Today we’re going to cover two very important aspects of your Amazon FBA business.  We will discuss about the steps that you need to take to Brand your product in Amazon and what are the benefits of branding products specially if you are focusing on Amazon FBA. Then we will talk about how you can brand your product packaging that will make your product standout.




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These things are overlooked by most new sellers. Today I will show reason behind branding your product and what are the steps you need to take in order to brand your FBA Product.

Why Branding Is Important:

As consumers we’re very brand conscious. Just think of how you shop at the grocery store. Chances are probably pretty good that you base a lot of your purchases on brands. Your willingness to try to new products is impart decided by the reputation of the brand. If you aren’t familiar with the brand, you will still judge it based on what it sounds like. Just think back about your recent purchases. Many of them were done so just out of brand loyalty itself.

You want to be able to connect to your customer on another level. Building your brand allows that to happen. They will remember if your products were quality or not. Your brand name will always be associated with their experiences. It’s not just a name.

No, it’s so much more than that. This is why choosing the right name and working hard to build a strong reputation is important.

Choose the Right Store Name and Product Name:

It’s important to remember that customers make snap decisions based on a name. It only doesn’t make sense if you’re not taking it seriously. That might be an odd way of thinking about it. But, you’ve got to take certain aspects of your business serious. This is one of them. You just can’t throw out any name and expect it to stick.

Let’s talk about these two things separately.

Your store name should be somewhat general. You may down the line want to sell items that are different than your current line up. So, you’re probably going to want a name that’s catchy, but not overly specific. However, you can be specific if you’re 100% sure you’ll never venture off and sell products that is in a different niche. A manly sounding store name is great if you only plan on selling products for men. It’s not a very good name if down the line you decide to also include products for women.

Your product name can be more general. You’re probably describing something that is being sold by a lot of sellers. You don’t want to go overboard and have a flamboyant product name. But, you don’t want to go the extremely safe route and be boring. What does this exactly mean? It means you should choose a product name that is both descriptive and slightly fun at the same time.

Here are some resources you can use to find unique name for your brand:

Lean Domain Search



Use them to find some great ideas or names for your trademark. Make sure they standout cause they will stuck for your brand for the lifetime.

Before I talk about trademark, let me just clarify, I am not an attorney. Neither I  know much about legal rules and regulation, nor I will advice you exactly what you need to do with your business when it comes to trademark. If you want to trademark your brand, you should reach out to a lawyer to get legal advice. I will share my experience and knowledge which will emphasize the need for trademark for your Amazon FBA business, but I won’t be able to walk you through step by step, how to file for trademark since I don’t have the license to provide any legal advice. 

How to Choose a Trademark:

The first thing that needs to be said is, you don’t need a trademark to sell on Amazon. Having a trademark has quite a few perks along with it. Should a first time seller worry about having a trademark? The answer to that is probably no. Instead, spend your time working on learning the entire process of selling. You can always come back and do this at a later date. But, it is a good idea to get a trademark.

Coming up with a trademark isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do. You can pay people to do it. We’ll tell you later about some sites where you can have your packaging designed. You can go there too and find people who can help you choose a trademark. If nothing comes to your mind, then outsource it. Part of being a business owner is knowing when to hire someone else to do tasks.

You are going to want to make sure the trademark isn’t already registered. You can do that by visiting and searching there. The site can be very confusing. Take a little time and get used to it. You’ll be coming back to it throughout your tenure as an Amazon seller.

Make Sure the Domain and Social Media Handles Are Available:

Before you register your trademark, you’re going to want to see if the domain and social media accounts are available for the trademark name. If they aren’t, you’re probably going to want to choose another trademark. If the domain is taken, then it’s probably already trademarked. This might not always be the case, but it should be seen as a red flag at the least.

It all goes back to branding. You want to be able to include a URL on your packaging. You should also work on building up organic traffic to your website. Think of this as free search engine traffic that you can turn into sales. You should have a site for your brand. Social media accounts are a must for the domain. You can use them also to drive traffic to your site. This is all an attempt to give your brand some online awareness. There are plenty of free sources of traffic out there. Those who are diligent will find opportunities to promote their products in a way that gets results.

