In this article I will teach you how you can find profitable designs for you print on demand business and how you can make data driven decision to find proven design that is already making money on various platform. In this article I will show you three ways you can find designs that is already making money online and how you can leverage that to build your profitable print on demand business online.




*Result is not typical nor guaranteed.*

I personally don’t like to take decision based on intuition. I rather be practical and make decision that already work and come up with my own twist and ideas that will separate me from the herd. My goal is to teach you the same trick that worked for me in the past so you can get a head start on your own ecom business with print on demand.

What is Print On Demand?

Print on demand is a method of selling various products – such as t-shirt, necklace, mugs, hoodies, bracelets etc online without owning them physically in your home or warehouse. All you need to focus on is creating designs for various products. There are tons of print on demand platform exist online which you can leverage to build your online business without worrying investing money on merchandises.

In most cases if you are low in cash you don’t even have to worry about building a Shopify or Wocommerce store. These platform let you use their own platform where you will be able to list your product and sell them without having to worry about handling customer service, return and refund. How cool is that.

Now lets talk about what are some of the best Print On Deamand Platform.

Best Print On Demand Platform Online:

Now there are many platform that you can use as you print on demand platform. But I am going to talk about the platform that personally used in my business. I will show you what type of product you will be able to sell in each of those platform and what are the benefits of each one of those platform.

Here are the top Print on Demand Platform I used and still use for my print on demand business. Watch the video above where I take you inside each one of the plat form and everything these platform has to offer. I will show you what types of product and collection these print on demand platform has and which platform I am still using and why.

Print On Demand Platform That I Recommend: 

There are other significant platform online that you can use as well. You can use platform like Teespring, CafePress, Teelaunch, Spread shirt, Gooten, Printify etc. They all have more or less same types of product that you can sell can sell online. I have not use them personally so I can’t speak for them.

Now the first step for creating a profitable design is focus on finding design and get them made. It is the most crucial part, because if your design sucks no one will buy them. So let me show you how I find profitable designs that’s already making money.

Method 1: Use Print On Demand Platform that Shows Sales Data:

First place I go to find great design idea for my business is other Print on Demand platform that shows their sales data. My number 1 place where I go to find design ideas that worked is GearBubble. This is one of the first Print On Demand platform I used and still using till this day.

From the home page I go to, Categories and then click on the Top Sellers –

There you will literally see all the profitable designs that was sold in the GearBubble platform. You will literally going to find 50 pages of designs ideas from different niches that was sold by other sellers. You will see the designs that made thousands upon thousands of sales online.

All you have to do is take those designs that worked and make similar types of designs that actually worked. Your job is not come up with new or random ideas when start. That’s for veterans who has a lot of experiences. Take what works and make a better and unique version of that.

This type of business model worked for ages and it worked for me perfectly as well. Give it shot and you will be able to find your jam that way.

Method 2: Find Hottest Design Using Merch By Amazon:

Merch by Amazon is the Amazon’s Print On Demand program. Currently the program only accepts invitation only sellers who can sell on that platform, but you can find a lot of design ideas using that platform. Simply go to and search with the term “Niche+Tshirt”. You will see massive amount of tshirt designs created by other sellers who is enrolled on that program.

Now you can decide good design ideas based on Amazon BSR’s and looking at the reviews. The shirt that has a higher amount of reviews potentially should be a winning design. But I like to find the actual data, so I use a tool call Jungle Scout Chrome Extension to find the estimated sales amount of each tshirt from the past month. It’s quiet handy when you cant to get things done faster and crunch a lot of data.

Now based on those sales data you can decide to take your next step and find those hottest design that is selling on the biggest ecommerce platform in the world. That is as simple as it gets.

Method 3: Use eBay and Etsy to Find Profitable Designs:

The third and final way you can find design with the sales data is ebay and etsy – the other dominant e-commerce force of the world. It’s pretty straight forward with ebay. Just go to ebay and type in the name of the “Niche+Tshits” or “Niche+Mugs”, or “Niche+Neclaces” etc. Based on your searches you will see different products on the page. Sometime you will see the sales data for a particular item from the initial product page.

Sometimes you have to click on each listing to see the sales data that’s hidden from home page. It’s pretty simple and straight forward.

Etsy works similar way but they don’t show you any sales record from the home page. You have make decision based on the reviews in etsy. You might be asking how do I do that?

Its quiet simple. All you do is search for the niche+tshirt or mug or necklaces. Once you see the result after search those are the top selling products on etsy. All the big ecommerce platform works like search engine such as google.

So once you see any products with a lot of reviews just click on it and open the listing. Then scroll to the bottom of that product and looks at the reviews.

BOOM! You will see the product reviews from the verified buyers with the image of that product hey bought. Once you start seeing the patterns, you will be able to find the hottest deisgns that is selling on etsy like hot cakes.

Final Words:

Now that you know how to find great designs that sells, you will now be able to go out there and dominate print on demand. Just find some of those designs that sales and make similar designs and run some ads. I am not guaranteeing that you will find profitable design in one shot but you need to keep on testing to find the profitable designs.