The massive explosion of social media today gives rise to more social media platforms being created.




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Others might say, Facebook is slowly dying as more and more platforms are becoming popular. Facebook continues to grow of about 30 to 50 million users every quarter. A lot of companies use influencer marketing on Facebook.

What is Brand Collabs Manager ?

Brand Collabs Manager is the new Facebook Influencer tool that gives you a chance to get in touch with advertisers to promote their product and services with your Facebook followers.

Through this tool, advertisers search for content creators and public figures wherein they want to reach its audience. Advertisers can post project encouraging content creators that fit their guidelines to apply, giving you ways for your business to be discovered.

Facebook Influencer Partnerships:

A popular Facebook influencer marketing strategy is Facebook Live can stream live videos from any parts of the world. Other social channels require visuals while Facebook, you can post any kind of content. As we all know on Youtube, it is purely videos while Instagram it should be a photo or video. If we try to examine each platform only Facebook accepts any contents that can be shared and reposted on your webpages.

Both Facebook and Instagram have the same options. Infleuncers can post photos and videos daily plus in Facebook it has another feature of creating Facebook Stories. More features:

Facebook Live:

An influencer can promote your product or services using Facebook Live broadcast of their own choice. A name drop or in action. They can also give a link for an apps that can be downloaded included in TheiR post. It is necessary that the influencer has the creative freedom in promoting.

Standard Facebook Post:

On Facebook, we can find the different types of marketing strategies used by influencers such as giving reviews, name drop, competitions and giveaways. For example, a fitness influencer host gives direction or a guide to follow their page, like their post and tag friends on the comments. He can upload an attractive image of himself as an eye catcher.

Finding a Facebook Influencer:

Look on the search bar by typing the keyword related to an influencer that you are looking for. Lets say that your niche is all about health and you are launching a new ebook about diet plan. Type “diet plan” on the  search bar and filter to view the results: All, Post, People, Photos, Videos, Pages, Places, Groups, Apps and Events.

To be able to see the results, go the “Pages Tab” and choose “Categories”, the look in to the left side bar and select “Artist, Band or Public Figure”. You can aslo look into ‘Local Business or Place’ and ‘Entertainment’ categories or “Groups”. Another way, try hashtags #dietplan and browse each post and profile.


Google is your friend. Search the keywords related to your product or if you find blogs and Instagram. This information can lead to an influencer who is also an active Facebook influencer.

Effective Influencer marketing examples:

1. Facebook Live Cooking Session by HelloFresh

A leader of HelloFresh meal-kit delivery service knows that people enjoy preparing their food. They want to cook the food exactly as seen online. HelloFresh got that idea of hosting a live cooking show series where people can prepare food. The show features its own chef and appearances of some influencers from time to time.

2. Creative Recipes Drive by SoFabFood

SoFabFood is a group of Chefs who share their recipes for family and friends.

3. Cool Girls Doing Cool Things Campaign by Loeffler Randall

Loeffler Randall is a footwear and accessory brand loved by fashion insiders, artist and bloggers because of its personalized and unique design.

The brand program is called LR Ambassador’s which is composed of painters, fashionistas and writers or shall we say “artists”. Influencers of this brand use hashtags #LRambassador to let the people know that they are associated with the brand.

These are a few examples of successful marketing campaigns that will give you an idea of how Facebook influencers work. A lot of brands today is using these strategies for their campaign and it works.

Start planning your Facebook influencer marketing strategies and lool for a partner that can complement your brand. Set your goals and be specific. Enjoy your marketing campaign, meet new people and let your brand shine.

Influencer marketing is fast growing and the power of these influencers can greatly help your business. Be creative in making your influencer marketing campaign. Creativity can stand out from the rest. I know you have seen a lot of campaigns and you can determine a campaign that is well planned.

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Using Facebook as an influencer marketing strategy is very effective in building and promoting your brand. Encourage your influencers to use useful features that can gain followers like Facebook Live Streaming. I have seen a lot of successful campigns through Live Streaming. People are much more interested to watch an actual show than just reading.

You can also provide giveaways to your influencers that can be used in a contest that can boost interest of the followers to discover more about your product. Everyone is excited to receive a free gift. This is one way of catching the attention of the people. It is very effective especially if you have chosen the right influencer with fans that values your product.

A contest or competition can bring a new audience and followers. Many people want to join in a contest to have something in return and that can be a good start for a lively interaction. Make sure that your price is relevant and can turn them to like your product. Another good feature of Facebook is the Stories. It is your chance to tell something about your brand plus video content can be a great story. The good thing about Facebook Stories is that they sit out of the main news feed, at the top of a Facebook user’s page.