Customer loyalty programs are an important part of growing brands today. It is an advantage for both business owners and customers by giving more from their sales acquired.




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Customers know that buying more products from brands that they like give them rewards through points and coupons. Brands understand that they are gaining and retaining customers because of loyalty programs given to customers for patronizing their products.

Everybody has a chance to be rewarded when a loyalty scheme is set up for a certain brand. Studies revealed that 71% of people believe that customer loyalty is an integral part of their relationship with the brand.

Don’t be alarmed if you still don’t have a customer loyalty program for your brand. We will help and teach you to set up one for you to succeed. In this article, you will learn everything about customer loyalty schemes that other brands already have. You can turn these learnings into action and create your own customer loyalty programs.

Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is the result of constant satisfaction and experience with the products and services of a brand. A result of a return customer, purchasing several times. Customer loyalty occurs when a customer experiences a good shopping experience on quality products with good customer relation.

Why Customer Loyalty Programs Are Needed?

Customer loyalty programs benefit both the customer and the business owner.

  • Effective in customer retention.
  • Relevant customer data and consumer trends.
  • Higher cart value.
  • Decrease the number of unprofitable customers.
  • Affordable
  • Better customer communication or customer relationship.

Best Loyalty Programs Offered

1. Starbucks Rewards

Starbucks Rewards are free and accessible. Download the app and fill up your personal information to track your progress on the reward system. Starbucks uses graphics for customers to know how to get their loyalty program. Sometimes people that are confused about how to earn points and claim their rewards lose interest in the program.

2. German Airline Lufthansa

German Airline Lufthansa offers a great customer loyalty program for people who love to travel and business people with Miles & More brand. The loyalty scheme allows customers to earn points by buying anything related to travel such as flights, hotel bookings, car rentals, and travel accessories. You can use the points through Miles & More on the same products. The more you earn points the bigger the reward.

3. Lush Loyalty Program

Lush is a UK cosmetic brand that offers an eco-friendly customer loyalty program. The program is very easy, no sign-ups needed.  Just collect five signature black pots with the products and return back to the store to redeem your free face mask. The return pots are reused and recycled. The brand mission is to protect the environment which aligns with their eco-friendly loyalty program.

4. Nike Loyalty Program

Nike’s customer loyalty programs are for people who love the brand and do purchase the product. It encourages people to go out, exercise and be healthy which fits their slogan “Just do it”. The rewards are not only for Nike customers but also for Apple Music, Classpass and Headspace. These discounts are given to a carefully chosen customer and encourage them to get involved in fitness activities.

Create Your Own Loyalty Program Using Shopify Apps

Creating your customer loyalty program using Shopify is very easy. In the Shopify app store, there are options which you can choose from.

An example of a simple loyalty program is the Smile. It is easy to use and it’s free. All you need to do is, install the Smile App to your Shopify Store. Create a Smile account by entering your email and password. Use your email associated with Shopify account. Fill up the information needed to be able to get your customer loyalty program running.

Next, think of a name for your loyalty scheme. You can change the name anytime you want. Then select an icon that will represent your program. A launcher will automatically be added to the bottom right part of your website. Select in the drop-down menu that suits your brand.

You will be then asked for questions about your store. After they have gathered and analyzed your data, they will give you a recommendation of the type of customer loyalty program that is best for you. Don’t worry instructions are clearly given. All you have to do is follow the steps.

On the start guide, tabs on the left side can be seen as follows:  Enable Customers, Customize Display, Review Program, Select Plan and Launch. Each tab has a purpose.

  • Enable Customers. The tab allows you to change the settings of customers to create an account. Enable the customer account to be able to launch your customer loyalty program.
  • Customize Display. In this tab, you can change the appearance of your customer loyalty program by adjusting the colors, add images and change the positioning of the pop-up
  • Review Program.  This is where you can set up how your customers can earn and spend their points earned.
  • Select Plan. Smile App has two different plans. A “Free Plan” that everybody can access and the “Growth Plan”. The Growth Plan is an upgraded Free Plan. It offers more options as well as help you get the most out of your customer loyalty scheme.
  • Launch. This tab is intended if you are ready to launch your Smile customer loyalty program. All you need to do is click “Launch my program” and Smile will then add it to your Shopify Store.

After you have completed the steps above, your customer loyalty program will be available.

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You have learned what customer loyalty program is and we have discussed some of the best customer loyalty programs, the steps are clearly given for you to set up your own. Now is the right time to put those learnings into action.

Grow with your customers by giving customer loyalty programs. Remember, everybody is a winner when it comes to loyalty programs. It is beneficial to buyers, entrepreneurs, and brands. The more a customer feels appreciated the more they will support you and recommend to others as well.