Everyone knows what Facebook is. It’s the top social networking site on the internet. It’s also a great place where you can find products to sell for Amazon FBA. Facebook is a great place because you can see what’s hot in the market.




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Sometimes it’s possible to get lost in the sea of items that’s currently being sold on Amazon. It’s always a good idea just to poke around the internet to see what’s trending right now. Doing so will allow you to have your finger on the pulse of what sellers are promoting. You will also be able to avoid getting into a niche that was once hot, but now is cooling off.

Today I will show you how you can find great products in Facebook that you will be able to sell in Amazon for a long time and can make profit off of it.

Choosing A Niche:

We aren’t going to go into the exact process of choosing a niche. This is something that you should’ve already done by now. However, what you’re trying to do is zero in on a particular niche. For example, let’s say your niche is cooking. The term cooking in itself is probably too broad. You’ll want to narrow it down by searching through sub categories. To do this just go to Departments on the Amazon Best Seller.

Click on the department, then click on the category. You’ll see on the left hand side a list of different sub categories. These are ones you want to use as your niche. They will help you zero in on finding the perfect niche.

Searching Facebook for Hot Items:

What you want to do is put “free shipping” into the search bar along with your keyword in Facebook. Pay close attention to the results and visit the pages that appeal to you. Some of the items will be sold on Amazon, while others may not be. It’s not important if the item advertised is being sold on Amazon. The important thing is just to identify what’s hot. Don’t just pay attention to the items you see several times. Keep an eye out for items that are unique and can be useful to a buyer.

You can also branch out and make up your own keywords. Things may come to mind as you stumble upon what other people are selling. You can easily search for these items and see who is selling them. A lot of this is training your mind to mine Facebook for potential items to sell.

It’s the thought process on some level that you’re trying to master. This thought process can be applied across the board when you’re trying to come up with new items to sell. It’s about being aware of what people are selling and also being creative enough to think slightly outside of the box. Finding the right items to sell is kind of like hunting. You always have to be on the lookout for potential things to sell.

Find the item on Amazon:

Now you’ve found an item that you’d like to sell on Amazon. The next step is to find it on Amazon. Look for keywords in the item’s title that the seller on Facebook used.

Use those same keywords when searching Amazon. Sometimes titles can have several keywords in them. You should identify what the keywords are in the title and search for all of them. It can be difficult to know what an item is called if you’ve never seen it before.

This is why you want to rely on the seller’s keywords and phrases. They put them there to get picked up by the search engines.

Determine If the Item is Profitable:

How you determine if an item will be profitable is done in several steps. The first step is to use Jungle Scout Chrome Extension to see how many of the items are sold every month. Then you see how much the cost for the item is. The cost is something that you can eyeball just by checking the listings after doing a search. Though, this will just give you a rough idea. Using the Jungle Scout Chrome extension will give you a exact numbers. Eyeballing the item is good if it’s out of the price range that you feel comfortable working with. For more in-depth analysis, you’ll need to use Jungle Scout.

Don’t be surprised if many of the items you come across are priced too low for you to make a profit. Items under $15 dollars, for example, are often sold directly by the manufacturer. You’re never going to be able to compete with them on price. This should make sense to you since they are the people producing the item. It takes both time and effort to find the exact item that you want to sell. Don’t jump for the first thing you come across. Make a short list of items that have profit potential.

Facebook Doesn’t Replace the Need for Tools:

This is the truth about finding products to sell on Amazon. Some people want to go the free route as they think it will save them money in the long run. Facebook should not replace any of the tools that you currently use. It can’t replace Jungle Scout or any keyword tools. Some may say that it’s absolutely worthless to search for items on Facebook. This isn’t entirely true. Though, there is truth in the fact that searching Facebook can be a waste of time. You’re going to come across a lot of items that aren’t going to be profitable in the long run.

A large percent of you reading this already visit Facebook. You go there to chat with your friends and learn what’s going on with family members. Typing in the search bar takes almost no time at all. There’s no real reason why you wouldn’t periodically check there. Just don’t use it as a your only tool. Using it to see what’s hot is the best thing about Facebook. Trends are important and they shouldn’t be ignored. Getting on the bandwagon can be costly as people with deep pockets can do the same exact thing.

Bonus tip: Facebook ads

Did you know that you can also promote your products on Facebook? You can and it doesn’t cost an enormous amount to get started. The great thing about Facebook ads are that you can target very specific groups of people. This is a fantastic thing if you know exactly who buys your item. This is what makes niche marketing so profitable. You can target the exact type of Facebook user who is likely to buy the item you’re selling.

Don’t run broad ads. Learn who your target customer is. This is why product research is so important. It gives you the opportunity to select a very narrow group of people to show your ads to. This will boost conversion rates. Someone who’s interesting in a cooking magazine geared towards senior citizens may use different kitchen tools than the general public. This is exactly the type of thinking you need to have when marketing your items. You want the most specific category of people possible.

Facebook ads are a tough nut to crack. Some people choose to run their ads only on Amazon and that’s it. There’s good reason for that as it’s far less complicated and the results can be better. It can be a way to increase sales and get more targeted organic traffic from Amazon. This in itself can make Facebook ads worthwhile to the right seller. Like shoes, one size doesn’t fit all. You will have to see what best suits your needs as a seller.

Don’t Fall into the Facebook Trap:

There’s something highly addictive about that site. It’s one of the most popular sites online for a reason. Most of your time should be spent researching Amazon at the site itself. Venturing too far away from Amazon isn’t a good idea. It can burn your time up real fast. Facebook is a lot like Wikipedia in that regard. You type in one thing and an hour later you’re reading something entirely different. This is one of the biggest problems people face when searching Facebook. It’s called social networking for a reason. It makes you want to feel social and talk to people.

The biggest mistake people make is wanting to emulate the sellers they find on Facebook. The most common mistake is to be just like them. You see the items they’re selling and find sources for them. It’s easy to assume just because someone has a popular Facebook account that they must be making a lot of money.

There could be many different factors as to why they’re selling these items. The biggest factor may be they are in fact the manufacture someone very close to them. They could also be selling products at or near cost in hopes of getting organic sales to other items. Facebook isn’t where you’ll make your money. It’s only the place where you’ll watch trends in real-time. Anything beyond that is putting far too much importance on the site and over-values it’s ability to predict what’s profitable for Amazon FBA sellers.