Men’s clothing plays a big part in the e-commerce market. It is foreseen to increase its demand worldwide by 2020.




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A niche fast-growing and changing that can outperform women’s clothing in the market. If you are thinking to launch a new business, men’s clothing can be a good niche. Figure out what products are you going to sell. It is a tricky decision but don’t worry, we are here to guide you.

If you have read our previous article on Hottest Ecommerce Dropshipping Niches For 2019. There you will see that men’s clothing is in rank 5 based on the results from 2016-2018 in Oberlo and can be an excellent business niche for the coming years. There are lots of successful e-commerce business that includes men’s clothing

This article will show you the trending men’s clothing products that are saleable in 2019. It will give you an idea of what products are hot in the market today. We will also include a few marketing tips for you to make your first sale.

1. Oxford Shirts

Let’s start will Oxford shirts.  Oxford shirts have been popular in ages because of its fabric that is more casual and sporty. It is durable and wrinkles resistant. It is thicker than ordinary fabric and it is a timeless product for men of any ages.  Looking at Google Trends.

A sustained interest in the product simply means “Steady seller”. Customers that consistently use Oxford shirts will purchase again the same kind of product. Seeing products like this won’t give you a hard time marketing the product. Another advantage of selling a steady seller product is you don’t have to worry that the product becomes unpopular the new few months. Did you get my point?

This is the reason why we foresee that this product is the best to sell in 2019. There are large numbers of buyers looking for Oxford shirts, make sure you include this product in your store.

2. Cargo Pants

Cargo pants is next on our list. Don’t be surprised if the popularity of this product will once again hit in 2019. Some call it the new “ugly” trend. I don’t know if you will agree on this statement. It might replace your jeans in the closet temporarily. Agree or not, cargo pants are officially trending.

Let’s take a look again on Google Trends.  The interest is increasing overtime for the past 5 years. This product is a potential for this year.

3. Baseball Caps

Next in line is the baseball cap. Men and women love wearing hats and caps as an accessory and protection. Baseball caps are considered a steady seller. The search for his product goes up and down, but people continue to search for the product. It comes in different designs, color, and material. Affordable when it comes to price.

4. Corduroy Jackets

Corduroy jacket is another product you should consider for your store. This product is on fire now and you should take advantage. According to Pinterest reached up to  507 percent. Retailers such as Lucky Brand, Urban Outfitters, etc. stocked up on corduroy clothes this season. It is timeless as a winter wardrobe.

5. Sling Bags

Sling bags are becoming a fashion trend. In fact, Louis Vuitton and Dior have these collections on the front page which proves this product is in demand. Try Facebook advertising, it is a useful tool to promote your products with eye-catching visuals.

6. Denim Jackets

These products are listed by GQ  as one of the wear essentials for this year and on Google trends, it is seen to have a large increase of searches for the past few years. When looking for a product we recommend you to choose those with unique features that can stand-out from the rest. The cut, shade, texture, and style must be considered.

7. Plaid Pants

Take a look at Google trends. It has a big spike in 2019 and is still trending upwards and have plenty of chances to continue to grow.

8. Striped Shirts

The use of striped shirts for men is seen in many parts of the world. It can be worn all year round but noticed its popularity during summertime. The product can be easily paired with other garments that make a stylish look. It can be a fashion statement when matched with other products.

9. Fleeces

Fleeces are made of a soft-warm fabric with a texture same as wool. It is perfect for men as well as to women. This piece of clothing has turned into a fashion icon over the past few years. These are seasonal products like corduroy but it doesn’t mean it only sells on cold months. Remember that season changes in different parts of the world.

10. Cropped Trousers

Cropped trouser is another fantastic product to add to your store. In the worldwide search traffic, if you try to see there is a rise and fall of the product, meaning there are certain months that it goes up yearly depending on the location. Most people in United Kingdon love cropped trousers. Try your search to be more specific by looking into “Interest by Region”. There you will know what countries to target.

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Start marketing and selling your Product. On our list, there are 10 best men’s clothing in the market for this year. It is for you to begin making sales. If you find these products interesting, sign up on Oberlo for free and check out the list of products in the catalog. We are sure you can find the best products to sell for men’s clothing.

Have a good eye for fashion? Men’s clothing can be a great niche to start up with. Women are interested in fashion as well as men do. More and more men today are interested in the way they look and dress. They are more conscious of the latest trends. In other words, men of today’s generation love fashion too. Men’s clothing as a niche can compete with women’s clothing niches.