Make your marketing strategy before you reach out to your chosen influences. Having an organized plan is recommended.




*Result is not typical nor guaranteed.*

In communicating to influencers it must be a personal. It must be precise and direct to the point, so it is a must that everything is planned ahead of what you wanted to happen. Make sure that it is appealing to your target influencer. There are agencies that provide services like this. They can manage your influencers marketing efforts, but if you decide to do it yourself, read until the end of this article for this for you.

Steps to Follow for An Influencer Outreach:

1. Build A Good Rapport

A strong relationship is the center of all marketing mediums. It is the key to the door for mutual efforts. When efforts are mutual, it can be a partnership that works.

Talk to influencers as a friend and go straight to the point than going around the bush. Most influencers prefer a sincere conversation. Learn more about your target influencers. It will be easy for you to start a conversation.

2. Know Them Well

Know everything that you need to know such as follower counts, the quality of their post and their social engagements on their social media accounts.

3. Interact

Follow their social media accounts and subscribe to their blogs. Comment on their post or engage in the discussion among their audience. This is one way of showing interest.

Tips & Templates For An Influencer Marketing Outreach:

List down your target candidates set the goals and guidelines to follow. After you have done these three, you can start your influencer outreach

  1. Create a personalized message for each influencer as possible. Mention their name, brand or other things that stand out on their social media profiles. Include at the beginning of your message about a certain partnership that you have in mind.
  2. If you have the same interest, tell them.
  3. State the reasons why you choose them and the interest to work in partnership. Recognize their unique qualities. Anyone likes to be appreciated.
  4. Make a request not a demand and give them the opportunity to share their thoughts regarding your proposal.
  5. Do not forget to follow-up after a week. Give them enough time to think about it.
  6. Send a couple of follow up messages, in cases with no reply move on to the next on the list.
  7. Don’t push things, they maybe not interested now, but still keep the relationship.

Sample Templates:

Gifting for Review or Mention

Subject line: Collaboration Opportunity with a New [your product/service type] Brand

Hi [influencer’s name],

I’m [your name] from [your company]. I’ve been following your [blog, Instagram, YouTube, etc.] for about a year now and I’m impressed with your work

It seems that we both have the same passion for [common ground].

Further, I think my brand really aligns with yours, and that your audience would be a great fit for [your product]. I’d be glad to send you over one for free in exchange for a [review/mention] on your [blog, Instagram, YouTube, etc.].

Please let me know if you’re interested.

Thank you,

[your name]

Brand Ambassador

Include  them on your [blog, Instagram, YouTube, etc.].

Get an extra commission for [sales, new leads, social media growth, etc.].

Work with us for a few months to start, then extend if we both love it

The terms are flexible, so I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas.

Would you like to work with us?


[your name]

Product or Collection Collaboration

Subject line: Let’s build something together! [Influencer’s Name] + [Your Company]

Hi [influencer’s name],

I’m [your name] from [your company]. We’re launching up a new [product/collection type], and we’ve been hoping to partner with an expert influencer who wants to help us develop it and make it their own.

I’ve been following your [blog, Instagram, YouTube, etc.] and I think you’d be the perfect fit.

Here’s how the process would work:

  • We’ll ask for your unfiltered input on creating and producing the [product/collection]
  • It will be released as YOUR exclusive line – you can even name it [influencer’s name] if you like
  • You’ll receive 10% of all sales!

Can you give us some time this week to talk about what this partnership could look like?

Look forward to hearing from you,

[your name]

Your campaign brief must also include:

  • Specify your desired posting dates and requirements, for example: they must post on a specific date/time, or within 2 weeks of receiving the product
  • The delivery date, which could look like:
  • 1 Instagram post including a photo of a product. The caption must include company @tag and campaign #hashtag – posted July 5
  • 1 Instagram story that includes the product in use, as well as verbal mention of product name – posted July 10
  • 1 blog post that reviews the product, including product photo and special discount code HOORAY123 – posted July 15
  • A detailed list of what you want and don’t want – dos and don’ts list can be handy for this
  • Some visuals to give an example of what you’re looking for
  • An overview of your approval process, if you choose to review their content before they’re allowed to post
  • A reminder of FTC regulations, including a requirement that they use labels like #ad, #sponsored, or something similar
  • Other details to include in the content, like your brand’s relevant social media handles, trackable links, and branded hashtags
  • A bit of personalization – change each brief to address the influencer by name and note any details from your discussions
  • Contact information for the person your influencer will be working with the most

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Clearly state your campaign brief and how your partnership will work for both of you. Encourage the exchange of ideas and freedom to craft the details of the content to look natural. Do not control too much about the content. This is to avoid damage to your credibility. The Audience of your influencer will know if it is scripted. You know what I mean. The content must be free-flowing and real.