There are many stories or myths about dropshipping. These stories sometimes make people upset, frustrated and discouraged. In this post, we are going to expose the stories and examine the truth about dropshipping.




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Myths About Dropshipping:

 1. Dropshipping Business Will Make Your Rich

The most famous story is that you get rich instantly. There a lot of people who are just making promises to sell their products through courses, affiliate commissions and make money so easy. Be careful of what you believe in, try to weigh things out first before you believe. If you want to learn more go to trusted sites for online courses on dropshipping like Shopify’s dropshipping course.

How long does it take to get rich through dropshipping? To tell you honestly, my first successful online shop runs through tough times. I only made $1,570 for the first month. It is a good sideline income for me, but it was not enough for all of my needs. During my first month was really a struggle in scaling my ads to make more profit.

I ask the help of a friend to guide me with my Facebook Ads. It takes me several months to see the results of my hard work. On my 11th month, I made $77,000 profit. Dropshipping will give us enough earnings to live with comfort, however, we didn’t become that rich. Though hard work a few people made it to the top as millionaires.

2. Everyone Who Enters Dropshipping Business Succeeds

Anyone can surely start a dropshipping business, but not all are blessed. There stories behind every success and failures of people on dropshipping. Those that succeed concentrates much on the process rather than the outcome.

Why? Simply because by focusing on the process itself, you really take time to try out every single chance. Trying the different marketing channels and experiment on different products. On the other hand, if you are an outcome-focused person, you will feel discouraged when a few ads fail and failure for you is giving up.

If you want to make it to the top as a dropshipper, forget over lack of money. Clear your mind in every decisions so you can earn money online. Do away the with the negative vibes and focus on what you need to accomplish.

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3. People Are Not Insterested on Buying On Unknown Dropshipping Stores

Why would some buy a product on an unknown store or brand? Because they saw a product on your website that they wanted to buy. I’ve been an enterprenuer for more than 5 years and I can’t even recall 1% of the names of online stores. There are many online stores today on different niches, interest and products. There is a big competition, but of course , there are a lot of products to sell. Every  one of us is different as to choices, hobbies and interest so don’t be discouraged is your store is still new in the industry.

People are looking everywhere for products that they want to buy such as Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and forum sites. What I’m trying to say is the quality of the product and services is more important than who is selling. They are not interested in the seller but the product that wants to buy, right?

4. In Dropshipping You Need to Have Knowledge on Facebook Ads

You don’t need to be an expert in advertising to succeed in dropshipping. Facebook is not the only platform to promote your products. If you are on a budget, consider promoting your products on Pinterest. It is free by adding your photos on the website.

Create your own photos. Pinterest is grouping similar looking photos. To avoid competition, consider taking your own product photos and upload to the site. Unique photos can attract more customers without other photos showing up.

Another option is Instagram, post product pictures and use hashtags relevant to your niche. By using hastags, people can find you as well as gain followers. Another ideal way of making sales is by writing valauble content related to your niche and try to optimize the content. Having a blog on page on your website can attract visitors and possible customers.

Although Facebook can help you make an immediate sale, there are other platforms that can help you with similar impact and are cost-effective.

5. Dropshipping Is From US to the US

In dropshipping business, shipment can be done in any parts of the world. If you live in another continent, you can still ship to any country. For example, your are from Canada, you can ship to Australia. Many businesses focus in the United States due to the fact that US has a bigger population of about 328 million people. It is considered as the third populated country in the world.

Remember selling is not only done in populated countries alone. If fact, the best performing ads that received the most sales came from Jersey. Best selling products can be market anywhere as long as there is a means of shipment. Other countries can find your product thorough search, ads and social media.

6. Customer Can Receive Ordered Products For Months

I don’t think so it takes months for products to be shipped. I have ordered on Aliexpress many times and it only takes a week for the product to arrive. I even received the product before the estimated period of arrival.

7. Dropshipping is Dead

I’ve heard many people over the internet and YouTubers that dropshipping is dead. How can that be?

Dropshipping is a business model, not a fad. Dropshipping started a long time and continues to grow. New platforms online are shooting up selling different kinds of products. This kind of business model is cost-effective and attractive to entrepreneurs, favorable to manufacturers.


Dropshipping requires hard work to make money online. It is not easy, but there is always room for learning and improvement. Try the different marketing channels that can be best for your business. Don’t be dismayed by failures because every failure you have, the closer you will figure out the best strategies that work and applicable to your business. Dropshipping allows you to sell your products in many parts of the world.