Choosing suppliers is an important aspect of every dropshipping business. There are factors to consider in looking for dropshipping suppliers.




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As business owners, knowing the products to sell in your store is not an indication that your business will be successful. It is also your concern to look for trusted, high-quality products and service suppliers, This is the main purpose of this article. We are going to provide you with pieces of advice on how to find the best dropshipping suppliers that your store deserves.

Another topic that we are going to discuss is the difference between dropshipping vendors and dropshipping wholesale. Plus, some tips to avoid when searching for dropshipping suppliers.

Dropshipping Suppliers:

Looking for dropshipping suppliers is sometimes tricky, especially if you are new in the business. The truth is, even suppliers don’t have the ability to promote themselves. The reason why finding the right dropship supplier can be a difficult task.

1. Research

Once you have already determined the products you have to sell move on to the next step. Take time in looking for the right supplier. There are factors to look into when choosing a supplier: the source of material, time of delivery and the services.

2. Contact Suppliers

Directly talk to the chosen dropship supplier and start building rapport. Ask questions about their services and other concerns that you want to know. Maintain a good relationship to build trust. Note how quick the supplier can respond. This is one way to determine if they are fully active online for customers. Suppliers that can’t quickly respond to your queries or take several days to reply means you might have problems later on with communication.

3. Order Samples

List your preferred suppliers and choose two or three to do business with. Other samples to know the quality of the product and efficiency of the services. Making a sample order will allow you to examine the quality of the product and you will have the first hand experience before your customers.

4. Order from Your Competitor

If your competitors are using the same supplier, you will know how the supplier packages the product, their services and about the labeling. If they use other suppliers, you can try to order from them know the services they give to customers. Learning about the level of service they provide,  will give you a chance to line your offered services to your own clients.

5. Find the Right Supplier

Before you commit to any supplier, make sure to know first the material used in a product and the way they do business. Sometimes suppliers with good reviews and products may not be suited to your audience. Also, ask about issues of return orders to avoid harming your brand as well as your reputation.

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Signs of Suppliers That You Need To Avoid

Aside from having negative reviews, bad feedbacks, and low-quality products, there are of other signs that indicate that it is a bad supplier:

  • · When there is a monthly fee doing business
  • Suppliers that charge higher pre-order fees.
  • ·Bigger minimum order size. Bigger order size indicates a dropshipping wholesale supplier.

Dropshipping suppliers play an important part in any dropshipping business. Absence of suppliers dropshipping businesses cannot sustain and continue their business. In other words, a dropshipping business is dependent on suppliers. Finding dropshipping suppliers is the basic skill you need to master to be able for your business to be a success.

How to Find Genuine Dropshipping Suppliers In Oberlo

Oberlo is a marketplace accessible to find products to sell. Using Oberlo is very easy in just a few steps you can access different products. It saves you time looking for products from dropshipping suppliers around the globe and instantly add those products in your online store. No fees to add products to your products on your free plan. Storing, inventory, packaging, and shipping won’t be a problem.

Advantages of Dropshipping From Multiple Suppliers

Don’t rely on just one supplier in sourcing your products. There are a lot of advantages using multiple suppliers for dropshipping business:

1.    More Products

When you have multiple suppliers, there are wider varieties of products to choose from. It is better to have more products for your customers to have an option.

2.   More Business Relationships

In dropshipping, the relationship is very important. Suppliers are needed for the sustainability of your dropshipping business. Without them, no products to deliver to your customers. Build a good relationship with your supplier. If you have multiple suppliers, you can grow any business relationship that can be an asset to your business.

3.    Custom Labeling

Aliexpress suppliers do not offer labelling for dropshipping businesses, but if you can consistently show them that you can get clients to sell their products, you can propose to the supplier to offer the service. Contact each supplier and talk about this opportunity.

4.    Assess Product Quality

The quality of the product is very important. Working with multiple suppliers will help you better find out the quality of the products through test orders. Try to compare the products from different suppliers through test orders. Then you can choose the ones suited for your online store.

5.    Understand Your Customer’s Experience

As a dropshipper, it is necessary to understand your customer’s experiences in your store, especially in the delivery of the products. By looking into their experiences, you can be able to improve your services or maintain.


What we have discussed today, will give you an idea on how to look for a drophipping supplier, the advantages of using multiple suppliers, the signs of suppliers you should avoid. Learning all these things will help your business to progress. Don’t be afraid of changing your supplier, if you think the services and products do not fit your standard and your audience. There are a lot of good suppliers out there that can help your business grow. Do not settle down on low-grade products and suppliers. The success of any business depends upon the products, services and the kind of marketing strategies you use.