The best time to start an eCommerce business cannot exactly be determined, but now is the right time.




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You heard me right, today is the ideal opportunity to start your own online shop. The most important thing is not the business, but the idea that can turn on to its highest potential for profit.

Many people wanted to have a website for their online shops because of the low cost and the availability of shipping facilities, however, one thing that stops them is the determination to pursue what they really wanted. Another concern that is stopping them is the products to sell. There are a lot of products to choose from but the real question is which one is the right product that is saleable at this time. Choosing the right products is time-consuming and requires a lot of research to gather the data and comparing each item.

For your advantage, I have done research to answer this question, compiled and compared ideas that have a proven track record on the market that is based on the current trends and its success. The products and niches are as follows:

1. Fashion and Jewelry Products

For this year we will be able to see more niches in fashion and jewelry. This is a good niche to start with, try a specialized or personalized type of pieces of jewelry that is appealing to a wider audience. A fashion website is another niche or a combination of both.

2. Electronics and Accessories

Earphones, AR/VR headsets, and other accessories are now appealing to the masses. The demand is fast growing which simply means manufacturers will invest and create more augmented/virtual reality apps in the years to come. This is your chance to be a part of the business of the rapid growth of the use of technology.

3. Smart Accessories and Home Products

The in-demand products such as smart home products are increasing and not too many online stores have these products. Studies show that almost 50% of the demand will soon rise this year. This is your chance for an early startup for this niche.

4. Online Courses

Many students are interested in learning through online Platforms may it be learning a skill, improving their knowledge on a certain subject or area.

They are searching for educational resources that can help them and taking online courses is more convenient than having a formal education in school. Online courses are very helpful for stay at home moms and students. They can learn in any parts of the world without the hassle of traffic and extra budget for the fare.

5. Smart Watches

In 2018, the use of smartwatches has been popular from all walks of life. For this year 2019, the sales rise up to $53.2 billion and are expected to continue for the next few years. Smart watches look trendy and very ideal for students and sporty people.

6.  Selfie Drones

The use of this product is popular for farmers to watch over their crops, videographers in taking aerial shots. It also allows the capture of pictures in different angles for commercial or personal use. It can also be used for monitoring purposes or investigative cases.

7. Online Grocery and Food Business

You can start selling locally produced products and as your profit increases, you can add more items. Food is a basic need and people will always look for food every day.

8. Skateboards, Electric scooters, and Hoverboards

The use of electric scooters, skateboards, and hoverboards in any part of the world is becoming attractive and fashionable. This can be the best chance for you to enter this kind of business.

9.   3D Assets Store

3D Asset for games and AR/VR apps is considered a hot commodity today. You can set up a 3D asset store by just adding a third party asset store or you can make your own.

10.  Niche Subscription Boxes

Niche Subscription Boxes is also an ideal business for this year, while most people prefer to buy online boxes is in demand and this business can be an ideal one. All online stores need boxes for shipping especially for larger items and fragile ones.

11.  Video Doorbells

For safety purposes, the use of video doorbells is encouraged for every home. This is one way to secure first the person or guest before you open the door. In cases, for example a suspicious person tries to break in your house you will have a chance to call for help.

12.  Baby Rompers

Shows a large volume of searches on search engines. Moms find baby rompers cute for babies. For comfort and convenience of mothers, online shopping is the answer.

13.  Enamel Pins

Enamel pin business is fast growing. The use of customized pins is popular among students and professionals. They like using pins while others make it a hobby of collecting enamel pins.

14.  Dash Cam

More and more people are concerned about their safety and the use of dash cams can be seen on cars and public cabs. This is one way to monitor and record any incident on the roads. It can record any event and stores the data which enable the owner to review whatever purpose it may be.

15.  Vape, Liquid, and Flavors

The use of Vape is popular in today’s generation. It is considered safer than smoking because it doesn’t involve any burning of substances. It is an alternative way for people who want to quit smoking. I have seen a lot of people using vape and they really enjoy the different flavors.

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Products and niches mentioned above are the trending for 2019 and can be your best business that can bring your online store to success. Choose any niche above or a combination of products and start your e-commerce store now. This article will help you decide what products you can sell that will give you profit the whole year round.