Content is the foundation of your blog or website, and it’s also instrumental in helping you build an audience that trusts you as a source of information. If you want to grow your business, create high-quality content that people want to read. Start with these seven tools!

In this blog post, you’ll learn about seven free and paid content-creation tools that can help you produce great content for your blogging website. These tools can be used by anyone and are accessible from any device. Even someone who does not have any software knowledge or higher education can use them easily. They are simple to use and have great user interfaces which make it easy for anyone with basic computer skills to create great content too.

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BuzzSumo is a content analysis tool that lets you see which topics and hashtags are driving the most conversations on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. You can then use this knowledge to create new content that is more likely to get noticed by your followers.

It’s a great way to research new content ideas and see what topics are trending in your industry. You can analyze more than 500 million Twitter conversations and more than 2 billion Instagram posts to find the most popular content that your readers are discussing. You can also filter the data by the number of mentions, median response time, and average response.


BuzzSumo is an online tool that helps to discover, analyze, and track the performance of trending topics on social media. It provides a one-stop resource for exploring the most shared content about a given topic, so it can be used to identify influencers, discover relevant content ideas and topics, and evaluate the success of campaigns.

BuzzSumo provides you with the following advantages:

  • Create content that aligns with the trend by exploring other content that is on the top rank of SEO
  • Keyword tool to generate relevant words and view analytic information which helps to know the phrases or words that your audience is searching for
  • Real-time result performance of your recently published content and get insight on relevant regions by using geographic filtering
  • Find and connect with thousands of the right influencers to promote your brand and increase traffic and make a widely share of your content
  • Monitor your content creation by getting alert information from the topics and keywords that affect your business


Using BuzzSumo, you can search and sort the most popular content on the web. It's an excellent way to find information that people are sharing and talking about.

There are two ways to use BuzzSumo: Free or Paid. Free users can view a limited amount of content each month but can see all the results from paid users. Paid users get unlimited access to all the results from free users each month as well as their private dashboard for tracking trending topics and pages.

Free – $0.00

  • Access to 1 user
  • Allows up to 10 free searches per month
  • Create content with content ideas generator
  • Receive analysis reports from your content and domain
  • Create 1 content project with 100 items with 1 custom feed
  • Search and collect the right influencers and view journalist's profiles

Pro – $79.00 per month (Try a 30-day free trial)

  • Access all features from the free plan
  • Allows unlimited searches per month
  • Access to 5 users and get 5 alerts
  • Export up to 50 files per month
  • Create an unlimited content project with unlimited items and 10 custom feeds

Plus – $139.00 per month (Try a 30-day free trial)

  • Access all features from the pro plan
  • Access to 10 users and get 10 alerts
  • Export up to 150 files per month and 20 custom feeds
  • Analyze questions and brief generator for your content

Large – $239.00 per month (Try a 30-day free trial)

  • Access all features from the plus plan
  • Access to 15 users and get 30 alerts
  • Export up to 150 files per month and 50 custom feeds
  • Analyze your Youtube and Facebook pages

Try a 30-day free trial offered by BuzzSumo by clicking the link below —


WordPress is a content management system (CMS). This means it’s the backbone of your blog or website. You can use it to create pages, posts, and other content types. You can also use it to track visitors to your website, build a digital marketing strategy, and track analytics like how many people visit your blog and what they do while they're there.

WordPress lets you view your content in multiple formats, including PDF, EPUB, and MOBI. This can make it easy to publish content that can be read by people using a variety of devices, including those with screen readers or who have accessibility issues.


There are many features of WordPress that make it a great choice for businesses and individuals who want to build a website.It is free, simple to set up, and can be tailored with themes. WordPress is open-source software, so the code is freely available for anyone to use and modify.

