effective the best method still is? Too many times businesses run their so called effective methods into the ground. They don’t realize that the tactics have become less effective over time. This is why, at least once per year, you should retest things.

Also, throw in some variables. Now you can see why it’s a good idea to always ask everyone to bring new ideas to the table. It may be a good time to implement the successful ones on a much larger scale.

Personalize Your Marketing to Appeal to the Customer’s Human Side:

Marketing at times can seem like a very sterile environment. This is something we’re going to actually talk a little more at length about. It’s easy to forget that the person on the other end of the computer or phone is an actual human being.

They aren’t machines. Just because everyone is working on a machine doesn’t mean the end user is one too. Numbers have a way of being very cold. Every number is an actual person. You should make sure your team visualizes them as such. Being overly simplistic will cause you to lose sales in the end. Appeal to the human side of your customers. It will result in more sales.

Every form contains areas where leads, and or, customers put their personal information. It’s a big time mistake not to use that information. Make sure that you address them by their first name in email.

You want everything to be as personalized as possible. There is no extreme too far to convey your interest in them as a person. Well, almost no extreme.  You don’t want to seem creepy. Don’t search for them on Facebook and comment on their mom’s newest haircut. That would be too far for sure.

Businesses are always looking for ways to make themselves stand out. They always look for external ways to make it happen. The easiest and most effective way to stand out is by caring about your customer.

Go over the top and make sure they know it. People love it when businesses cater to their exact needs. It leads to a high level of customer satisfaction and referrals through word of mouth advertising.

If It Walks Like a Duck, Talks Like a Duck, and Eats Like a Duck…

You know how the old saying goes. Then it’s a duck. You need to focus in on who your ideal customer is. Don’t cast a big net full of holes. You’ll only lose out on customers that way. You can’t be all things to all people.

Zero in on who exactly your customer is. All of your focus should be acquiring that specific type of person or business. It seems like common sense that someone in the dry cleaning business would have no use for motor oil. You’d be surprised by how many internet marketers believe they have a one size fits all solution to everyone’s needs.

This is where research comes into play. You also need to listen to what the needs of your customers are. When you combine it all, that’s when you’re able to fully understand who the customer is. This means you can more effectively and efficiently target them.

You will always under deliver when servicing clients that have other needs. This should be common sense to anyone in the world of business. It isn’t to those who just see numbers and nothing else.

When can you branch out into acquiring customers that don’t fit your exact mold? For most businesses the answer is never. For some, it’s when revenues get so big, you can’t pursue more growth within your own niche.

Which is highly unlikely for the average business. If you end up somehow with the great fortune of being in this situation, then pat yourself on the back. You’re probably well into making eight figures every year.

Going the Extra Mile:

The mindset you have in business rubs off to everyone. People look to you to set an example. This can make some people very uncomfortable.

Leadership is vital to maintain and grow a business. These seven systems are more than just ways to improve your business. They are a means of showing strength to your team. It will rub off in the long run. Those around you need to see someone who is constantly evolving into a better marketer. They’ll pick up on the fact that you’re not growing as a person.

A leader is someone who people naturally follow. It means you can keep and hold their interest. You can’t just be smart and expect people to respect that. You also need to be savvy. You’ve got to appeal to more than just your customer’s human side. There’s also the human aspect of those you work with.

It could be said that what you’re trying to do is mold them into better workers. Their valuable to you not just because they fill up space. A person is only valuable to your business if the improve the bottom line. It’s up to you to make sure they do that.

All of these things above are about you convincing those around you to perform better. Lead by example. Come into the meetings with your own new ideas.

Ask questions when people share their own. Don’t shoot down any idea because you immediately think it’s stupid. Try to expand on it and see where it goes. Be the medium that allows growth and expansion. Allow those around you to feel comfortable failing.

Failure isn’t a bad thing. It only means that you were confident enough to try new things. Everyone loves a confident leader who respects the ideas and abilities of those around them.