It's no secret that technology has had a profound impact on the way businesses operate. From customer relations to internal communication, digital signage software has become an essential tool for companies of all sizes. Many experts believe that digital signage will play an even more important role in business operations in the years to come.

Digital signage software is a type of software used to generate and manage digital signs. It can be used for a variety of purposes, such as displaying information, promoting products or services, or collecting feedback from customers.

With digital signage, you can now share your content in real-time with audiences on any device they are using.

You could be broadcasting a video feed or an emergency alert sign which will keep all of your employees informed at their jobs while also helping one another to stay connected as the business grows across different platforms such as Facebook pages and Twitter feeds.

There are several different digital signage software programs available, and selecting the right one for your business can be confusing. So, we've compiled the best Digital Signage Software along with their pricing and features to help you make the right decision for your business.

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Xogo is a digital signage software that helps businesses to better engage with their customers and promote their products or services.

It allows businesses to create dynamic content that can be displayed on screens in high-traffic areas. This content can include images, videos, and even interactive applications. In addition, the software also provides tools for measuring the impact of the content, so businesses can see how effective their campaigns are.

If you want to increase the visibility of your content and reach target audiences, Xogo can help you get the job done.


If you're looking for digital signage software that offers an impressive range of features, Xogo is worth considering. Their software is packed with features that will help you create stunning visuals, engage your audience, and track the success of your campaigns. Plus, they offer exceptional customer support to ensure that you get the most out of our software.

Here are the least features offered by Xogo that you should know about:

  • Easy to set up and manage from any web browser without the need for expensive dedicated hardware
  • Support JPEG, and PNG graphics even MOV and MP4 videos and URLs that allow you to display infotainment feeds, webpages, and social media
  • Advanced scheduling for your items and contents to deliver the message to your audience at the precise time
  • Interactive content that allows you to engage with your viewers by allowing them to control what is being played on the screen
  • Multi-zone support for splitting up your content into different sections so you can display more than one message at a time
  • Receive free email customer tech support from the supporting team in America and Europe for your queries and problems


Xogo offers a pricing plan for small businesses that is affordable and easy to use. The pricing plan includes all the features a small business needs to get started with digital signage. There is also a free trial available so businesses can try out the software before committing to a plan.

Free – $0.00

  • Access to 1 player per organization
  • Access to 15 items maximum in the library
  • Upload 1-minute videos and HD contents
  • Access to advanced content-scheduling tools
  • Allows content overlay plus get free email-based support

Pro – per player per month – contact Xogo for bulk pricing

  • Access all features from the free plan
  • Access to an unlimited content library
  • Upload 5-minute videos plus HD and 4k content
  • APIs developer access


ScreenCloud is a powerful and easy-to-use digital signage software that helps you create, manage, and deploy your content with ease. It is a cloud-based solution in which you can access your content from anywhere, at any time.

With ScreenCloud, you can quickly and easily create engaging content that will capture the attention of your audience. You can also easily manage and deploy your content across multiple screens, making it easy to keep your message consistent and on point.


ScreenCloud is a digital signage software that can be used by small businesses to create and manage content for their displays.

Here are the list features offered by ScreenCloud that you should know about:

  • Schedule content and broadcasting to specific screens or groups of screens
  • Easily collaborate with local screen managers to create compelling content with target audiences
  • Integrate content with trusted existing tools from the web such as canvas as a graphic design tool, Slack, Google Workspace, and Excel for syndication of local information
  • High level of security for a conscious organization that wants to use existing tools to create engaging content
  • Transferring or grabbing data from real-time dashboard tools like Grafana to your personalized dashboard in ScreenCloud without login details


ScreenCloud offers a variety of pricing with different features that can be good for your business needs. They also offer discounts for educational purposes. Contact ScreenCloud for more information and discuss how they can help you and give you the best offers they have.

Core – $20.00 per screen per month

  • Universal hardware compatibility with multi-zone screen layouts
  • Allows integration from your existing applications
  • Access to 140+ templates and built-in design and editing
  • Helps you with simplified screen setup with remote device management
  • 99.99% SLA with 24/7 professional support

Pro – $30.00 per screen per month

  • Access all features from the core plan
  • Access to unlimited users with unlimited storage of any file types
  • Allows custom branding and fonts with lockable design templates
  • Allows embeddable channels and integration from Power BI

Enterprise – custom quote

  • Access all features from the pro plan
  • Single sign-on and multi-account billing
  • Secure dashboards plus get automated HR updates
  • Broadcast through Zoom / Live video
  • Have a dedicated customer success manager with custom user permission


Viewneo is a digital signage software that allows you to easily create and manage content for your digital signs. With Viewneo, you can create custom layouts, add images, videos, and text, and schedule when your content will be displayed.

The software also provides a library of pre-made templates and content, so you can get started quickly and easily. In addition, with its remote management feature, you can control your digital signs from anywhere in the world.

Viewneo also offers an extensive range of data collectors which allow you to track the most important information from your customers.

So whether you're looking to create an engaging customer experience or simply want to improve communication within your business, Viewneo is the perfect solution.


