Do you have a Twitter account for your business? If your answer is yes, do you know that you can find new customers in just a few minutes?




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Creating an account on Twitter is free plus you can gain customers in an easy way. Figure out about the problem your business solves or how your business can provide customers on what they need. Put yourself in the shoes of your customers and think about relevant words, phrases, hashtags, and keywords they might tweet to show what they want that you can grant.

The next step, use the search bar and that’s it. For example, you run a clothing store, you can search for “new clothes or a new dress”. The search results will show what people are chattering or discussing about on Twitter.

These people are your potential customer and those who are actively engaged in these tweets is also a potential customer. All you have to do is create an offer that they can resist and directly reach out to them. This is a chance for you to have sales and get positive reviews.

Twitter is considered as a powerful tool in marketing when used properly. In this article, we will be discussing the need for Twitter in business, how to get started and the tools and strategies that can help your business grow.

Advantages of Using Twitter For Your Business

Twitter is a social media giant with 330 million active users monthly. About 42% use the apps daily with hundreds of millions of tweets. A bit lower than Facebook when compared to active users, but almost 24% of the adults in the United States use the micro-blogging platform. Twitter users come mostly from Millenials and according to the Financial Times, Millenials are the most powerful consumers today.

Twitter Users Based on Age

  1. 18-29 years old with 43%
  2. 30-49 years old with 29%
  3. 50-64 years old with 20%
  4. 65 + years old with 9%

Twitter says that 80% of its users are “affluent Millenials”, 30% of the American belong to this generation who earns $75,0000 or more is using the apps. The data simply shows that using Twitter for business, the group of potential customers is strong. Based on a report from Twitter, 93% of the people who follow small and medium-sized businesses or called SMB on Twitters have the urge to buy from SMB that they follow.

The said social media platform is not as big as Facebook and Instagram but it has the capability to boost your business.

Why Twitter is Good For Business

1. Connect with customers

Twitter is a marketing channel that allows you to connect with your customers at any given time. You can use Twitter to ask your customers for any feedback or answer their queries. You can also respond to their tweets that give you the opportunity to interact and build a better relationship.

2. Cost-free when it comes to marketing

Twitter is free and you don’t have to pay to tweet. You have all the chances to reach out to all of your online followers without spending a penny. You can surely reach out to your audience.

3. Monitor your competitors

Twitter gives you the opportunity to keep an eye on your competition. Many customers are sharing their dissatisfaction and recommendations in that way you can closely monitor and improve your business.

4. Interact with possible customers

It can be used to contact and interact with possible customers. There are some instances that a customer reach out to your business. By tweeting regularly, customers will be updated about your new product or policies. Provide them with your latest information for any promotion or sales.

5. Increase in sales

Almost 60% of the brand’s followers turn into customers after following the brand. This behavior indicates that Twitter is a useful tool to increase sales.

Optimize Your Twitter Business Account

Let us first enumerate the key parts of a Twitter account. What we see in the top is the banner image, then the profile picture. Below the profile picture is the name of your business, followed by the username or Twitter handle. Next is the description or the bio and then the link for your online store or website. The last part is the pinned tweet, wherein you can post anything about your business.

1. Choose a captivating header image

Why captivating? Simply because the header is the first thing that a visitor can spot when visiting your page. Select an image that represents your brand. You can change the header image anytime you want. For example, you are launching a new product, a service or maybe a promotion. Check out Canva for banner images and free templates.

2. Use your logo as your profile picture

It is advised to use your logo for a Twitter business account, as your profile picture. Why is that so? For every interaction that you make your profile picture is displayed. Need help for a business logo? Use  Shopify free tool  Hatchful or Oberlo’s free logo generator tool.

3. Profile name

Your profile name must be your business name not your name as an owner. The main reason for this, you are promoting your brand or business not you as an owner. Twitter only allows 20 characters. It is recommended that when you choose your brand name it must be short for people to easily remember it. If you have a longer business name, think of a solution to shorten it such as creating an abbreviation.

4. Twitter “Handle”

What is a Twitter Handle? It is usually a username that identifies each Twitter account. Each account is unique and there is no such thing as the same username. NameChk is a helpful tool that you can use to identify available username on different platforms. Avoid numbers, punctuations or underscores in your username to avoid confusion.

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There is no question with regards to budget when using Twitter for your business. Always bear in mind that the said platform is for conversation and communication not broadcasting. Aim to connect with users directly and provide your audience with valuable information. If you don’t have time to post regularly, use social media tools for scheduling your post. Stay focused and be persistent to achieve your goals for the betterment of your business.