E-commerce is electronic commerce where buying and selling are done through the internet.




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The payment is also through an online process using a debit or credit card, PayPal and other electronic modes of payment. The advantage of an e-commerce store or drop shipping business is it has a wide target of the market considering the fact that anywhere in the world with internet can reach your business.

An online store needs web traffic for more exposure. In this article, you will be learning the best market places to sell your products which includes topics on the countries to dropship, the widest markets for dropshippers, the traits of the best performing markets and a lot more.

Countries for Dropshipping:

The United States, of course, is on the top market. It generates dropshipping sales more than the rest of the world. The most mature e-commerce industry is also from the US like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and others. There are some downfalls when targeting the US, the competition is high and the advertising cost. Other than the US there are many countries that we can target our marketing campaigns and dropshipping strategy.


In a research done by Obelo: Norway, Swden and Denmark are in the 11-20 range. New Zealand and Ireland is smaller in population however Scandinavian countries when combined have about 21 million people. These countries can be good for dropshipping since Norway, Sweden and Denmark have a spending power because these countries are expensive. The beauty of dropshipping is to market with countries with higher spending.

If you launch a Facebook campaign on those countries they won’t mind how much your are charging for your products for dropshipping. The reason for this, people are used of paying high prices even for local brands. You get the point? People in these countries speak exceptional English but of course there is no official language for this kind of business. What I’m trying to emphasize is a Facebook ad or an Instagram post is catchy on their eyes and have a bigger potential reach.Your ads and campaigns will be understood by the people living in these countries.


Australia is in the top 3 when dropshipping is concerned and there is so much room for advancement. By the next 2 years, online sales in this country is expected to increase and can reach about $15.44 billion. It means that dropshipping is growing its popularity. In 2018, these are the top categories: women’s clothing, home and garden, beauty and health, jewelry and accessories, sports and entertainment. Ausralia has a fast growing market with a potential to upgrade your ecommerce business to the next level not to mention the different payment gateways that operates such as Paypal, PaymentExpress and Shopify Payments.


France has a total population of 66.9 million people. It is another country that has a growing ecommerce landscape that is good for a dropshipping business. French people are interested about beauty, health , jewelry, clothing, home improvement and entertainment.

Top 20 Countries account for ePacket Delivery in 2017 (Oberlo)

  1. United States
  2. Great Britain
  3. Australia
  4. Canada
  5. France
  6. Germany
  7. Brazil
  8. Italy
  9. Netherlands
  10. Spain
  11. New Zealand
  12. Norway
  13. Mexico
  14. Sweden
  15. Switzerland
  16. Belgium
  17. Ireland
  18. Denmark
  19. Israel
  20. India

ePacket is a method of delivery of products from China. It is cheaper and affordable compared to other delivery options.

Top Countries with Facebook Penetration:

  1. Taiwan
  2. Chile
  3. Argentina
  4. Australia
  5. United Kingdom
  6. United States
  7. Canada
  8. Malaysia
  9. Turkey
  10. France
  11. Brazil
  12. Mexico
  13. Peru
  14. Spain
  15. Colombia
  16. Italy
  17. Thailand
  18. Philippines
  19. Venezuela
  20. Germany
  21. Poland

These are the countries that you need to market especially if you have an English store. Before dropshipping in any country, make a good plan regardless of the size, population and market saturation.

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Choose the Right Niche:

The first thing you need to consider in dropshipping is to look for a product that can serve the purpose of your target audience. List the things that can solve your problems and try to study on how you can turn those solutions into a business. Examine your interest, your friends and family. Think about a certain niche that you can excel because of the knowledge that you have

Find Reliable Suppliers:

The success of your business depends upon the reliability of the supplier plus the quality of the products. It is a must that you have a good relationship with your supplier and orders some samples for you to see the quality of the product that you are going to sell.

Product Pricing:

Dropshipping products with lower prices compared to other competitors can be a pricing strategy. At your start up stage, try not to invest much of advertising and design or website development.

Competitive Analysis:

In any business, you need to study and plan out your marketing strategies. Find out about your competitors and how the market works in a certain country that you want to do the dropshipping. An analysis is very important, this is for you to know where to start and how effective is your marketing strategy.


Best Countries for Dropshipping are the United States, United Kingdom, Scandinavia and Asia-Pacific. Knowing what countries to target can be a big help for you to decide your target location. It is ideal to target countries that understand English as a language for you can reach a lot of audiences using the English language.

I hope you have learned something from this article today. More topics coming up to broaden your knowledge about dropshipping and how you can improve your business. Stay tuned every week for we are posting relevant articles that you might be interested to learn.

The more you learn, the more knowledge you have. Make learning as a habit for knowledge means power. Everything that you know can greatly help you to improve yourself as an entrepreneur. Every expert was once a beginner and through learning, you develop the skills. The skills that can lead you to success.