Viewneo is a digital signage software that not only allows you to create and manage your content but also provides you with powerful analytics to help you understand how your content is performing.

Here are the list features offered by Viewneo that you should know about:

  • A user-friendly interface that makes creating and managing content easy
  • Ability to schedule content for playback at specific times or on a loop
  • Ability to embed videos, images, and other multimedia files into your content
  • Allows plugins from different developers to extend the functionality of the software
  • Integration with Zapier to easily automate your digital signage content and able you to create dynamic playlists
  • Real-time analytics that shows how many people are viewing your content and where they are located


Viewneo offers a variety of pricing plans to best suit the needs of its customers. The company understands that each business is different and has unique needs, which is why they offer a range of options. Viewneo also provides a free trial for all of their software, so that businesses can try it before they buy. This allows companies to find the plan that works best for them without having to commit to anything upfront.

Professional – $21.00 per screen per month (Try a 30-day free trial)

  • Access to 250GB storage with unlimited playlists and news feed
  • Access to 200+ design templates plus images and videos
  • User management and allows offline playback plus email support for problems

Enterprise – $280.00 per month (Try a 30-day free trial)

  • Access all features from the professional plan
  • Access to 2TB storage
  • Receive support from direct email and phone
  • Create content and allows playlist sharing

Try a 30-day free trial of Viewneo by clicking the link below —


Raydiant is the leading digital signage software solution. It helps businesses of all sizes to better engage with their customers, promote their brand, and increase sales.

Raydiant provides a simple, yet powerful platform that helps businesses create stunning digital signs and displays. With Raydiant, businesses can easily manage and update their signs and displays in real-time, making it the perfect solution for any business that wants to keep its signage up-to-date and relevant.

The software also offers a customer experience platform which is a great way to create, manage and scale personalized offline interactions that increase user engagement. On the other hand with employee onboarding flows, you can easily design an engaging process for your employees by choosing from pre-built templates or building one yourself.


Raydiant is an easy-to-use digital signage publishing tool that saves businesses time and money by allowing them to create their content. The user can preview the published sign before it goes live, ensuring no errors have been committed or anything left out of place accidentally.

Here are the list features offered by Raydiant that you should know about:

  • A wide range of templates and layouts to choose from, making it easy to create professional-looking signs
  • The ability to play a variety of different types of content, including images, videos, and web pages
  • Support for multiple displays, so businesses can create a coordinated digital signage campaign
  • Digital content management system to manage and create content across all locations in real-time
  • Integrate seamlessly to your existing apps to measure the impact and performance of your content and continuously develop your in-location experience


Raydiant does not provide a pricing plan on its website. However, you can contact them and book a demo to get more information and discuss the offers that they can provide for your business needs. They offer a risk-free 30-day free trial for all new customers and allow them to explore all of their features with no obligations.

Try a 30-day free trial of Raydiant by clicking the link below —


Yodeck is a Digital Signage Software that empowers you to design and play great-looking schedules on your screens. It is easy to use and very reliable, making it the perfect solution for businesses and organizations of all sizes.

With Yodeck, you can upload or create videos and presentations, which are then played automatically on your screens according to a schedule. The Schedule can be as simple or as complex as you want, and you can even set up different schedules for different days of the week.

Yodeck also allows you to display live information such as weather forecasts, Twitter feeds, and RSS Feeds.


Yodeck is the perfect software for digital displays. Its cloud-based, easy-to-use design helps you create your schedule and display content on any website or screen without worrying about technical know-how.

Here are the list features offered by Yodeck that you should know about:

  • Upload images and videos to show media on the screen to deliver messages to your audience
  • It is designed for non-technical users. You don't need any coding knowledge to create a schedule or display content
  • Intuitive Scheduling to display different content based on your preferred date and time to target a specific group of audience that you want to attract
  • Automatically upgrades the system over the internet to get a new set of features with no hassle
  • Security features to control and manage from your content to your players and prevent threats that could potentially attack your network


Yodeck has affordable pricing for small businesses. They offer 3 different pricing plans with different features that you might be seeking for your business. All plans include free players, widgets, templates, and support from tech experts. Aside from that, you can have a free player for each of your screens by subscribing to their annual plans.

Standard – $7.99 per screen per month

  • Upload images, videos, audio, and document files
  • Access to free stock images and videos
  • Access to screening layouts with zones/regions
  • Create playlists and overlays on your content

Pro – $9.99 per screen per month

  • Access everything from the standard plan
  • Create sub and tag-based playlist
  • Reports from playbacks
  • Allows media tag filtering per screen plus volume schedules

Enterprise – $12.99 per screen per month

  • Access all features from the pro plan
  • Granular access control with workspaces
  • Custom roles plus login IP and password restrictions
  • Secure player lockdown and encrypt player storage


Screenly is a digital signage software that allows users to display content on screens. The software can be used for a variety of purposes, including advertising, information displays, and interactive kiosks.

Screenly is easy to use and offers a variety of features, making it a popular choice for businesses and organizations. The software includes support for video, images, and text, and users can also create custom playlists. Additionally, Screenly supports both online and offline content, allowing users to display content even if there is no internet connection.