Why Packaging Matters:

You already know what they say about first impressions. How satisfied a customer is with your product can often be determined in the first few moments. What do you think of a product that has flimsy or terrible looking packaging?

The first thing you think of is that the item must be junk. Why else would a company put forth such little effort to make sure their product is in quality packaging? You will immediately think that the item isn’t any good.

The feeling the customer has at the very beginning is important for one often overlooked reason. Negative reviews will have an impact on your rankings. This will in turn affect your organic sales.

You don’t want the customer to start off on a bad foot when opening up your product. The way to avoid that is by making sure they see high quality packaging with you branding on it, which will tell the customer more about you and your brand. The packaging itself should be quality and the design as well. Make sure the first impression is a good one. It will go a long ways in how the customer perceives your product.

Can You Design the Packaging Yourself?

The short answer to this question is yes. There’s nothing at all stopping you from designing your own packaging. Should you design your own packaging? That’s a more tricky question. It all depends on how good you are with photo editing software. This is probably something that should be left to a professional. If you are a professional graphic designer, then go for it.

Even if you are a professional, it might be best to deal with someone who specifically designs packaging for Amazon products. They will be far more familiar with what consumers want. Graphic design has come a long ways and there are people who specialist in specific fields. You already know this if you’re a graphic designer.

Where to Find People to Design Your Packaging:

Upwork, Fiverr, and Jungle Market are all great places to find people to design your packaging. Jungle Market is specifically for people buying and selling services intended for Amazon. It’s brought to you by the same people who make Jungle Scout. It’s a name you can trust.

How Do You Choose the Right Person to Make Your Packaging?

It all boils down to experience. You should choose the seller who has the most experience and feedback. These outsourcing sites are great because you can quickly and easily find people who have designed a lot of packages. All you have to do is look at their feedback. You want to choose the seller who has the highest amount of positive feedback.

Don’t hesitate to ask to see samples of their work. Anyone who’s worthy of considering hiring should have plenty of samples for you to see. They more than likely do this every day of the week. None of them should be caught off guard by you wanting a sample. Anyone who can’t provide you a sample of their work should be avoided. There’s simply no good reason for a seller not to have plenty of examples of their work.

A Few Last Things:

We said earlier that you don’t have to trademark your brand. Nothing will change in the sense that you’ll have the full ability to sell on Amazon without it. This also means you’ll be able to advertise your products as well. It won’t hinder you in the slightest. There are some more opportunities at Amazon for those who do have a trademark. It’s a good idea to get one, but don’t feel like you can’t start selling without it.

Make your brand name standout in the packaging. You want them to be able to easily find your site and recommend it to others. You should also think about including information about a newsletter on your package. If not on your package, it should be on your website. Offer them something in return for signing up.

It could be information about latest products or the best ways to make use of your products. You want to use this opportunity to connect to your customer on a much more personal level. If you can develop a personal relationship with them, they’re more likely to become a return customer.

Outsourcing Is Never a Bad Thing:

Any time in the process that you feel overwhelmed during your Amazon journey, is the exact moment you should consider outsourcing tasks. Outsourcing has gotten a bad rap over the years and it shouldn’t have. There is no part of anything in this article that can’t be outsourced. It would be best if you could come up with your own brand names and product names. But, you don’t have to. There’s nothing wrong at all with outsourcing this aspect of the job to someone else who has much more experience. Paying a small amount now can reap big rewards if you choose someone who is skilled in this field.

Beginners and professionals alike all need help. Reaching out to professionals is never a bad thing. There are some people who outsource almost the entire process of selling on Amazon. The level of your input can vary from product to product. It all depends on how much time you have and your workload. Don’t beat yourself up over paying people to do work. A completed job that’s done right is far better than something left undone. You never want to give the customer the impression that you’re half-heartedly doing this. That can easily happen if you skimp on an area and don’t take it seriously. You can even study the work done by who you hire and learn how to do it yourself.