WordPress provides you with the following advantages:

  • Write content with a fast and intuitive editor that saves your work every minute and drag and drop interface to simply put images
  • Access and update your website anywhere and anytime through mobile and desktop apps for android, IOS, Mac, Windows, and Linux systems
  • Share and post your content on other social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook and add some social tools in able for your readers to share your content as well
  • SEO tools and built-in sitemaps in able for audiences and readers to find your published content
  • Know your reader's behavior from what they read, interest search, and where they come from by having an in-depth analysis stats feature


WordPress is free and open-source software that enables users to create a website using easy-to-use templates. There are several different plans available from, depending on the necessary resources required for the site. The cheapest options are self-hosted solutions that require a basic level of technical knowledge to set up.

Personal – ₱160.00 per month

  • Get a free domain for one year
  • Class hosting and brand name remover
  • Collect payments and get unlimited email support

Premium – ₱333.00 per month

  • Access all features from the personal plan
  • Earn ad revenue plus integration from Google Analytics
  • Get unlimited email support and live chat support
  • Upload videos and get access to premium themes

Business – ₱933.00 per month

  • Access all features from the premium plan
  • Allows to install up to 50,000 plugins to maximize its functionality
  • Access to advanced SEO tools and automated site backups

eCommerce – ₱1679.00 per month

  • Access all features from the business plan
  • Allows receiving payments from 60+ countries
  • Allows integration from Top shipping carriers
  • Design your online store with premium design options


Buffer is a content-publishing tool that lets you share content from your computer to social media with a single click. You can also use Buffer to publish content in batches, which can be helpful for those who work on a schedule.

You may post material at specific times using Buffer. You can set posts to go out at certain times or during the workday. This can help you publish content when your audience is most active on social media. You can also use Buffer to schedule tweets for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Using this strategy, you can enhance your event's or brand's presence in a new way.


Buffer provides a simple and intuitive content creation tool that enables you to construct web pages and other types of content effortlessly. You can create new content using the built-in editor, or you can upload existing content to the Buffer platform. Once your content is on the platform, you can use the tools in the platform to share, manage, and track your content.

Buffer provides you with the following advantages:

  • Post, publish, and distribute your content on different social platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter to reach more audience
  • Schedule your posts for your campaign and build your brand on Instagram and work with your team for content preview
  • Set reminders and receive notifications for posting attractive content stories on Tiktok and Twitter
  • Create high-quality content shared by reviewing posts, creating drafts, and getting feedback from your team
  • Allow comments upon publishing your content and drive traffic from your brand through social networks


It’s possible to use Buffer to create professional-looking content that’s ready to be shared with your audience. You can use the tool either for free or paid. The free version is limited in features, but it’s still enough to get started. Paid versions add more features such as analytics, themes, and custom upload sizes. There are also several paid add-ons you can purchase to extend the capabilities even further.

Free – $0.00

  • Manage up to 3 channel network
  • Access to basic features for publishing content
  • Create a designed landing page with their landing page builder

Essential – $5.00 per month (Try a 14-day free trial)

  • Access to planning and publishing tools for content creation
  • See the performance of your content by using analytic tools
  • Use engagement tools to reach more audiences and influencers

Team – $10.00 per month (Try a 14-day free trial)

  • Access all features from the free and essential plan
  • Access to unlimited users from your team members
  • Use draft collaboration tools to create more compelling content
  • Export files to store in a safe place and share it with other members of your team

Try a 14-day free trial offered by Buffer by clicking the link below —


Typeform is a content creation tool that lets you create surveys, ask questions, and collect information from your readers. You can create polls, questions, and other types of surveys. You can also create e-books, whitepapers, or even sales letters with Typeform.

With Typeform, you can create surveys that include multiple-choice, checklists, or rating questions. You can also create surveys that ask for information like email addresses, how long readers have been reading your post, or where readers got their information.

You can create these surveys from a WordPress post or the Typeform dashboard. You can also include these polls on your blog or site. This is a great tool for collecting reader data about your content and for testing different marketing strategies.


The main feature of Typeform is its drag-and-drop editor. The editor allows users to easily create surveys, forms, and other types of content in minutes. The editor also comes with a wide range of templates and styles. These features make it easy for businesses to create custom content quickly and efficiently.