In addition, it allows you to display content with full HD resolution on any screen and optimize your videos for different screens without needing conversion software or hiring an expensive designer. It also has easy video management tools like playlist creation and scheduling.


Screenly is a digital signage software that is loved by small businesses for its affordability and features.

Here are the list features offered by Screenly that you should know about:

  • Display your content in 1080p full HD resolution with Screenly
  • Upload images, videos, web pages, and more to display on your digital screens
  • Manage and monitor schedule contents, playback statuses, and all your digital signs
  • Automatically optimize the content on each screen with calendar and forecast display
  • Create and schedule a playlist in advance plus playback screenshots to quickly identify content in a complex playlist


Screenly has a 14-day free trial for you to be able to explore their features and try their software to see if it fits your business. They offer affordable three pricing plans with tools that you need for digital signage.

Starter – $11.00 per screen per month (Try a 14-day free trial)

  • Access to 2 users
  • Display image, video, and web page on screen
  • Build and schedule playlists and content
  • Get storage that is available for up to 50 content items
  • Display content in 1080 full HD resolution

Business – $17.00 per screen per month (Try a 14-day free trial)

  • Access all features from the starter plan
  • Access to unlimited users
  • Get storage that is available for up to 150 content items
  • Display content in 4k HD resolution
  • Separate team workspaces

Enterprise – $25.00 per screen per month (Try a 14-day free trial)

  • Access all features from the business plan
  • Get priority support SLA
  • Receive tailored implementation and training
  • Allows custom billing with integration via SAML

Try a 14-day free trial of Screenly by clicking the link below —


OptiSigns is a digital signage software that helps you create and manage your signs from a single, easy-to-use interface.

With OptiSigns, you can create custom sign designs using a wide range of templates, or you can upload your images and videos. You can also add interactive elements to your signs, such as buttons and links. Plus, OptiSigns makes it easy to schedule and publish your signs, so you can make sure they're always up-to-date.


With OptiSigns, you can easily create dynamic and engaging signs that capture your audience's attention. Additionally, OptiSigns provides a wide range of features that allow you to customize your signs to meet your specific needs.

Here are the list features offered by OptiSigns that you should know about:

  • Connect apps to promote business on social apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
  • Supports a wide range of files, images, videos, and audio plus access to 500+ free templates
  • Create and custom playlist and schedule content based on date and time preference
  • Access to advanced analytics and AI for playback reports and audience insight
  • Use calendars, weather, traffic maps, and clocks to display on your screen
  • Split screens into multi-zones and use available templates to customize zones size and positions to your design


With OptiSigns, you can transform your screens into an elegant display system for professional branding. The free version is available to all users while a paid option gives access to higher resolutions and greater interactivity capabilities such as touchscreens or sensors.

Standard – $10.00 per screen per month (Try a 14-day free trial)

  • Access to unlimited users with unlimited cloud storage
  • Allows for Multi-screen zones and offline working
  • Access to free templates and display images, video, and documents
  • Create and schedule playlists and manage your screen remotely through the cloud portal

Pro – $12.50 per screen per month (Try a 14-day free trial)

  • Access all features from the standard plan
  • Allows custom advanced roles and font
  • Get branded portal with approval workflow
  • Troubleshoot and monitor devices remotely

Pro Plus – $15.00 per screen per month (Try a 14-day free trial)

  • Access all features from the pro plan
  • Access to SAML with API with security logging
  • Access lockable templates and dynamic data mapping
  • Monitor and receive alerts from playback statuses

Enterprise – call for a more detailed price

  • Access all features from the pro plus plan
  • Access to advanced security data with dedicated support
  • Manage services with custom integration

Try a 14-day free trial of OptiSigns by clicking the link below —


Small businesses have a lot to gain from using digital signage software. Not only does it make managing and displaying content easier than traditional methods, but it can also help you connect with customers in new and innovative ways.

Digital signage is one of the most effective ways to reach and engage customers, whether you’re a small business or a large corporation. In this article, we’ve looked at seven of the best digital signage software options for small businesses. Each has its own unique set of features that could be perfect for your business needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question 1: What Is Digital Signage Software? Digital signage software refers to a content management solution that helps you create, schedule, and deliver engaging digital content to displays located throughout your facility. This can include everything from informational screens that share vital company announcements to interactive kiosks that provide a self-service experience for customers.

Question 2: What are the things you should look for to find comprehensive digital signage software? When looking for the best digital signage software for your small business, you should consider software that is easy to use and where you can create and schedule content quickly and easily. The software should be customizable to meet your specific needs which allows you to create displays that are tailored to your unique business. In addition, it should be compatible with a range of devices, including computers, smartphones, and tablets plus offers a range of features that allow you to create engaging and informative content, such as text, graphics, videos, and slideshows.

Question 3: How to set up digital signage software? This typically involves creating an account, installing the software, and adding your displays. After that, the software will then walk you through the process of setting up each display, including specifying the type of display (e.g., monitor, TV, digital sign), the resolution, and the orientation.