2019 is sure to be an interesting year for marketing. When a year ends, we always have to look to the future and to the different ways we as business owners can develop our business practices for the better. As such, I’ve made a few predictions for 2019, based on changes I’ve been seeing occur throughout 2018 and the way that development has evolved within the past year.




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Time to GO LIVE:

The very first thing we need to talk about when discussing marketing prediction for 2019 is this: live videos. Now, most people do videos, but live videos are becoming more and more popular because of what they can bring to a business. Everything has been moving to live video in today’s world, and for good reason. One great tip? YouTube and Facebook videos will get you more views and social engagement – especially from live videos which allow for genuine interaction.

Live videos will drastically increase your engagement with your following, something that is strongly suggested if you’re trying to get more engagement on your platforms. It can be hard to do live videos, mostly do to scheduling and time constraints with business owners, but it is definitely worth it.

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Collaborate With Authoritative Marketers:

Now, it’s not only about doing lives and having that content, but also about how you use that content to target your audience and get them to come back to buy your product that will be important. When doing a live, remember to think about who you’re talking to. Speak to your audience, not just to everyone out there. Additionally, think about participating in some collaborations.

Collaborations are around more and more today and taking the time to do those and to allow your following to reach out to another following that you may not have reached previously is important as well, and this can be done with live videos. You can improve your outreach and diversify your target audience all in one, while still increasing your engagement and interaction which is the goal to begin with.

Leveraging Artificial Intelligent (AI):

The next thing we need to talk about is AI. Now, AI isn’t super sophisticated just yet, mostly because technologically we just aren’t there yet with all of the data we need to dive through, but advancements are being made each year – and we need to keep this in mind. The usage of AI and machine learning are sure to evolve the way we utilize SEO and make it a lot easier to use. It probably won’t be at the level where it can directly solve some of our work by 2019, but it is getting closer and closer every day.

Still, people are using machine learning to optimize the way we work right now, with algorithms for what works and what doesn’t in order to automate what can get the most traffic for our businesses. Because of this, the prediction is that SEO itself will evolve a lot in the coming year – and in our favor. You’re going to start seeing machines more and more often, optimizing things like headlines by catching key phrases based on the data that has been gathered previously over the last decade on the internet.

AI and live videos aren’t everything, however. Remaining omnipresent is also very important as we all know, and something that can help to do this is repurposing older content. Repurposing and upgrading content is going to be very important in the coming year, especially with all of the content out today and more coming out every second. If you can take one video you did last year and divide it up, you can take one part for Instagram and one part for Facebook and basically break it down several times. By doing this you go from having one post to having three or more posts based on how well you can repurpose your material.

Marketing is also going to evolve in 2019, mostly because its cost is being driven up almost exponentially, to the point where ‘free’ is going to be the new marketing channel. What this means is that instead of paying for one expensive user, businesses are going to start offering a portion of their services for free or partly free. In the long run, this is cheaper than paying for the traffic itself.

You can see this already with books that have you pay for shipping or software that gives you ‘freemium’ but then up sales into making a ton of money off of this offer. Smaller businesses are going to be getting into this because of the money it can earn them. This prediction is backed by Profitwell’s Product Led Growth study, if you want to Google that and check more into it. Basically, free products and services are going to be big this coming year, because they are cheaper in the long run for the company. Saving money while earning money is always a good thing.

Final Words:

So, for 2019, we’re going to have a lot of changes – and all of them better for the business owner as well as the consumer. Live videos ensure interaction and make the audience feel recognized, which is really important in a market that has a lot of automation and not a lot of human interaction. Making your target audience feel recognized will help you make sales. AI will also help optimize businesses, by giving us facts based on data that has already worked. Machine learning will help us develop our business with proven practices and help us optimize the way we work. Over all though, repurposing and a market switch up is going to be the most important, because these are going to allow us to change our business practice to meet today’s evolving platforms in a way that takes the least amount of work. Putting all of these together, 2019 is sure to be a wonderful world for marketing – and I can’t wait to see it come to be. Happy New Year, followers, and may 2019 bring your business success and accomplishment.