Typeform provides you with the following advantages:

  • Involve your audience by soliciting and responding to their feedbacks through forms with questions
  • Customize layouts and themes for your content to expose your brand on other social platforms
  • Use ready templates for creating surveys and questionnaires to engage more with your audience and know what they think
  • Integrate Typeform into powerful top apps such as Hubspot, Klaviyo, Canva, Slack,, and more to increase functionality and flexibility
  • Generate more leads by inviting your audience to answer attractive and well-designed forms with lead scoring and a calculator


Typeform also has a pricing model that is flexible enough for most businesses to use. They offer 3 different pricing plans that have specific features depending on the needs of your business.

Basic – $25.00 per month

  • Allows 100 responses per month
  • Access only to one user
  • Create unlimited type forms and questions
  • Get notified by email about the respondents
  • Allows integration from Slack, Mailchimp, Airtable, and Hubspot

Plus – $50.00 per month

  • Access all features from the basic plan
  • Get 1,000 responses per month
  • Typeform brand name remover
  • Customize subdomain and meta description

Business – $83.00 per month

  • Access all features from the plus plan
  • Get 10,000 responses per month
  • Track conversions and get priority support plus live chat

Google Trends

When it comes to Internet searches, Google Trends is one of the most popular tools out there. It lets you see what topics people are most interested in right now.

You can use Google Trends to examine the frequency of search terms and see what people are searching for around the world. You can also see search interest over time with Google Trends. Whenever query volumes fluctuate, you can choose which topic to discuss in your content based on which topic is most popular.


Google Trends is a search engine that allows users to look at the frequency of specific search terms across time. This tool can help to evaluate the overall state of an Internet topic by charting the relative popularity of key terms over time. Google Trends is also useful for identifying emerging trends.

GoogleTrends provides you with the following advantages:

  • See the latest trend across the internet in different categories that gives content ideas that you can write about
  • Can also be used as part of a social media monitoring strategy, to see which topics are trending among your followers on Twitter or Facebook
  • Examine the data analytics which helps to determine which topics are most relevant for your target audience
  • Know your audience's queries and relevant keywords to reach more audience and drive more traffic to your website
  • You can compare keywords to see which has more volume over time and which country they frequently used


Using Google Trends, you can investigate how frequently a specific topic is searched online. It shows the number of searches for keywords and topics over time, showing peaks and valleys in interest. Google Trends can be used to evaluate the popularity of a particular topic or keyword. It can also help you determine where people are searching for specific information.


When it comes to creating content, there is a lot to be done. Trello makes it simple for everyone on the team to collaborate, give updates, and set reviews and approvals. Trello can be used to organize entire projects and establish a review and approval process for the whole team. In Trello, you can view the status of project changes for all team members in one place.


A project management application Trello tracks everything from assignments to ideas.. An easy-to-use interface allows anyone to create lists, boards, and cards to organize their projects. Trello also offers a range of other features, including messaging, comments, notifications, attachments, and more.

Trello provides you with the following advantages:

  • View your projects by creating a dashboard, Maps, Calendars, and Table
  • Automate your work to save time and focus on more important things
  • Get suggestions and tips from AI that recognizes repetitive tasks
  • Use a wide variety of templates available to create well-built content that will save your time
  • Increase the flexibility of Trello through plugins of your existing and favorite apps like Jira and Slack


While Trello is designed for teams of all sizes, it can be used for solo projects as well. Trello is free for private use and offers limited business features for paid plans. Trello works on any device that has a web browser and is accessible through any operating system (Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android)

Free – $0.00

  • Create unlimited cards and 10 boards per workspace
  • Get unlimited storage and power-ups
  • Customize themes, stickers, and backgrounds
  • Access through iOs and android with 2-factor authentication

Standard – $5.00 per month

  • Access all features from the free plan
  • Create an advanced checklist and customize fields
  • Create a single board for guests and save your searches

Premium – $10.00 per month

  • Access all features from the standard plan
  • View and monitor projects on plugins, tables, timelines, calendars, and maps
  • Get security and admin features with priority support for technical issues
  • Export simple file data and get access to workspace-level templates

Enterprise – $17.20 per month

  • Access all features from the premium plan
  • Get unlimited workspace with organization-wide permissions
  • Organize visible boards and multi-board guests
  • Get free SSO and Atlassian access for user provisioning


Teams can use Otter for recording meetings and producing real-time transcripts for posting to blogs, emailing, or interacting on social media.

