Search analytics is a useful tool for marketers to find out how their website is getting traffic. It will give you an idea of what terms most people are looking for that can improve your keyword listings for your products.




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Optimizing your shop is an important concern to do from time to time. Customers interest change and Etsy is updating their listing and the search ranking varies. Adapting to these changes by revising your search optimization techniques or strategies will give you an edge to the latest trend of the search on Etsy.

In search analytics a detailed information about shoppers queries is revealed finding your products. It will give you an idea if your listings are effective and searchable. Your average standing on the search results is readily available for you to monitor the changes if your optimization works well.

Learn more about search analytics and discover how it can help your business improve and grow.

Identify trends:

By using search analytics you can determine the trends in your traffic as well as the sales you are making. This is one way of testing whether your listings are efficient. Study the results and figure out what might work best.


Every customer that browses your shop counts as a “visit”. Through visits you will know that a possible buyer is clicking your listings on the search results. The more visit you have is an indication that buyers are interested in your products.

Conversion rate:

This tool allows you to see your profit from every sale made by a shopper and a conversion rate is highlighted. As your conversion rate increases from the search results, your search ranking also improves.

How will you know if your listing is in quality? Every new shop and listings have a neutral score as to quality. Quality score is determined by the number of favorites, clicks and purchases made. By looking at the search results, Etsy can quickly determine the shoppers’ behavior of purchasing from your shop eventually. The average conversion rate for e-commerce industry is between 1% – 5%.

Order value:

The average order value is the amount of every shopper spends buying in your shop. You can increase the average value of order by giving a complimentary product in your product description. When your average order value increases your profit also increases.


Your listings appear on the search results depending on its relevance.  Every shopper search result is different due to the fact that the site uses a customized tool to determine every shopper behavior. Always check your ranking or position to determine if your optimization is working. Note down the queries that gives you more traffic.

Seasonal trends:

Another thing to look at is the trend for every season. You must understand the buyers have a seasonal buying habit that might affect your listings. It is best to monitor and evaluate your listing every change of season.

Listings optimization:

How will you make the optimization process? First, look at the queries and determine the listings that gives you sales. These are the listings that are converting into sales. In the listings column, you can see the tags that match the searches. Add these tags on your other listings.


Keywords are used in titles, tags, categories that matches your listings based on the shoppers queries. It if matches on the search results, your products can be shown the search results. Use strong keywords in your listing that will give your product a chance to be found on the search results.

Categories are like tags, wherein you can add as many as the site allows you. Add exact categories that will give you the opportunity to match the search. Since categories and attributes act like tags, you don’t need to repeat the phrases.

The extra details that you placed about your listings are called attributes. This is added after you choose a category. It may be a color, material or pattern. You can add all the relevant options that are less precise.

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Search analytics is beneficial for your business. As a business owner, you need a deeper look in understanding and learning the skills to be able to master it. Like Google analytics, your keywords are very important. Using the right keywords is the key to success. If your keywords rank well in the search results it means that your products can be seen by the customers.

There are a lot of resources on the internet to enhance your knowledge of keyword research. The more you read, the more you learn. You need to check from time to time the search results for the result varies with the season, as I’ve said customers buying habits may differ every change of season.

Adding and removing tags on your listing is not that hard to do. There are tools that can help you do this in just one click. On the Shop Manager, click the editing option and select edit tags. Another quicker way is using the Quick Edit Tool which enables you to update without clicking every listing that you have.

Study each item that I have mentioned above and you will never lose your way on Etsy. If you are new to Etsy I encourage you to join the community. Sellers are helping each other in improving their business. Try also to read the sellers handbook, you will find seller stories that might help you on your way and inspire you.