Everyone know content is the king. But a lot have changed over the decades of content marketing. Your content need to be authentic real and streamlined in order to make your audience interested to your content. Going forward on 2019, you have to be more aware as a content marketer, in order to build your brand and make an impact in your niche.




*Result is not typical nor guaranteed.*

I will show you how you can crush 2019 by implementing the content marketing strategies no one is talking about. I will show you how you can leverage the technology on your advantage and build content that don’t suck!

Leverage Facebook and Instagram Live Transcend Your Message:

The hottest thing in the marketing space of 2018 was Facebook and Instagram live. It ‘s not only a tool for people to come and stream their life events and concert but also a tool that could be utilized to transacnd your content to your audiences. Also, Facebook and Instagram favors those who goes to live often.

Take a look at GaryVee Video Experience facebook show. Once shoots any podcast or invites anyone to his show he, streams all his content live. His videos gets enormous attention and he don’t have to sit back and write content after content. He is leveraging the power of facebook life and putting his content infront of more people who is consuming his content via video that reading.

Instagram live also favors those who creates content consistently and gets a lot of engagement. Grant Cardone is one of the best, when it comes to leverage the power of instagram. He post his content consistently and his instagram live gets a lot of views and attention since he playing by the rule of instagram.

As long as you are consistent and make content based on your audiences preference, you will win in Instagram. Also, since Instagram just rolled out instagram live it will give more exposures to the influences in 2019 in order to engage users a lot more than the past.

Post More Content On YouTube Than Blogging:

Remember the last time you had a problem to you need to a solution for? Where did you go in order to find the solution for that problem? There is a higher chance that you went to YouTube than googling your problems. Videos are vital and YouTube is the go to source for anyone who need to find a solution for the problem.

If you want to crush 2019, you need to be on YouTube. It’s must for any content marketer who wants to build a brand and highlight their content in front of vast majority people and the best place to do that is on YouTube.

YouTube is the second biggest search engine of the world and millions of hours of video is watched everyday in YouTube. All the big marketers are on YouTube. People from Russell Brunson, Pat Flynn and Neil Patel all put their content in YouTube in order to get more eye balls in their content.

Its easier to get more eye ball in your content on YouTube than writing blog post on Google. The key to ranking your content is simple – SEO, great quality content and consistency. Once you have them dialed in you will be on your way to monetize your audience to drive them to your blogs and other product and service.

Share Content In Quora:

If you are a content creator or blogger, you need to share your content to Quora. Quora is a question and answer site where people pose a question and the everyone can chime in to answer the question. Quora is great for the content creator who wants to drive external traffic to their blog from an external source.

The best way to find you niche audience and get infront of them is by providing value by proving you are expert on your niche. You can literally find any niche and audience on Quora. There is no better place where you can share your content and get attention from the right audience if you are into blogging and like to write content.

Join Mastermind and Get Known In Your Space:

The best way to grow fast is join masterminds from the big names. You should join mastermind and go to seminar to meet like minded people. You never know who you will be able to find while you are going to conference with a open mind,

You will meet the industry leader and will have a chance to mastermind with them. Creating long time relationship that last and goes a long way. You will have a chance to meet and greet with industry leaders in your space who can introduce you to there audiences.

Imagine you have a blog related to entrepreneurship and getting a shout out from Gary Vee. You can imagine what that can do to your business and brand. You content will get infront of more people over night and that will make you trust worthy to your future audience.

Start a Podcast:

Every big marketer has a podcast online and its one of the best way to grow and look credible to your audience. You can make your content portable and public to a huge amount of targeted audience. Podcast is one of the best way to transcend your message and content, because people can access your content anywhere at anytime.

Instead of reading and watching, they can enjoy your content while they are travelling, working or even driving. They best way to grow a podcast in 2019 is – getting known through other podcaster who has a successful podcast, create great content consistently and optimize for keywords to be appeared in the search engine of major podcasting platform.

Final Words:

Finally, Take action and take and do one thing well from the list in 2019. If you put enough time and effort and stay consistent, you will be ahead of 98%  content marketer in your space.