It also works well for recording phone calls and tutorials. With the click of a button, you can set up a recording that can be posted later, or shared right away. You can also annotate the recording with links to relevant documents or other information.

It's also handy if you frequently interview subjects for blog posts, emails, or social media posts. You can quickly get real-time quotes after an interview—especially if you don't want to type them or have to wait for them to be processed.


Otter is a record meeting software that can be used for content creation. It offers features that make it an ideal tool for this purpose. Among these are its ability to record meetings and then automatically transcribe them into text, which can be used to create meeting minutes or other documents. In addition, Otter allows users to share meeting recordings with others so that everyone involved in the discussion can have access to them.

Otter provides you with the following advantages:

  • Real-time transcription to engage more with the participants during a meeting and you can share with your team through collaboration tools
  • Powered AI to understand better the conversations over time by applying custom vocabulary and speaker identification
  • Use the platform anywhere and anytime through Android, iOS, and the web which makes it easy to access your work
  • You can add images, allow comments, and use analytics to see the performance of your meeting and recordings
  • Allow playback and synced audio, texts, and speed control plus create a live caption during meetings


The pricing offered by Otter is very reasonable. It offers three pricing plans that have transcription and analysis of meeting recordings.

Basic – $0.00

  • Record and transcript your meetings
  • Have an assistant that can join your meetings
  • Automate takeaways and outline your meetings
  • 300 minutes of transcript per month with 30 minutes per conversation

Pro – $8.33 per month

  • Access all features from the basic plan
  • Import and transcribe pre-recorded video
  • Allows advanced export and search
  • 1200 minutes of transcript per month with 90 minutes per conversation

Business – $20.00 per month

  • Access all features from the pro plan
  • Collaboration tools such as custom vocabulary and speakers
  • Use analytics and billing plus prioritized support
  • 6000 minutes of transcript per month with 4 hours per conversation

Enterprise – contact sales

  • Access all features from the business plan
  • Allows other payment methods
  • Single Sign-on with organization-wide deployment


The goal of this piece is to teach you about the finest content creation instruments. There are many tools for content creation available on the internet. However, most of them are not worth using. So, we have shortlisted the best seven tools to make your content better.

From those seven tools, you can easily create better-quality posts. These tools will help you with preparing your content, writing better articles, and formatting your content. So, go ahead and try these tools, and you will see the difference. Start using these tools, and you will be surprised by how easy it is to create content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: How can I use content creation tools to improve my business? Business owners can use content creation tools to improve their businesses in various ways. For example, content creation tools can help you create high-quality content that attracts customers and helps you generate leads. Additionally, using these tools can help you boost your SEO efforts and grow your audience online.

Question 2: What is the difference between content creation tools and writing software? Content creation tools are software that helps you to create content. Writing software is software that helps you to write. Content creation tools often have more features than writing software. They may help you to organize your content, format it, and even publish it. Writing software usually just provides you with a blank document and some basic formatting options.

Question 3: What are some of the most popular content creation tools? Some of the most popular content creation tools include WordPress, Blogger, and Tumblr. These platforms make it easy to create and manage your content. They also provide you with a wide range of customization options so that you can make your content look however you want it to.

Writing software can also help you create engaging and compelling content by helping to fix grammar spelling, errors, and use of words in your content. If you want to know more about writing software, just click here and it will show you the best writing software available in the market that you can choose from to also help you make informed decision. If you also interest about the best AI writing software to easily create content in a minute, click here to see what AI copywriting software suits you the best.