Want to learn more about dropshipping? If yes, you are on the right track.  We have created a comprehensive guide to dropshipping business in Shopify and Aliexpress to upgrade your business into the next level.




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Dropshipping In Aliexpress:

  1. If you are planning to become an online entrepreneur, dropshipping business is one the excellent online business to start with.
  2. Low-cost to get started.
  3. No worries of a physical store and all transactions are done online.
  4. Everything that you want to learn is available online. Different kinds of resources can be searched online. All you need to do is give it some time to read and watch informative videos related to dropshipping.
  5. No requirements.

Advantages of Dropshipping:

If you are already decided to start an online business. What should you do? Some say, you need to come up with a niche. What kind of products you wanted to sell and look for suppliers of your chosen product. Order and pay and once you receive your merchandise, you are now ready to market your product.

The problem is you can’t predict what items will sell or if your products are saleable. This is the traditional business model, but it takes a lot of risks.

  • Trisha buys 100 pieces of a particular product with a cost of $1000.
  • She was able to sell 10 pieces with a sale of $200.
  • After a month she decided to change the product for the reason that nobody likes the products.
  • Trisha loss $400.

If she tried dropshipping method, she would have made a profit even failing to select the right product on her start-up. Let’s reverse the scenario:

  • Trisha engages in dropshipping and does not need to buy in volume.
  • She was able to sell 10 products with a sale of $200.
  • She orders products from her suppliers and shipped to her customers directly.
  • After a month she decided to change the product for the reason that nobody likes the products.
  • Trisha profits $100 and happy about it.

See the difference with dropshipping? Two very similar scenarios can give us distinct results. This is why dropshipping has a lesser risk, especially for first-timers. Almost 50% of Shopify store owners never receive a single order during their first month.

The positive side of dropshipping, is you don’t have to buy a product if there’s no one to buy. Stock inventory is not needed, so you don’t need to spend for it.

What is Aliexpress?

Aliexpress is an online retail service from China. It is owned by Alibaba Group and the most popular marketplaces for e-commerce marketers using dropshipping. It allows direct import of contents and images from the site to your store. You can the freedom to set your own prices. The best part is after you purchase in Aliexpress, your purchase will directly be shipped to your customer. It is very easy to do business in Aliexpress.

How Dropshipping Works In Aliexpress:

  1. Set up your online store using Shopify.
  2. Use apps such as Oberlo to start importing your products to your store on Shopify.
  3. Oberlo helps you to classify and integrate your imports from Aliexpress with your store by informing you of any inventory or change of price from the supplier. It also helps you send tracking codes to your customers once the order had been shipped.

4. Lastly, when a customer orders in your store, go to your supplier and order the same item to be shipped directly to them.

Why Use Aliexpress?

Despite the fact that Aliexpress suppliers are also retailers, mostly of the users in Aliexpress are resellers. The good thing about this site is there is no upfront payment or fee. Using Oberlo apps, drop shipping is easy within a few clicks.

Unlike other popular marketplaces like Amazon, Etsy, and eBay, Aliexpress has a unique infrastructure that is ideal to dropshipping.  Aliexpress suppliers are ready to drop ship, reliable and very familiar with the business model and their role.

Every month, thousands of new entrepreneurs sign up in Oberlo. This is an indication that dropshipping business is fast growing. Although most suppliers know how it works, still you can tell them not to include any invoice or promotions to be safe. Further, you can arrange a custom package or the Aliexpress premium shipping called ePacket. Don’t be surprised if the packages received by your customers have a Chinese shipping label.

Why would someone buy from my store with the same product on Aliexpress? It’s simple because you can do it better. You can be a high caliber marketer that can reach customers before anyone else do. Be wise enough with your strategies in promoting your brand. A tip for you is not trying to compete on the price, you will never be the cheapest. Do not worry about it. Price is not the a determining factor.Focus on your marketing strategies and establish an inspiring brand.


As an entrepreneur, build a clear expectation of your dropshipping policy. It is wise to let your customers know with regard to your policy to avoid misunderstanding in the future. We advise placing an area on your website or a page for policy. If it takes longer for the dropshipping,  it is advisable to let them know or you can offer free shipping on all of your products. This will indicate it takes long for shipping, but worth it because it’s free.

Do not worry about it, you can account the shipping cost in your mark up price. Another option for dropshipping is to sign up for an Aliexpress premium shipping “ePacket” for delivery. It only takes 7-14 days for the package to arrive in countries:  US, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom and other countries with good economies.

Always be careful when selecting your supplier. Don’t go for the cheapest price. Often times low priced product are not as good in quality. As the saying goes “the price is right”. Suppliers compromise on the quality of the product just to compete with other suppliers. Only buy from suppliers with higher percentage of positive feedbacks. Suppliers with more positive feedback means the product is good in quality and ship on a timely matter.