Most people shop on Etsy for the reason of looking for unique products that can’t be found in other online shops.




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The keywords are the words that are being typed on the search bar and matched with the products. These keywords that you add to your listings are important factors in matching the listings to the searches. The main purpose of the search bar is to help customers find the right product that they are looking for.

The Basics:

Keywords are used for your titles, categories, attributes, and tags that match with the listings on customers’ searches. When it matches to the queries your products have a chance to be seen on the search results. All the keywords in the listing are collected and paired to the queries.

Listing is ranked for the most relevant. It is recommended that you use strong keywords. Listed below are the factors that you need to consider in brainstorming for keywords.

What are categories and attributes?

Categories are added to classify the products for easy navigation of customers. They act similar to tags and adding more categories and subcategories will give your product opportunity to match with the search.

Attributes on the other hand, are the specific details that you can add to your listing after you have chosen the category. Others are using general terms about the color and the kind of material the product is made of. Add all the possible attributes that describe your product.

How to construct the right title for your product:

Your titles must contain the keywords that match the queries made by possible customers. Etsy is looking into the information added by all sellers to find the perfect match. Make your title short and easy to be shown on the search. Use the keywords that best describe your product for quick browsing.

You can use phrases, symbols, and punctuations on your title. In writing, your title put yourself in the buyer’s shoes so can determine what you are looking for as a buyer. Don’t use long keywords for it can confuse the customers. It is best to use short and precise

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Tags: Do’s and Don’ts about tagging

Tags are phrases that you can add to describe your product. The site allows 13 tags, use all the 13 tags. Tags must be 20 characters, use different combination phrases than adding single words.. Always check your stats or search analytics. Refresh those tags that are getting lesser traffic. You can use synonyms and phrases based on the location. Choose keywords that are less popular,  but describes your product specifically. Customers most of the time searching for a specific keywords.

Do not repeat your tags, categories and attributes. If the keyword already appears in your categories, you do not have to add as a tag. Avoid using misspelled words and the language you use must be the same.

Tips for your tags

  1. Must be descriptive- tags must describe your product. Use phrases rather than words.
  2. Mention about the materials and technique used-feature how your product is made and what kind of materials your product is made of. You can also mention the best part of the product. For custom and personalized items, you can certainly add phrases that contain the words. Example: wooden watch or wood watch.
  3. Intended for who- you can use tags that represent a celebration or occasion such as birthday gift for mom,  Christmas present for dad, graduation gift for daughter.
  4. Shopping occasion-conceptualize yourself that you are looking for a perfect gift for a certain occasion and list down that keywords that comes into your mind for a very special occasion. What kind of words would you search for that can relate to your products.
  5. Solution-oriented keywords-visualize that your products can help someone in need. What particular keyword might be ideal to use as a solution for a problem.
  6. Style, Size & shape – use tags that can express the unique style of the product or the available size. Example: hand crafted bags, rustic frame, indigenous wall décor, large colorful umbrella, kiddies pants


These factors mentioned above are the key to your success. Make sure that you update your titles and tags. Make it a habit of checking your search analytics, which one is converting. You can add and remove tags in your listings in your Shop Manager. Look for the edit menu bar and select edit.

Another way is to visit the Editing Tool and click each listing. Learn the skill and it will be easy for you to handle your business effectively in Etsy. There are available articles on the site that you can read to increase your knowledge on how to do these things for yourself. If you don’t have enough time to do this, you can hire someone else to do the job for you.